O’Hara jokes that, in hindsight, he would have voted “no” on CBA

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[Editor’s note:  When uttering the comment pasted below regarding the CBA, Giants center Shaun O’Hara expressly said it was a joke.  The fact that it was a joke wasn’t included in the tweet that contained the comment.]

On Monday, Giants center and NFLPA player representative Shaun O’Hara voted to recommend the new labor deal to all players.

On Tuesday, O’Hara lost his job.

Two days later, he was candid in his assessment of the deal for which he voted.  “If I had known I was going to be a casualty of this [CBA] I would’ve voted ‘No’,” O’Hara said, per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

His position isn’t surprising.  Even though the new deal has a tighter cap, no veteran expects to be unceremoniously dumped.

O’Hara said he was “blindsided” by the move.  “I certainly didn’t see it coming,” O’Hara said on a conference call with Giants beat writers, via Vacchiano.  “Richie [Seubert] and I actually joked about it, how we were like deer or bears in the woods that were just kind of walking along and didn’t really know what was about to happen to us.  I kind of had a little bit of a tip when Richie called me and told me what happened to him.  I certainly wasn’t expecting it.”

Look for even more complaints about the CBA as more and more veterans get cut, and as free agents who thought that Pacman Jones would be making it rain from a cherry picker parked in their front yards realize that the money won’t be what they assumed it would be.

UPDATE:  Vacchiano now says via Twitter that O’Hara added that it was a joke.  The initial tweet didn’t mention that it was a joke, and sarcasm often doesn’t translate in 140 characters or less.  Besides, we still think guys will be complaining about the salary cap and, more importantly, the delays finalization of the process.

52 responses to “O’Hara jokes that, in hindsight, he would have voted “no” on CBA

  1. So in essence O’Hara is saying that a deal that was good for the league and the players as a whole is less important than his own personal financial gain? If that is the case, then he was a horrible player rep.

    And with that attitude, he has a great career in politics ahead of him.

  2. “If I had known I was going to be a casualty of this [CBA] I would’ve voted ‘No’,
    Yeah, because you were sent there to just look out for yourself.

  3. Coming from the guy that got cut on the first day of the new NFL. By “we”, he means “I”. Go cry about it Shaun.

  4. I can’t blame him for feeling this way, but dude, get over it. Reminds me of Kevin Mawae claiming that he was cut for the same reason, even though he was a bajillion years old. Player reps were bound to be cut, although this one confounded me. Perhaps there is something to this, but if they wanted to attack the player reps even more would be cut.

  5. He should have paid attention to the fact that the Giants were 6 million over the cap, and by cutting the 2 of them brought it down by 5.9 million, though their injuries probably played the bigger role.

    I still think that the Salary Cap should have been closer to 130 million with it’s floor at the 120 million mark.

  6. well he can kick rocks…… its all about the game of #football …screw the politics!

  7. What a DB. Well you made the bed, you sleep in it. You made these crazy minimum salaries for 10 year vets, your union has priced you out of the market. Enjoy!

  8. Not to mention how stupid such a remark is at this point in his career. He’s now going to be looking for work with potential employers whom he just trashed in a mindless snit. Not exactly a brilliant strategy for landing another job elsewhere.

  9. I was thinking along those lines the last few days. Vets thought they were going to be making so much more money with the floor to the cap when instead they are just getting cut and rookie FAs are benefitting. Haha, that’s what the players get for thinking they are the equals of multi-million/billionaire owners.

  10. I was, generally, pro-player for the entire lockout. But if took the owners locking out the players to give them the impetus to cut overpaid, oft-injured past-prime players, then maybe it was worth it.

    And I’m a Giants fan.

  11. he makes it sound like he was dumped for being the player rep, he wasn’t.

    he was cut because he wasn’t good enough to warrant the money he was making and they could find someone to take his place for less.

  12. Pretty unnecessary shot at Adam Jones… you obviously dislike him a great deal (you’re entitled to that), he just got in trouble again, is still in a neck brace, and may never play again…. maybe if you ignored him, he’d just disappear.

  13. Jersey73,

    You nailed it! He had no business representing the best interests of his teammates if he was only interested in how it would affect him.

  14. Sooooo, it was good for your constituents while it still appeared good for you Shaun? But, when you took the kick to the curb it wasn’t a good deal anymore? That is the type of fine representation that the NFLPA is happy not to put on display again for 10 years.

  15. Well thats awfully selfish… you would have to know, looking at the deal with the lower cap, that people were going to lose their jobs… and O’Hara is basically just pissed that it was him.

    “Anyone else? Yeah, I would’ve led those lambs to the slaughter… but I really wish we could go back since it was me”

  16. jersey73 says: Jul 28, 2011 7:10 PM

    If that is the case, then he was a horrible player rep.


    But he thought he was an O’Hara Rep.

  17. When you get older and have leg surgeries you become expandable….. Has he has his head in the sand? It’s a cut-throat business… Is you don’t like Shaun, go make a living selling chevy trucks or something, you werent that good anyway.

  18. You were one of the SELECTED FEW who actually got to vote on this thing.

    Please don’t complain now.

  19. O’hara was cut because he was old and hurt and couldn’t be relied upon to get on the field for 16 games, not to mention his hefty paycheck. Thanks for all your great work over the years Shaun but at some point you were going to get cut. Stay in shape and someone will pick you up during the season when they start losing their centers.

  20. Jersey73 besides not being able to make a left hand turn, you apparently can’t read either. When O’hara said this he followed it upp that he was joking. When the moroon reporter tweeted it, he made it sound like O’hara was serious. So what you have said makes even less sense than jug handles.

    On a side note the giants are dumb. I Hope the Eagles snatch this guy up because he still 3-4 good years left in him and would make a nice center piece to the Birds Oline

  21. A quality Rep recommends to the rank and file what is best to the Unit as a whole regardless of any personal gains or losses. I’m glad to see that he later claimed his comment was “just a joke.” regardless, I think he’s full of crap and realized how ridiculous his comment looked.

  22. Once again a player shows how selfish they are. If I had known….well you know now!!!!!!

  23. @andyreidisfat When criticism (which the criticism makes no sense either) comes from someone with that sort of screen name, and with the grammar and spelling you showed, I find it hard to take serious.

    And you apparently don’t think that maybe he said he was joking after he thought of the backlash it would bring. The classic, “I was just kidding!”

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