Vikings let go of Madieu Williams

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We thought Vikings safety Madieu Williams should be a cap casualty, but coach Leslie Frazier said during the offseason he wanted to see Williams compete to start this season.

It appears Frazier changed his mind.

The Vikings announced that Williams was cut Thursday, in addition to Jimmy Kennedy and wide receiver Freddie Brown.  Those moves had been previously reported.

Williams is known as one of the best people in the league — he was the Walter Payton Man of the Year last season – and should find a home in some locker room.  He was just getting paid as a star, and his play doesn’t warrant.

31 responses to “Vikings let go of Madieu Williams

  1. Eagles could use a backup safety option since we have two guys with less than a year of experience combined slated to be the starters.

  2. I agree….. Williams would be a great fit in Phi if he comes at a reasonable price. The future guys are in town, but he would be a great leader and fill in until they are ready.

  3. Hey the packers won the superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!! just wanted to make sure everyone knows.

  4. Exactly right. Excellent human being, (lately) average NFL Safety. Now, if Jenkins were a 4-3 lineman rather than 3-4…..

    Or maybe a new WR to replace defector Rice, whom I now question of possessing only mediocre intelligence. Getting star money is great. Unless you have so few balls to catch you aren’t a star any more.

    I liked TJack’s potential, and it may have been team politics that kept him from reaching his potential so far. Seattle may realize more benefit from Jackson than Minny did without the Soap Opera spinning around him like last year.

    The obvious TJack-Rice ‘hookup’ potential is now in Seattle but Jackson has to win the starting job, now, doesn’t he? And he may do it if they only have Whitehurst to compete against.

    Maybe Bevell is relieved to be able to focus without the Geezer around.

  5. The Viking safeties were never around the ball last year; not sure if that’s due to coaching or lack of instincts.

    Williams is a stand-up guy, no question. Just hope he has more success in his next venture.

  6. “Cap Casualty?” How about “He’s possibly the worst starting safety in the league and one of the highest paid” casualty.

  7. I like Madieu Williams. I think he is a really great guy, but his play last season was awful. Now, if it was me, I would have loved to play that way and taken home a game check each week, but for an NFL player….. The end is near.

  8. I hope we get a decent replacement. His first year he was actually above average. After that, however, you could usually track blown coverage to him. Nice guy and I wish him well, but that’s all.

  9. To be completely fair, Frazier doesn’t have the same control over the team that Brad Childress had; he likely had far less to do with the decision to cut Williams than the FO.

    Not saying he’s unhappy with this decision, though.

  10. Outstanding person and great in the locker room, and I hope his position in the league and in whatever locker room isn’t diminished by being a backup. I would have voted to keep him if the price tag wasn’t so high. Good luck Mr Williams, wherever you land.

  11. Maybe a good back up for the Steelers . Need good veteran back up with Troys play and style .

  12. Would love for him to come back to Cincy. We could use the help at safety and he’s a class act.


  13. He was never the same after his shoulder injury.

    He seemed tenative and afraid of contact.

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