Things could get even crazier come Friday night

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Despite the many moves of the past three days, the level of activity still hasn’t reached the pace that many had predicted.  One agent who represents more than a few players indicated on Thursday that one of the reasons for the lack of a full-blown frenzy is the inability of players to visit any team but the one they played for in 2010.

And so come 6:00 p.m. ET on Friday, the process could move to a new level.  Which means that, on Friday night and throughout the weekend, more and more deals will be getting done.

It could explain why so many teams have turned their attention to signing their draft picks.  Once Friday night rolls around, the focal point could be veteran free agents from other teams.

We’re also keeping an eye out for any other players who have reached agreements in principle, and who decide not to actually sign the paperwork.  Brandon Stokley already has stiffed the Redskins; there could be more.

Through it all, we’ll keep chugging along.  This is both a marathon and a sprint, and we have no idea where the finish line is.

It still beats the hell out of a lockout.

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  1. Just think, if the NFLPA* fails to recertify by August 4th all of these contracts become null and void. We could do this all over again in September.

  2. If you’re going to be up all night tomorrow, you need to hang it up tonight and get some sleep 😉

  3. Not even Colts and Jets fans can deny the fact that the Patriots are the clear winners so far. Unbiased perspective, I’m a Vikings fan. Trading for Albert Haynesworth is one thing. Getting Haynesworth for ZERO guaranteed dollars is priceless. I’m so jealous of their front office and ownership. And Coach. And Quarterback.

  4. pacash80 says:
    Jul 29, 2011 2:03 AM
    Who are the offseason winners so far?
    Philadelphia Eagles? I think so.


    Gonna have to go with Carolina. Major re-signings and trades and we still got room for some more positions…did i mention extensions?

  5. Any chance this phone call occurs?


    “Hullo? ”

    “Hello, this is De Smith calling about why your team hasn’t signed off on the re-certification yet”

    “Hey De, whaddya talkin’ about? I ain’t the rep for this team!”

    “I know, your team rep got cut/traded/signed with another team. So you’re the replacement because you were a rep once.”

    “What the hell? that was years ago! With another team! Heck, I was a rep only because I drew the short straw!”

    “Sorry, you have the most experience out of all the players on your team, so you’re it. You have until tomorrow to collect the cards”

    ” your cards! all of this!”

    “I already heard all of that from a coupla guys on other teams, we really need to get the cards in by the deadline here or we go thru the CBA crap again”

    “GODDAMMIT! We could had done it on twitter or online but NOOOOOOOOOOO, you had to listen to that damn lawyer who couldn’t text to save his ass!”

  6. DRC for Kolb is the biggest joke….Cardinals are morons….should have went after Orton…

  7. I hate to admit it because I hate the Eagles but I agree with pacash80. The Eagles would have to be top 5 so far in this free agency madness. If the Jets land Nnamdi Asomugha, they immediately go to number one.

    The Seahawks? Not so much.

  8. eagles, highest potential for winning? Pats haynesworth COULD show up (probably wont, but he COULD), Even better chance of production from Ochocinco. for what 3 draft picks?

  9. Brandon Stokeley knew that he would just be Training Camp Fodder to provide mentorship to the three draft picks and other receivers on the team…

    No way in hell that he’d be on the opening day roster and he realized that.

    He still hopes to continue playing the game even though he’s so long-in-the-tooth and never had any meaningful athleticism to begin with [reality bites, sometimes].

    Stokeley has clearly been an over-achieving student of game – who must now [at age 35 and never having been particularly athletically awesome] accept that he will soon have to be merely a teacher…

    So call HIS ‘BACKOUT’ an aberration…

    He backed out because he knows that his playing days are about [or already are] at an end…
    He just wants óne last hurrah’…

    That just wasn’t going to happen having to compete with the [finally] young [and/or younger] AND athletically gifted talent that Washington has assembled for the receiver competition this training camp.

  10. “Which means that, on Friday night and throughout the weekend, more and more deals will be getting done.”

    Which means that, on Friday night and throughout the weekend I’ll be sitting here with popcorn and a cold beer.

  11. Brandon Stokley won a Super Bowl with the Ravens and had the pleasure id playing with one of the best quarterbacks of our generation. I can’t blame a guy in the twilight of his career for backing out of a deal with that trainwreck of a franchise in D.C.

  12. Huh. That’s a nice rant about Stokely. Unfortunately, you apparently weren’t watching him playing for Seattle last year. He was fast, caught everything thrown his way, and is a great team player.

    I don’t blame him for stiffing the Lolskins. Who in their right mind would want to go there?

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