Derek Anderson visiting Carolina, not signed yet

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With Matt Moore joining the Dolphins and no veteran presence on a depth chart led by Jimmy Clausen and Cam Newton, the Panthers needed to make a move.

According to Aaron Fentress of the Oregonian (as harvested by Silva over at Rotoworld), the Panthers have agreed to terms with Derek Anderson.

That said, Steve Reed of reports that the Panthers deny Anderson has been signed.  Instead, he’ll be visiting the team on Monday.

“We want to bring him and get to know him a little bit and we’ll go from there,” G.M. Marty Hurney said, per Reed.

Anderson, a backup in Cleveland who got himself in position to inherit the starting job during Brady Quinn’s rookie season after Charlie Frye was dumped following only one game, flamed out with the Browns and wasn’t able to hold off a pair of rookies in Arizona last season.

He would bring to Carolina a career passer rating of 68.8.  If he signs, Panthers fans should be hoping that they won’t have to find out whether he can improve on that number in Charlotte.

59 responses to “Derek Anderson visiting Carolina, not signed yet

  1. Bahahahahaha!!!!! Omg he was the worst QB we EVER had. He couldn’t even get the ball in an area Fitz could catch it.

    And I take this $&@& serious!!!

  2. One thing I don’t understand is if this guy is so bad (and after witnessing Arizona games, he is) how did he make it to the pro bowl in 2007 and then tank?

  3. Yuck. If I were a Carolina fan this would make me sick to my stomach. There is no point in not starting Newton on day one.

  4. It’s always important to have some backups incase “The Franchise” Jimmy Claussen gets hurt.

  5. Wow!

    It looks like the Plainthers will now have 3 QB’s that will specialize in throwing Pick Six!

  6. As a Browns fan I’ll just say this Carolina, if DA winds up your starter (unless it’s because of injury) you can officially label Clausen and Newton as busts!!! No way either of those guys should lose out to him to start!

  7. I’m sorry, but how does this guy continue to get jobs? He sucked in Cleveland. He sucked in Arizona. He may be able to throw the ball through a brick wall, but he’s about as accurate as Wikipedia.

  8. What?

    Do they need a veteran to teach Cam Newton on how to turn the ball over and laugh while getting their asses kicked on Monday Night Football??

  9. Derek Anderson
    Jimmy Clausen
    Cam Newton


    The nightmare continues….

    (And next year the list will include Andrew Luck.)

  10. “(And next year the list will include Andrew Luck.)”

    Panthers just took Cam Newton first overall. A huge mistake, but regardless they’re not giving up on him after one season….lol

  11. It’s easy to hate on Derek Anderson but actually this a great signing. No risk, and probably will be signed to a low dollar contract. He may not be very good but he has experience. At least he can help Cam along and at worst he may play a little bit for a team with few expectations this year.

  12. Is the talent pool THAT shallow that a guy like Anderson keeps popping up on anyone’s radar? For crying out loud, there HAS to be an alternative.
    I’ve heard JaCarcass Russell still thinks he can help a team.

  13. But of course, the Panthers DID take a flyer on Newton at #1 overall.
    They keep shooting at that foot, they’ll hit it sooner or later.

  14. The fact that some people still rely on the “he was a pro bowl QB” as a way to justify giving this guy a job is hilarious. Yeah, he was a Pro Bowler for the first 10 games that season, but tanked the second half, and couldn’t complete a pass to save his life in the PB.

    He may be able to throw a ball through a brick wall, but he’s as accurate as Wikipedia.

  15. with the new TE heavy attack the panthers are installing DA isn’t the worst fit…his one good year was basically him and winslow going hammer between the hashes

  16. Awful…this guy isn’t fit to lead a practice squad 7-on-7, let alone take up a roster spot.

    I used to root for the guy…you know, rags to riches thing…but after seeing him just suck the wind out of an offense for the last several years…i don’t know how the GM of the Cardinals didn’t get fired last year for having that guy on the field.

  17. wilddeuce03 says: Jul 31, 2011 9:01 PM

    As a Browns fan…….

    That’s all you need to say. No credibility whatsoever. Cleveland sports fans are the worst in sports. Go back to building your masturbatorium dedicated to Jim Tressle.

  18. relax people, he’s not going to play at all, even if Cam starts off slow. He’s there for a veteran presence… Carolina has Cam Newton, Jimmy Clausen, Tony Pike, and wide receiver Armanti Edwards who have ever thrown a football before and none of them are even 23 1/2 years old… chill

    Mark Bulger wants to start somewhere and Jake Delhomme would not be back in Charlotte. Who else is a viable source for veteran depth?

    All you hater are gonna really be hatin’ when you see Shockey and Olsen lined up on each side, Cam Newton sittin in the gun with Williams and Stewart to each side of him…Then there’s 89.

    Sleep on that.

  19. Just want to say “sorry” to all my fellow Browns fans that bought in on D.A. But I was right, I like the guy but he doesn’t have what it takes. I said it back then and I’m still saying it now. Good luck to the guy though

  20. It’s going to be a long year at QB for the Panthers. When things get rough at least they can now look at the guy with the clipboard and understand that it could be worse.

  21. At a training camp a few years back I watched DA attack a traffic cone that was marking the field. It was the most immature behavior I’ve seen in an adult in quite a few years. A few defensive players were standing nearby watching as well. They were in total disbelief. DA is extremely immature and STRANGE. His brain is just not in the game.

  22. Todd Haley’s Temper says:Jul 31, 2011 8:51 PM

    One thing I don’t understand is if this guy is so bad (and after witnessing Arizona games, he is) how did he make it to the pro bowl in 2007 and then tank?

    Simple: The 2007 Browns were a virtual all star team on offense. He had every weapon imaginable who would go out of their way to make the catch. Anderson didn’t even have to be accurate because his recievers did all the work.

    He fell off because in 08 ALL of his weapons were hurt a majority of the year and in 09 they were ALL traded away. As far as Arizona goes, their whole offense fell off, when 1 QB stinks it’s the QB when FOUR stink, blame the 1 domentional offense. With that being said,the Panthers should sign Anderson as a backup. Derek Anderson is NOT a bust but he is not an elite QB either. He is a system QB. If he has recievers that are quick and can establish seperation in one on one situations he looks competent. Also he gets his feelings hurt pretty easily so watch what you say to him but otherwise he’s a better option then Jimmy Clausen seems to be as a backup.

  23. This Carolina fan is expecting good guys must have us confused with the bills, bengals, browns, or lions (who may be coming up finally!). JR had a plan, stuck to it through all the fans raising hell these last 2 years – including me, and now we are seeing the benefits. We need a veteran QB for these young guys – not a 3rd string QB. Derek will not be seeing playing time – he is simply a helper.

    BTW – Cam is a freakish athlete – if he is 1/5th as good as his ability shows – we will be super bowl bound in 2-3 years!

  24. couldntthinkofaname says:
    Jul 31, 2011 10:12 PM

    wilddeuce03 says: Jul 31, 2011 9:01 PM

    As a Browns fan…….

    That’s all you need to say. No credibility whatsoever. Cleveland sports fans are the worst in sports. Go back to building your masturbatorium dedicated to Jim Tressle.

    Wow. Keyboard commandos never cease to amaze me. Do you feel all big and tough now?

  25. Wow… lotta ignorant ppl here.

    What many forget is that Derek Anderson knows the Panthers’ new offense. His best season was in Cleveland under the current offensive coordinator for Carolina.

    Do I want him starting? No.

    He’s here mainly to help teach the offense to two young QBs.

  26. Derek Anderson is a bust. He wasn’t supposed to start in Az but because of Leinart’s bitch fit at the end of pre-season last year which lead to him getting cut, he was starting.

    The only good thing about DA is that he’s one tough sonofabitch. We had one of the worst OLines in the league last season and DA just got up and carried on after being buried by a mountain of DEs and OLBs.

  27. He went to the pro-bowl under our new OC with the Browns, so he knows our new playbook and he’s there to help tutor Cam… makes sense.

  28. Yeah, D.A. is not the future of the Panthers franchise. He’s a vet who knows the system. He won’t win you many games, but how many games are the Panthers going to win this year anyway? Let him mentor Cam for a half/quarter of a season or so while Cam stays humble with a clipboard.

    Now whether D.A. is the right choice to mentor Cam… that’s an open question. Got to think Ron & friends know what they’re doing on that one…

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