Titans’ Jake Scott: Kenny Britt does dumb things, needs to grow up

Titans receiver Kenny Britt was the NFL’s biggest off-field troublemaker during the offseason, and his multiple run-ins with the law have one teammate saying it’s time for Britt to shape up.

“Kenny knows what he needs to do,” Titans guard Jake Scott said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “He needs to grow up. He has done some dumb things, but he’ll get it figured out.”

For his part, Britt says he is growing up.

“Wrong place, wrong time, you could say that’s that,” Britt said. “I am maturing, [becoming] a young man and going through changes.”

But while Britt says he’s maturing, he hasn’t reached the point where he’s willing to address his off-field trouble head-on. Britt bristled at questions from reporters about his legal troubles.

“The past is the past,” Britt said. “Let’s focus on what’s ahead, man. I’m not worried about all that stuff.”

As reporters continued to ask, Britt continued to evade.

“We are not going to talk about none of that, boss,” Britt said. “You keep going back into the past. We are trying to go into the future.”

Whether Britt has much of a future will depend on whether he follows Scott’s advice and grows up.

22 responses to “Titans’ Jake Scott: Kenny Britt does dumb things, needs to grow up

  1. Curious if the NFL will insist on enforcing the PC policy during the lockout. Could be interesting for a bunch of players if the union caves in on that.

  2. I think Britt has the dreaded borderline personality disorder, if he does he needs to get help immediately. This is no joke.

  3. What are the odds of him maturing into a law-abiding, productive member of society?

  4. Britt doesn’t suffer from borderline personality disorder… he’s just a brain dead moron with the maturity level of a three year old!

  5. Grow into a young man? Luckily, a car fire or rampaging syphilis will claim that jackass. Too bad the parents lived to spawn such a moron. Nice parenting. Can’t even have a kid who can judge his own actions. Wtg!

  6. I feel the young man is not to blame. Modern science has shown that what used to be considered immaturity in an adult, which he is, is now known as a personality disorder than can be cleared up with medication. Easy fix.

  7. we are always gonna have non well adjusted young men playing in the nfl. even older ones (haynseworth) as well. its what keeps us so enamored. well along with the hits. the nfl is the guys soap opera. it lets us get involved in story lines and allows us to sit back and judge these players and distract us from the things that are wrong in our own lives. even during a lock out we still sat here judging the people involved in settling the damned thing. i admit i love the nfl for the same reasons everybody else does, but ya gotta keep things in perspective. we don’t know what kind of upbringing these fellas had (if they even had one at all). the only MAJOR difference between the nfl and the soaps is we don’t have a baby born today and then in 2 weeks its an 18 year old good guy who oooops they forgot to mention has an EVIL twin.
    that is all.
    besides GO LIONS!!

  8. Sometimes people do a bunch of stupid things and finally the light bulb goes on. When they start to say the right things you don’t know if it really means anything, but Kenny isn’t even saying the right things. If he manages to stay out of trouble and play well for a while the Titans should trade him while he has value. He’s just another stupid thing waiting to happen.

  9. “Wrong place, wrong time, you could say that’s that,” Britt said. “I am maturing,
    No he is not. Part of maturing is recognizing his role/responsibility concerning the issues. He thinks it is not his fault. Things just “happened” to him. He is not done being stupid.

  10. @abninf… I have the medication for him: a swift but robust kick in the derriere.

    Easy fix!

  11. I think Britt has been an idiot and can’t stand the fact that he’s still trying to brush it off, but the difference between the kind of trouble he gets into and the kind of stuff that got Pacman shipped out of town are night and day.

    Pacman was likely to fly off in a rage and end up in a fistfight or some other violent confrontation. It was a scary kind of volatility where people could (and did, sometimes) get hurt.

    Britt’s more like the stoner kid who is always caught smoking behind the school and tries to hide the evidence when an adult shows up. It’s stupid, silly stuff.

    But he definitely needs to grow up. The juvenile delinquency is getting old, and it would suck to see him throw away his career because of it.

  12. brianbowman16,

    GREAT post. Rings so true. In addition to the baby being born and 2 weeks later being an 18 year old good guy with an evil twin, the Father turns out to be the Son of the lead villain who left “Salem” because the mob was after his father, and his Father told him he had to flee for his life. Britt has immense talent, just not the smarts and the decision making to match it. I like the fact that one of the Vets on the team spoke out on this. I don’t recall anybody else, maybe other than Fisher, who has addressed this. They all wanted to be miles away from Britt and his stupidity. He does absolutely need to get it figured out, and quick. Stupid is as stupid does as Forrest Gump so aptly pointed out, and it may very well take Britt having a stint in Jail to figure it out. Plaxico should give him a call.

  13. if he believes that his problems are not his fault, he will never improve. if everyone tells him, it’s not you, how can he realize he needs to change. i’m for coming down hard on him. the nfl is a privelidge, not a right.

  14. Should have read…

    “We are not going to talk about none of that, boss,” Britt said. “You keep going back into the past. We are trying to go into the future.”


    Sounds like Britt is already accustomed to prison life…

    Who, after a sentence, calls someone “boss” other then a prisoner ?

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