Banner says it’s in DeSean’s short-term, long-term interests to show up

Eagles president Joe Banner appeared on Monday’s edition of PFT Live, and one of the obvious topic was the status of holdout wideout DeSean Jackson.

Regarding a report from in Philly that Jackson will end his holdout on Monday or Tuesday (and that was the report, in the event they try to wiggle out of it on Wednesday), Banner said he’s not heard the holdout will be ending.

“I’ve heard nothing from the conversations other than to anticipate his not being here to continue,” Banner said.

Banner also expressed a belief that it’s in Jackson’s short-term and long-term interests and the team’s short-term and long-term interests for Jackson to show up, explaining that players who want to be rewarded with new contracts usually get them by not staying away.

As to the critical date on which Jackson would have to show up or lost a year of credit toward free agency, Banner explained the lack of a clear answer between the two possibilities — August 9 and 23 days after the start of the 2011 League Year, which tentatively will begin on August 4.

“I think you don’t have clarity because there isn’t clarity,” Banner said.  “I think that the union has one answer, the league has one answer, and I think it’s on the list of things that are being discussed now that the union has recertified, and I think that we’ll all know fairly soon.”

Regardless of whether Jackson shows up sooner or later, look for him to appear no later than the last day for saving that year of service toward free agency.

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43 responses to “Banner says it’s in DeSean’s short-term, long-term interests to show up

  1. Always the drama queen, DeSean, fluttered his hands and proclaimed, “The short term interests are too short and long term interests are too long, but this path feels just right!”.

  2. Desean has to be upset that he is grossly under paid, and then the Eagles go out and pay top dollar for all these free agents. The Eagles should really do the right thing here and pay the man the money he deserves.

  3. C’mon D-Jack! We need ya buddy. The Eagles better stay true to their word and hopefully you do too. We just want a Super Bowl. Fly Eagles Fly. On the road to victory…

  4. Don’t give in, DeSean!!!

    You deserve to get paid!!!

    More than Nnamdi!!!!

    This is when you show everyone you are a man and not a punk!!!

  5. I like the clear, candid response of Joe Banner to the question credit towards free agency. That is the best information on that issue that I’ve heard yet.

  6. Come to camp, get paid. It truly is that simple.

    They are willing to work out a long term deal, but just like in the past, they will not negotiate with a player that doesn’t show up for camp.

    It truly is sad, that Djax isn’t in camp. He needs to show he cares about the team, and not just himself. I know he’s a great player, but not reporting is not helping his cause.

    His absence is allowing some guys to shine at camp. Sinorice Moss looked awesome Sunday morning. He may have a chance to beat out Chad Hall as the “utility” guy.

  7. He should get the money, but I’m sick of the idea of holding out. It’s a Drew Rosenhaus tactic, and you’re basically going against the agreement that he signed. DeSean will get paid, however holding out is so childish, show up and do your job and remember to spike the football AFTER you get in the endzone.

  8. What a mess for The Eagles.

    This should have been handled some time back. Now they have thrown $$$ around and ask him to pay for peanuts.

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too. At 175 lbs does one invest heavily on a player who is a concussion or two from forced retirement. On the other hand, he is the lightning in offense and a very special player who will spread a defense like no other.

    Pay him, trade him or release him. Otherwise as we have all seen he is likely to show up and stew. Having him in the clubhouse might not be the answer.

    Watch, soon(already) the talk within the organization and the media will focus on the DJ watch. Maybe some second thoughts on the wisdom being attributed on Eagles’ organization.

    Strong arming player does not make for a fun locker room.

  9. Does he really want to be yet another example of what can happen in this Crazy offseason…? People are being tossed up left and right and he is clearly not exempt… Time will tell…

  10. Drew Rosenmouth is good at “advising” players right off teams and into a series of short term contracts. After all, he gets his piece of each contract. What a tool…

  11. I hate the E-Girls. But they should call the Cardinals again. They were dumb enough to trade a 2nd and DRC for bust in waiting Kolb. They might as well try tradeing D. Jackson to Ariz for Larry Fitz…….

  12. The Eagles are gonna blow it. They have everything in place for a SB run and the front office is gonna let its ego get in the way yet again. They cannot win without him. Plain and simple. Even if Jackson sits out two years, he’ll only be 25, healthy and in line for a monstrous payday. No way in hell I’d risk my future earnings on a $525K contract. Unlike Peyton Manning, Jackson gets hit hard and his legs are his biggest asset. If he blows out a knee, he’s screwed.

    If I’m his agent, this is the ONE and only player I’d actually tell to sit out two years and wait for the huge payday rather than risk it this year.

  13. ratbastardshanahandjob says:

    Aug 1, 2011 4:10 PM
    I hate the E-Girls.

    Seriously? I like this site and the comments are generally entertaining, but the adolescent name-calling is lame. Save that crap for the playgound. I did like the second part of your post, though.

  14. DeShaun is schedule to make was $500 to $600K. At $30K per day he will have to pay the Eagles to play if he holds out for more than 20 days (20 X $30,000 = $600,000). Obviously the owners have gotten sick of hold outs and have taken steps in the new CBA to maximize pressure on players (especially in their rookie contracts – first 4 years) to not hold out.

    Jackson has no leverage whatsoever, if he continues to hold out past the accrual date he won’t be a FA next season, and he will be fined more than he is schedule to make . . . so he will have no recourse but to negotiate a new deal. But he will have given away his leverage . . . by not having an income that exceeds his fines he won’t have an income and will be forced to take the contract that is offered.

    He really is putting himself in a no win situation. He might just hold out until he has no salary and no way to accrue his 4th year, then he will have absolutely no leverage – – – good agent advice Drew Rosenhaus.

  15. I’m a die hard Eagles fan but let’s not get it twisted, Maclin is our #1 ! Djax is obviously our HR hitter but he still only had 47 receptions last year. He should get paid , just give him the Santonio Holmes contract. Or trade him and Asante to DET for Calvin Johnson and a 1 or 2 ,lol. Nah nevermind KEEP THEM BOTH!!!

  16. duncanthecat,

    They couldn’t take care of this “some time back” because they did not know the rules of the new CBA that they would be operating under. I have no idea how this will play out but I don’t think its fair to assume that he will show up and stew about his situation and be a cancer to the locker room. How he got the label of being a malcontent, I don’t know. But if you have some proof that I may have missed, please do share. Otherwise, give the man credit for being a stand-up guy, which is what I’ve seen from him.

  17. I would love to see djacks get a new contract, but what exactly is he lookin for? He is a big threat and is the best kick/punt returner out there but the sad thing is the eagles dont need him. he does not deserve to get paid like he’s lfitz or andre johnson, he has made allot of amateur mistakes like td celebrations before he scores or not watching what he says to the media… now hes gonna piss off the FO, coaches and teammates that already have little time to prepare for the upcoming season. like any other job, you should not get a raise by not showing up and workin your ass off. Djax might need to appreciate the team he is paid to play for now, otherwise be doomed to the browns or bills or someother team that may never get to play in january. Lets face it, he isnt gonna retire an eagle in 6 or 7 yrs which is probably how long he has to make his mark, he is not steve smith.

  18. I usually side with the team on these, UNLESS the player just grossly outplays his contract which is the case hear. $550K are you kidding me, this kid is a star, one of the best combo punt returner/receiver in the entire NFL. Sorry but PAY THE MAN!

  19. If anything tells you how quickly you can possibly lose your job due to a non-injury in the NFL, it is a lockout. Jackson should be happy he has a job. If you didn’t like your previous contract, DeSean, you shouldn’t have signed it. GET your punk arss on that field and play football.

    The Eagles know what kind of talent he is, but he is under contract, and not a FA. I have a feeling the Eagles would have addressed this anyway, but DeSean doesn’t obviously trust the Eagles Brass, and this holdout is going to end because of the 30 K fines per day, and the loss of a year of FA. This also has to do with his agent Drew Rosenahaus, who is a serious POS leech.

  20. “eaglesfootballfan says:
    Aug 1, 2011 3:54 PM
    DeSean has no leverage in this situation. The Eagles do tho.”

    The Eagles my have the leverage in the short term but not in the long run. If the Eagles get stingy and refuse to increase the contract they’ll lose a top 10 WR next year when gives them the finger, and rightfully so.

  21. No monetary leverage is one thing, but believe me, he has leverage and alot of it. With Macklin injured and a question mark, who are you going to throw to?

    Avant and Roscoe Riley? Get ready to face 8-9 man fronts.

    Secondly, what message do his team mates come to understand. “Either comply with the program or we’ll destroy you.”

    Who has done more for the organization in the last couple of years? PAY THE MAN!

    Asking him to play for $600k is silly.

  22. Hey JOE, PAY THE KID!!!!!
    600K is a GD crime for Desean!!!!!!
    The ringer he took vs ATL last seas really “Woke” him up!!!!
    pay his a$$ NOW~~~~~~

  23. Don’t be so naive that the $30,000 fine per day makes a bit of difference. When he re-signs, they will wipe the fines away with the new deal. The NFLPA could have agreed to $100,000 in fines per day. They don’t make a bit of difference.

  24. Can’t blame the guy for trying to make a point. He’s had 3 quality years and is stuck at 500K. Meanwhile they give 5M+/year for a couple guys over 30: one guy with one good season in the last 4 and another guy who’s missed 16 games in the last 3 seasons.

  25. The only reason I think DeSean is doing the right move is for one reason. He’s a midget on the field, he already had one major hit to the head that at any given time is a potential career ender.

    Based on his size, his shelflife in the NFL will be till as soon as he loses the slightest step on his speed and a bigger defender lays him out.

    Few more years at best before this guy is retired, but exciting while he’s still healthy.

  26. If Banner isn’t careful he’s going to have another T.O. situation on his hands. Jackson deserves a big raise. Give it to him already, Joe. Even YOU have to admit that he deserves it.

  27. While i do blame Jackson for using the guy, for the most part i blame this hold out on the one and only Drew Rosenhaus who is almost always the guy behind every hold out. He is a top notch sales man and he convinces these 22-28 year olds who squat about dealing in the real world that he knows all and will get them paid if they do what HE says and if not then they will not get paid.

    I would love for everyteam in the NFL to put out a notice saying they will NOT deal with this man for any player ever. Its funny how its 3-4 agents in total that these things seem to always happen with and Dre is the king. The rest of the agents seem to the right thing for everyone. in fact i am guessing had Djax come to camp on time once the Eagles were with building the team then Vick, Celek, and Jackson would all be next. I can even see if Jackson came in and said hey man i wanna be here I wanna work but i don’t want to be a part of contact drills untill we get this thing hammered out and i think the Eagles might have been fine with that in his case because of his size and the fact injuries can happen to him.

    i just think this Roesnhaus should go period. Gone. He’s in it to be as big as Ari Gold.

  28. Just play the rest of your contract and you will make even TONS of money with more than just the Eagles wanting you on their team.


    Unless he gets hurt.

  29. Can’t blame Jackson for trying to get his money. He’s one of the top playmakers in the league but with his size and style of play, there are more Dunta Robinson kill-shots in his future…..needs to get his bucks now.

  30. Phillycheez:

    Good points. I live in the Bay Area, and the kid is a Cal Product. The word out during his respective draft was that DJ was going to fall due to “issues”. Although I do not recall the details of such accussations, some teams were known to have passed on his talents. For better or WORSE, my team passed on him and give the Eagles credit for taking the risk. Now they need to take care of him and not attempt to make an example of him.

    If he was making a couple mil and holding out for a huge payday; then, I would also recommend he show up, but earning $600k is what special teamers and third stringers earn. Need to pay the guy.

  31. Great post Phillycheez!

    I wish we could have all posts with such 3rd graderish name-calling like Egirls automatically screened.

    Oh & BTW, the Eagles should be embarrassed that this player is still making less than guys that ride the pine.

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