Eagles “sweetened the package” in exchange for three-year guarantee

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The Eagles have signed guard Danny Watkins, the 23rd overall pick in the draft.  Howard Eskin of WIP and NBC 10 reported that only the first three years of the deal are guaranteed.  This means that, in the stare down between the team and the player regarding the question of whether three years or four years would be guaranteed, the player blinked.

Agent Eric Metz explained via text message to PFT that the Eagles “sweetened the package” to close the deal.  Per Metz, the deal is worth $7.936 million over four years, with a signing bonus of roughly $4.3 million.  That’s roughly $25,000 more than the allotment for Watkins’ draft slot, as determined by the pick-by-pick formula that was inadvertently disclosed to agents by the NFLPA, and then given to all teams by the NFL.

Metz also said that Watkins was willing to miss only three practices in order to get his contract fully guaranteed.  In the end, he was appreciative of the team’s gesture to increase the total money in order to get the deal done.

25 responses to “Eagles “sweetened the package” in exchange for three-year guarantee

  1. A 27 year old rookie? The Eagles clearly believed that they were entitled to an AARP discount.

  2. Not gonna lie, Watkins pisses me off. He is a 26 year old rookie who should be grateful he got signed in the 1st round. He is now on a “dream team” filled with players who actually proved themselves, get to camp and prove something like DJax did before asking for more money.

  3. So, basically, the player told his agents to get out of his way and let him sign the contract. This “sweetened the packaged” line is for an agent to save face.

    Good call Watkins, get in there and do work!

  4. I don’t care if he is 26, It only makes me root harder for him… I guess that’s because I like to think age can trump youth at least once in a full moon…

  5. Iggles werent budging so got something to improve the offer. missing 3 practices=100k? team rewarded him somewhat for holding out instead of penalizing him. R they setting Reid up to be fired with the Super Bowl or bust Tag?

  6. Yeah he is already 27 he needs every dollar he can get. Did you see Plaxico? He’s 34 and made sure to get that “17” in his $3,017,000 dollar deal. Smart man haha.

  7. he might be 26 but how many times do you see a lineman playing into his mid to late 30s…he can still have a 10 year career and thats longer than most…but i guess its better for a team to draft a 22 year old rookie that is out of work by his 27th birthday…

  8. First he said he wouldn’t hold out, now he is saying that he would only hold out for 3 games. This guy is a diva, I hope he doesn’t play like one.

  9. The face saving was for the agent, not the player. Most holdouts are all about the agent’s next potential client, not the guy involved in the current deal.

  10. Even this guy is making more than D Jackson, and he hasn’t done anything more than sign his name. Would make me mad, too.

  11. I agree it sounds like he told the agent to stuff it. He wanted to be in camp and practicing. The Agent made the player look bad here because after the player publicly said he wasn’t going to hold out, he missed 3 days of camp.

  12. Something doesn’t sound right. $25 tho.? Im gonna tell you that Watkins said to agent “Don’t hold me out, save face and get me to camp” you can tell, he’s that kind of kid. His agent is known for holding his players out. Anxious to see how well he does. Good Luck Danny, we need you. So I totally agree with bleedgreen

  13. Doesn’t make sense.. We are signing all of these players.. which is a great thing! But hey.. Desean is the one who has created some of the most exciting plays we have ever seen for the Birds.. He is the heart and soul of this team.. They need to re-negotiate with him NOW and keep him here for a LONG time.. C’mon Banner.. step up to the plate on this one too! GO BIRDS .. GO DESEAN!

  14. No big deal here. If you think about it Steve Young didn’t take over in San Fran til he was 30(even tho he was in the league for years prior) so getting going at 27 shouldn’t hurt that much especially for a G.

  15. with watkins and mathis, the birds now have some flexibility on the o-line. this should allow howard mudd to find everyone’s correct position before the season begins. i also wouldn’t rule out another o-line signing if the need and the opportunity both arise.

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