Moss may have to wait to enter Canton

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Assuming that freshly-retired Randy Moss remains retired (a proposition that isn’t as much of a certainty in sports as it used to be), he’ll be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame in five years.

Based on production and talent, it’s a no-brainer.  But while polling Hall of Fame voters last year for a feature on the question of whether off-field conduct should matter, a voter who requested anonymity said that Moss should have to wait based not on off-field issues but on-field lack of effort.

“He’d roll over and die like a dog for teams when they needed him most,” the voter said.  “He quit on his team in Minnesota.  He quit for two years in Oakland.  And he quit [in 2009] in New England.”

If Terrell Owens, with whom Moss is tied for second place on the all-time receiving touchdowns list with 153, also retires this year, it could get interesting to see which of the two gets in first.

“For one game, who gives his all?” the voter asked.  “I’d pick Owens because I know he’ll give his all. I don’t know what Randy Moss is going to do.”

But what of T.O.’s legendary malcontentedness?  “[Jerry] Rice was protected by the 49ers,” the voter said. “He didn’t spout off in the locker room because he’d be ushered out after being shut down by Deion Sanders.  No one ever protected T.O. like that.”

It’s more than T.O. making himself look bad in the media.  He has been disruptive and (as one source with knowledge of his locker-room antics recently described it) “malicious.”

In the end, Moss and Owens will make it into the Hall of Fame.  The question is whether they’ll get in on the first try.  It could be that they both will have to wait at least a year.

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  1. Top 3 WR all time, without question. Why should he have to wait? Oh yeah, some old sports writers think so… doesn’t make any sense. Put him in first try and for God’s sake, put Cris Carter in too!

  2. I’m not saying a thing about that photograph.

    Tough luck for all of you out there waiting for me to get banned.

  3. oh c`mon….if they belong (which they do) its silly to make them wait, but first reed and carter.

  4. Certainly guys get in for different reasons… Some guys put up big numbers, others show up on the biggest stage when it counts… some do both.

    I agree that if I’m picking one guy, it’s TO… honestly if for no other reason than he put on a show with 1 good leg in the Superbowl…

    However, Moss no doubt deserves to be there, and yes he quit on teams occasionally, but he was still one one of the best WR’s of all time, and deserves to be there. If there’s someone more deserving being voted, then fine, make him wait… but it seems stupid to not put him in on the first ballot to try and “punish him” for his attitude.

  5. I’m torn. I think Moss should be in based on his stats, and I dont necessary think off-field things like arrests should be taken into consideration. However, he’s been an awful teammate just about everywhere he’s went, and I think that should count against him for the HOF. Just my opinion.

  6. Carter deserves HOF 10 years ahead of Moss. Moss has great numbers, too bad his attitude sucked so bad. Moss’s numbers could have been soo much better which is was is really disheartening. He could have been best or 2nd all time if he had really cared every play, every game.

  7. Moss is one of the best offensive players of all time. If he doesn’t get in on his first try, then something is wrong with the system–and the voters.

  8. So is this going to be like baseball? Where the holier than thou writers torture a candidate for a few years “for the good of the game”, or “to send a message to any other potential malcontents?” Or my personal favorite: “you were a dick to us since your rookie year, now it’s payback time.” Thank God the Knights of the Keyboard are the conscience of the game (sarcasm).

  9. Their wait for the Hall will have more to do with their competition for one of the 5 annual spots, than it will to do with their off the field antics. Cris Carter will get in before either of them. Marvin Harrison should get in before them. Tim Brown and Andre Reed might get in before them. And that’s at the same position. There’s basically 25 spots available over the next 5 years, and there’s a lot of names to put in. Bettis, Curtis Martin, Favre (if he’s really retired), Bill Parcells all get in. Dermontti Dawson likely gets in. Right there is 6-9 candidates, and none of them play defense (which probably gets 2-3 spots per class).

  10. At least Randy can always go down memory lane as he relives the great times he’s reminded of by all those Super Bowl ri – oops.

  11. It pisses me off that guys like this get into the hall of fame before players who actually gave a damn about their play, their team and their fans.

    I also don’t think Marshall Faulk deserved to go in before Cortez Kennedy.

  12. Voters who use “protest votes” should have their voting privileges taken away for the good of the game. Like baseball umpires, some voters and sportswriters are making the game about themselves and not the players/teams.

    Moss and Owens may be Hall of Fame D-Bags, but they also belong in the football HOF.

  13. A lot of great players don’t get in on the first ballot, which doesn’t mean they aren’t deserving of being in the Hall. Moss will probably make it his second year. I think the way that you conduct yourself should have a little to do with when you get in but it shouldn’t keep you out.

  14. With all the rules implemented to favor the passing game coupled with longer seasons recently retired players are always going to be right near the top of the stats.

    I think you have to include heart and being a good teammate and work ethic, etc.

    I’d still take Lynn Swann over Moss or Owens any day and twice on Super Bowl Sunday.


  15. Moss had a good first season in Oakland.

    Somehow when they didn’t have any competent QBs in year two it became Randy Moss’ fault.

    Haters gonna hate.

  16. Randy Moss is the best wide receiver of all time. If he had hall of fame qbs chucking him the ball his entire career like Rice, then he would be the all time leader if almost every category.

    If he doesn’t get in on his first try, then the HOF loses credibility and the voters shouldn’t be allowed to vote again.

  17. If you are double teamed over 9o% of the plays over your entire career; made Culpepper and Cassel into Pro Bowlers; caught the most TDS in 1 season; and blew out Revis’s hamstring with one of the prettiest catches ever(with one hand) and paid your fine the “straight cash way” … YOU ARE A FIRST BALLOT HALL OF FAMER… if the HOF writers don’t get this correct -Moon em 84!!!

  18. Owens would do a lot of stunts for the press and give them things to write about.

    Moss never caught a pass between the numbers on the field. He never won anything.
    He did a lot to anger sports writers often insulting them and refusing to answer questions.

    2 arrests and a failed drug test in college, throwing water on game officials,
    walking off the field during the game,
    refusal to play in Oakland,
    yelling at team sponsors,
    insulting European food caterers,
    being arrested for deliberately strikng a police officer with his marijuana containing vehicle,
    numerous acts of disrespect to other players,
    numer acts disrespecting the NFL.

    He has earned no honors and should not be honored by anyone.

  19. Moss should get in first chance, no questions asked.

    The top two scoring offenses in a season in the history of the NFL have one common player – Randy Moss.

    These quarterbacks all had arguably their best seasons statistically in terms of passing when throwing to Randy Moss: Daunte Culpepper, Jeff George, Randall Cunningham, Tom Brady, and Matt Cassel.

  20. Making an unpopular but great WR wait a year for the HOF is the most arbitrary and pointless practice of fat sportwriters that nobody cares about.

    They get to wag their finger one more time at the player for his past and get their only chance to have an effect on their career.

    What a bunch of lowlifes.

  21. You’re on crack if you think T.O. is better and/or deserves to be in H.O.F. before Randy Moss. And what’s with this protection crap?? No one had to protect Jerry Rice because he didn’t have a 2 cent brain.

  22. They will both wait, because WRs have a tough time getting in period. When Carter retired he was number 2 in both Receptions and Touchdowns. And he has missed the cut 4 years in a row. Travishamockery if you ask me.

  23. What really needs to be looked at in regards to Hall of Fame voting is the number of voters that, have do and will continue to hold personal grudges against certain players. It’s the Pro Football Hall of Fame not the Pro Football Hall of Fame for Players that never hurt the voters feelings.

  24. I read someone’s argument about letting Roger Maris into the Baseball Hall and I really liked it. Its not called the ‘Hall of Excellence’ or the ‘Hall of Champions’. Its called the Hall of FAME. If a player is famous, they should get in.

  25. Moss may not have put in the effort that T.O. did, but his former team mates always say he was a terrific team mate. McCourty twins both raved about how he teaches them in practice.

    Owens was a bigger cancer in the locker room.
    Both guys should be in first ballot.

  26. Mark Sanchez, on the other hand didn’t wait when it came to dating high school girls. What a creep!

  27. “a voter who requested anonymity”….translation…”I’m a bitch and too afraid of any backlash, so I’ll just talk trash about Randy behind his back”

  28. First ballot, last ballot, who cares? Moss will have a bronze bust in Canton and there won’t be an asterisk etched on the side regarding how many ballots it took him to get into the Hall….

  29. The bigger wake up call to the entire NFL would be if they actually didn’t allow these 2 jackasses into the NFL.

    1. They were bad teamates
    2. They were selfish teamates
    3. They never won a Superbowl

    Both of these men are nothing more than atheletic mercenaries who never gave their all to any team without forcing the team to hold them to a higher standard than everybody else. I think Owens is far more deserving as he never faked playing on the field the way Moss would stick his arms into the air for a ball with no real intention of actually trying to get it.

    Every current player would learn a lesson on how to play the game if it was stuck to these 2 jabrones

  30. If he has to wait longer than Irvin did, it would be a shame. The HOF is BS anyway when guys like Steve Young get in on their first ballot.

  31. First, I certainly hope we’re not talking about Moss and Owens while Cris Carter is still on the outside looking in.

    Second, I despise T.O. Can’t think offhand of another player whose off-field treatment of other players offends me more. But I never recall seeing T.O. give less than 100 percent for any game no matter where he was playing. Moss deliberately quit on plays when he was being paid multi-million-dollar salaries and teammates were depending on him. That’s obscene. It would be fitting if Moss had to wait a year for that reason if no other.

  32. I just don’t like the mentality of saying a guy who is top 5 all time at his position “didn’t try”. And how do you even prove it?

    Instead of us using the hall of fame as a popularity contest and way to judge the character of men we just use it as a way to honor the game’s most dominant players. Moss is in. He was one of the best, never convicted of a felony, and as far as we know he didn’t cheat.

  33. If Rany Moss ever hits Canton then we all should scream for a congressional investigation. This quiter should not get within 1000 miles of the HOF. But theres several in Canton who shouldnt be there.

  34. They’ll both get in, but I don’t see the big deal about either one of these clowns. It’s been years since either one of them has dominated.

  35. To me one of the marks of a HOF player is at LEAST giving the impression of putting 100% on the field 100% of the time. Moss did not do that and admitted to it. In my book he doesn’t deserve to be in if he played long enough to break all of Rice’s records.

  36. When Jerry Rice was inducted into the HOF he said that he was now a member of the greatest team in history. If you view being in the HOF as being a member of a team, then perhaps you can question whether Moss and Owens should be in it at all, regardless of stats.

    Both have been terrible teammates. Moss is a notorious quitter and malcontent, subverting his teams’ ability to win. Owens, although he played bravely in the one Super Bowl game, has a screaming case of alligator arms and has torn more than one team asunder with his maliciousness toward his own teammates.

  37. The second OJ Simpson killed two people, the whole “off the field consideration” crap went right out the door in terms of the Hall of Fame. Unless they want to start removing people, they should just shut up and put people in for their performance. Just like EVERY Hall of Fame should.

  38. NO!!!!!!!!!! I think that is so unfair that Vick has to wait to get into a cannon……oh wait, you mean Canton? Yeah, I’m okay if he never gets into that.

  39. everybody out there can thumbs down me untill the counter breaks but i would never vote for randy moss to be inducted into the hall of fame his off field issues are one thing and i would not be so quick to hold it aginst him but ANY player that openly quits on his team( and in moss’s case he’s openly quit on 3 different teams )has no place in canton. there are far more deserving players that have put up good numbers and REALLY tried no matter the score no matter the situation they just kept going and left it on the field randy moss cannot say that. the pro football hall of fame is no place for quitters.could someone please name me one quitter thats in the hof just one. his bust in canton would be a smack in the face to every member thats in there and put a little cheapness to everyone who gets inducted afterwards his stats are impressive but his selfishness as a player cannot and should not go unnoticed.

  40. To me he was a very talented WR the likes I have never seen. Problem is what putting a quiter and play when I feel like it guy into the Hall of Fame does to the Hall of Fame. To me you ever put him in you are spitting on the men that are now in the Hall. Great add, Quite on your Teammates at a drop of a Hat in the ultimate Team Sport.

    Just as the Nobel Peace Prize will never hold the same stature after it was handed to Obama as he did nothing to earn it, the HOF will have the same fall.

  41. Guys like Moss should NEVER be allowed in the HOF.

    A Hall of Famer gives his all on the field. Moss is a quitter and always has been. Talent, yes. Hall Of Famer: NO Way.

    How could anyone think of placing that bozo next to greats like Ronnie Lott who chopped his finger off during a game to insure he would still finish it on the field. Or, guys like Walter Payton who never quit anything and left his blood all over the field along with tacklers in his wake.

    Screw Moss. That quitter can go in a hall…the Hall of Shame.

  42. “But I never recall seeing T.O. give less than 100 percent for any game no matter where he was playing”

    Obviously you are not a 49ers fan because I’m sure you would remember the sense of anger and betrayal we all felt when he started quiting on routes and the “alligator arms” he often displayed on easily catchable passes after T.O. decided he didn’t want to play in SF anymore.

  43. This anonymous voter should be stripped of his PRIVILEDGE.

    1. What are you gonna say when T.O. drops that ball that hit him right in the hands?

    2. Comparing T.O. to Jerry Rice is sacreligous. There’s Jerry Rice, then there’s everyone else.

    3. Not voting for Moss on the first ballot is like those idiots who don’t vote for baseball players on the first ballot because some long ago dead guy didn’t get in on the first ballot.

    Randy Moss–warts and all–is a first ballot HOFer. T.O. is too. If they’re both on the ballot for the first time at the same time, then BOTH should get in.

    I say the following about all of the HOFs. If a guy isn’t a first ballot HOFer, then he’s not a HOFer. For example, as good as Chris Hanburger may have been, it took how long? Not to diss Hanburger, congrats to him, but how did he become a HOFer 25 years after he last suited up? I just think the Halls of Fame have become the Halls of the Very Good for money/marketing reasons, which I understand.

    But for this voter to imply that he won’t vote for Moss on the first ballot but would on the second or third ballot shows what an idiot he is. If Moss is good enough to get the vote on the second time around, then he’s good enough to secure your vote on the first ballot. Who do the writers think they are “ranking” these guys to get into the HOF by bypassing them on the 1st ballot. If you think they’re a HOFer, then vote them in on the first ballot. Everyone KNOWS that Moss AND T.O. are HOFers, so just put them in on the 1st ballot. Stop with this nonsense of trying to make a point by skipping over a guy and making him wait.

  44. No way did Randy Moss quit on the Patriots in 2007. That’s bogus.

    The second after Tom Brady blew out his knee the media exploded with the “Randy Moss will quit on his team now” storyline. “He’s going to implode!” “He’s going to want the ball more than Cassel can get it to him!” “He’s going to give up on his routes” etc… etc…

    The disaster the analysts and reporters insisted was going to happen never did and Moss never complained for the entire season.

  45. @ peanutbutter&jelly

    I can only come up with one. And before anyone jumps all over me, it is a reach, but it’s all I could come up with.

    Deion Sanders. I know he was a great cover corner and returner, but if you wanna see him quit on the field, watch the film when a RB came his way and he had to make a tackle. He morphed into a matador or acted like he pulled a hammy. He’d quit on a play if it meant he had to make that tackle supporting the run.

    Oh, Deion will laugh and smile and tell you that he didn’t get paid to tackle. Ha Ha, Deion. Yep, they didn’t want you to stop the other team when necessary (ie play on EVERY play). Ha ha.

    The best comparisons I could come up with in terms of other HOF DBs for tackles were Darrell Green, who had 1159 tackles in his career, and Rod Woodson, who had 1050 (even though Woodson played safety a lot, he did play corner a lot too, which is why I didn’t compare to Ronnie Lott, who was a safety–Lott had 1113 tackles btw). I knew Deion’s tackle numbers wouldn’t be up there, but I thought they’d be around 800-850 tackles (75% range) to which I would eat crow. Nope. 492 tackles for Deion Sanders. Less than HALF of these other HOFers. Tackles weren’t kept for some of the older players, so I couldn’t compare Sanders to say Lem Barney or Herb Adderly or even Mike Haynes. But, I don’t need to see their stats to know that 492 tackles is pitiful.

    OK. I tried to sell it a little. Like I said, a little bit of a reach. Point is is that Moss put up the numbers. So did Deion…except for those tackle figures. Moss is a HOFer.

  46. @itscompton …

    The only thing I remember about T.O. as a 49er is his jerk behavior on the Cowboys logo (I hate the Cowboys, but that was horrible sportsmanship and not worthy of the 49ers). But since nothing about that guy would surprise me, I’ll take your word that he quit on routes. He’s talented, but I can’t stand the way Owens treats other players. He’s locker-room poison.

    Sorry for giving him props he didn’t deserve. Suits me fine if he has to wait to get into Canton 🙂

  47. @ bcgreg you have a very good point with deion but i would say deion’s reluctance to tackle was more a case much like darryl greens of they were not really cut out for it and the value to thier respective teams is worth them not risking injury to themselfs but in defense of both of those players they ALWAYS stayed with the play ALWAYS and saw it thru till it came to that point and i know the play isnt over till the wistle blows but after they seen that they had to make a choice to go after the tackle or hope someone else makes a play they backed moss’s case he had several different teams that he just openly quit without even trying even tho there was a chance for a play or a win and he also would get his head stuck up his butt and just not try and despite his great stats overall he is quite simply (to me) a selfish player that has cared for little else except for getting his way and if he don’t get his way then he wants to quit and act like a little be fair his stats are great and he should be givin credit for it but to me the hof is an elite group that TRULY SPECIAL players belong in and because of his selfishness to the point of quitting he does not belong there imo

  48. @ peanutbutter&jelly

    Darrell Green, 1159 tackles
    Deion Sanders, 492

    You said that Green and Sanders were not “cut out” for tackling. Looks to me Green stuck his nose in the dirt when necessary in order to accumulate 1159 tackles. Deion? His tackle numbers suggest to me that he simply quit on running plays that came his way. I’m not talkin’ about “chasing down” a play here. I’m talkin’ about supporting the run. Deion simply wouldn’t do it as evidenced by his tackle numbers. If I was an opponent, I’d ALWAYS run to Sanders’ side. One less player to worry about making a tackle.

    Most all WRs are selfish, divas nowadays. Moss was selfish, but his numbers are too good to keep him out. Now if he had borderline numbers (say 700 rec, 10000 yds, 80 TDs), then you could say that his antics could keep him out. But, his numbers are far beyond borderline. Some say he never won a ring. My belief on ringless players is that if their numbers are extraordinary, then it doesn’t matter (se Marino, Fouts, Barry Sanders). Add Moss to that list.

    For Deion to say–and I’ve heard him say it–that “they don’t pay me to tackle” is just as selfish to me as Moss saying “I play when I want to play” because that’s what Deion is saying. His 492 tackles when compared to Green shows that he played when he wanted to. Green may have been a smaller speedster, but his tackle numbers showed that he’d go make the play if necessary. Sanders’ tackle numbers do not.

    Oh, one more thing.
    Darrell Green, 54 INTS, 6TDs
    Deion Sanders, 53 INTs, 9 TDs

    Lastly, I’m not arguing for keeping Sanders out. He belongs in the HOF. You asked to name another guy who quit on his team. I say Sanders quit on his team whenever the opponent ran the ball.

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