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10 claps for Randy Moss

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We’ll accept Randy Moss at his word (for now) that he won’t be returning to the NFL.  And so it’s an appropriate time to reflect on his 13-year career.  Though Moss had more than his fair share of low moments, we’ll accentuate the positive (for now).

And there was plenty of positive.

So here’s one clap for Moss.  Ten different times.

Here are our (or at least my) 10 favorite Randy Moss memories, in chronological order.

1.  September 6, 1998.  Versus Tampa Bay.

Moss arrived from Marshall, which at the time had just moved from Division I-AA to low-level Division I-A.  And despite the large gap between the MAC and the NFL, Moss vowed to come to the pro game and “rip it up.”

He made good on that promise from the first game of his career.

Visiting the Metrodome, the Bucs opted not to use double coverage against the unproven player.  Four catches, 95 yards, two touchdowns, and a 31-7 score later, the Bucs wished they had.

2.  October 5, 1998.  At Green Bay.

The Packers, two-time defending NFC champions, hosted the upstart Vikings in a Monday night game at Lambeau Field.  It was widely expected that Brett Favre and company would put Moss and his cohorts in their place.

What unfolded instead was something former Vikings offensive coordinator Brian Billick would call a “game for the ages,” via the rookie’s official coming-out party on football’s national stage.

Moss racked up 190 yards on only five catches, adding two touchdowns in a 37-24 romp that wasn’t nearly as close as the final score suggested.

3.  November 26, 1998.  At Dallas.

Like many teams, the Cowboys made the mistake of passing on Moss in the first round of the 1998 draft.  Unlike every other team, the Cowboys told Moss they’d be picking him.

And so that huge shoulder chip Moss carried throughout his rookie season grew even bigger when he showed up in Texas Stadium and delivered three touchdowns on only three catches, averaging nearly 55 yards per reception.

Two of those came out of what would become routine — Moss running deep and coming up with the ball, even with one or two guys trying to keep it from happening.  The third featured Moss catching a short pass and then exploding down the sideline with the kind of burst rarely seen from someone whose hair isn’t on fire.

4.  December 12, 1999.  At Kansas City.

The Vikings of 1998 won 15 of 16 regular-season games, petering out in the NFC Championship at home.  The next season was, in comparison, disappointing, with the Vikings digging an early 1-2 hole and falling to 2-4 before waking up, thanks to the decision to bench Randall Cunningham and rely on Jeff George.

Traveling to Kansas City for a Sunday night game and clinging to playoff hopes with a 7-5 record, the Vikings fell behind the Chiefs, 21-0.  The Vikings tied the game in the third quarter at 21 on a 12-yard touchdown pass from George to Moss.  After a fumble by George was returned 44 yards for a touchdown and a fumble by Moss at the Chiefs’ seven with barely four minutes to play ended a scoring threat, the Vikings held the Chiefs.

Moss lined up deep, received the punt, and ran largely untouched 64 yards for the game-tying score.

But for a late field goal by the Chiefs to win the game, it would have been remembered as one of the biggest regular-season wins in Vikings history.

5.  October 1, 2000.  At Detroit.

On ESPN’s NFL Matchup, Merril Hoge became the first analyst to mention what many had noticed.  When the ball isn’t coming to Moss, he tends to loaf.

Moss responded that same week by catching seven passes for 168 yards and three touchdowns in a 31-24 win at Detroit.

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard somebody criticize me,” Moss said after the game.

It wouldn’t be the last.  Ironically, however, it was Hoge who spoke out on behalf of Moss after Moss was criticized in 2009 for, you guessed it, loafing when the ball didn’t come his way.

6.  January 9, 2005.  At Green Bay.

Swept by the Packers via identical 34-31 scores during the season but back in the playoffs for the first time since a 41-0 Meltdown in the Meadowlands in January 2001, no one expected the Vikings to go to Lambeau and win.

But win they did, with Moss poofing out his afro and catching two touchdown passes, including the unforgettable faux mooning that left Joe Buck appalled and triggered a $10,000 fine.

And, of course, that fine gave rise to Randy’s “straight cash homey” catch phrase, along with an even more entertaining description of what his next touchdown celebration may entail.

7.  November 18, 2007.  At Buffalo.

The win over the Packers would be Moss’ last victory during his first stint with the Vikings.  Traded to Oakland in early 2005, Moss disappeared for two seasons.  With everyone assuming Moss was washed up, the Patriots stole him for a fourth-round draft pick during the 2007 draft.

And then Moss would only go on to have one of the greatest single seasons for any receiver of all time.

The highlight of the 23-touchdown effort came against the Bills.  For the first and only time in his career, Moss scored four touchdowns in one game, via 10 catches for 128 yards during a 56-10 romp.

8.  The 2008 season.

After quarterback Tom Brady suffered a torn ACL during the first game of the season, Moss could have mentally checked out.

But he didn’t.

Even though the Patriots ultimately failed to make the playoffs (despite winning 11 games), his decision to remain focused and committed with Matt Cassel at quarterback demonstrated a level of maturity that, unfortunately, was the exception and not the rule.  He’d finish with 11 touchdowns, less than half of his record-setting total in 2007, but Moss was a good soldier during what turned out to be a bad year.

9.  September 19, 2010.  At New York Jets.

Dubbed a “slouch” in the offseason by All Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis, Moss got a chance to show Revis what a slouch can do.

Drawing single coverage from Darrelle with one minute to play in the first half of a 7-7 tie, Moss blew by Revis and made an incredible one-handed catch in the end zone.

Revis would reinjure a hamstring on the play and miss the second half of the eventual Jets win, plus the next two games.

10.  October 11, 2010.  At New York Jets.

Only three weeks later, Moss was back in New York for the first game of his second tour with the Vikings.

With Antonio Cromartie holding him in check for much of the game, Moss eventually got behind the coverage for a 37-yard rainbow from Brett Favre, his 500th career touchdown pass.

The play gave Vikings fans flashbacks to 1998, even though coach Brad Childress would dump Moss only three weeks later. . . .

Before Super Bowl XLII, Moss said he didn’t really know how he wanted to be remembered.  And that’s fitting, because many football fans don’t really know how they’ll remember him.  Even though I’ll remember plenty of the bad things, including a stubborn, play-when-I-wanna-play unwillingness to get the absolute most out of a God-given skill set that superseded even Jerry Rice’s, it will be hard to forget these 10 moments, along with plenty of other great things he did on the field.

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Dolphins remain expected frontrunners for Suh

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Getty Images

There’s no reason to doubt Mike Silver’s report that the Raiders are “planning” to host defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for a visit next week.  (“That’s not the stench of raw sewage in the locker room . . . it’s just a bad batch of potpourri.”)  But there’s also no reason to believe the Dolphins aren’t the frontrunners for Suh’s services.

PFT continues to hear that the team with the best chance of landing Suh is the Dolphins.  And for good reason; owner Stephen Ross previously whiffed on coach Jim Harbaugh, quarterback Peyton Manning, and coach Jeff Fisher.  Ross wants to make a splash, as does new executive V.P. of football operations Mike Tannenbaum.

Ross won the rights to receiver Mike Wallace two years ago, but that hasn’t worked out very well.  Suh could end up working out even better.  Or maybe not.  Until we know whether Suh gives the Dolphins a realistic bump in their on-field fate, Suh will nevertheless create plenty of buzz and sell plenty of tickets and move plenty of merchandise in Miami.

When it comes to a contest between the Raiders and the Dolphins, Ross has ultimate ace in the hole — the absence of state income taxes in Florida.  In California, the rate for the really rich is 13.3 percent.

So if Suh signs a deal that pays him $15 million per year in California, the Golden State will withhold $1.995 million in taxes.  Per year.  In Florida, the Sunshine State will take the grand total of zero dollars and zero cents from Suh’s game checks.

Over the course of a seven-year deal (if Suh is there for all seven), the difference becomes $13.965 million.  In other words, he’d be working nearly one full year out of seven to pay for the privilege of living and working in Califoria.

The only way the Raiders can compete with the Dolphins and $15 million per year would be to enough to get Suh to the same net after federal and state taxes.  Which would be roughly $18 million per year.

The primary alternative for Suh will be staying put with the Lions.  In Michigan, the state income tax rate is only 4.25 percent, meaning that Suh would contribute $637,500 to the state budget every year on a deal worth $15 million annually.

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Age, contract, production, reputation make Marshall hard to move

Brandon Marshall AP

The Bears are trying to trade wide receiver Brandon Marshall. That won’t be easy.

Although Marshall is a five-time Pro Bowler, what he’s done in the past isn’t particularly relevant to what a team would be willing to give up for him now. What’s relevant is that Marshall’s production is declining with age, that he has an expensive contract, and that his reputation around the NFL is less than sterling.

Marshall will turn 31 this month, and last season he had his worst season since his rookie year. Marshall caught just 61 passes for 721 yards before suffering a season-ending injury in the 13th game of the season. That’s a sharp decline in production for a guy who had entered 2014 on a streak of seven consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. Like most players, Marshall has slowed down after his 30th birthday.

Another issue is Marshall’s contract, with a $7.5 million guarantee that comes due on March 12. Any team trading for Marshall would be inheriting that contract, unless Marshall is willing to restructure his deal. Marshall’s cap hit for 2015 is $9,575,000, which is the 16th biggest cap hit for a wide receiver in the NFL. If you’re going to pay a guy Top 16 money, that means you think he’s an above-average No. 1 receiver. Marshall has been an above-average No. 1 receiver in the past, but he’s not anymore.

There are also off-field questions that any team mulling a trade for Marshall would have to consider. Those issues go beyond the legal trouble Marshall faced multiple times early in his career: Marshall has spoken openly about his battle with mental illness, and he deserves credit for seeking treatment. But even if Marshall is now avoiding legal problems, there have been more recent reports that Marshall was a negative presence in the Bears’ locker room last season. Marshall has a reputation as a malcontent, and that’s not the kind of locker room presence teams want to acquire.

Add it all up, and it’s hard to see any team trading for Marshall. If the Bears don’t want him, they may have to cut him.

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Report: Raiders “planning” to host Ndamukong Suh next week

Maurice Jones-Drew, Ndamukong Suh AP

The Raiders are said to have designs on huddling with the top free agent in the Class of 2015.

According to Mike Silver of NFL Media, the Raiders are “planning” to meet with Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh next week, the first of free agency.

Per NFL rules, teams cannot begin to negotiate and have contact with the agents of other clubs’ prospective free agents until 4 p.m. Eastern on Friday, so it’s unclear whether the Raiders are simply being hopeful about meeting with Suh.

Nevertheless, this is a signal that the Raiders, as expected, want to be players for Suh, PFT’s No. 1 free agent. Oakland certainly has the salary cap space to strike a deal. Per the Raiders are set to be $58.8 million under the cap in 2015.

Teams can start to host players on free agent visits starting Tuesday, when the new league year begins.

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Report: Patriots join teams showing interest in Brian Hartline

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Getty Images

The Dolphins didn’t want to bring wide receiver Brian Hartline back for $5.9 million, but they are reportedly still interested in having Hartline return at a lower price tag.

They have plenty of company on that front. Hartline has already visited with the Browns and Bears and is slated to travel to Houston to meet with the Texans, but the list of teams doesn’t end there.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Patriots are also interested in the former Miami wideout. New England receivers Brandon LaFell, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola are all under contract for 2015 and the team still has 2013 picks Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce on their roster.

Cabot adds that the Colts might also decide to get involved in the Hartline chase. Any further additions to the mix will obviously be contingent on whether Hartline strikes a deal with any of the teams he’s already had conversations with, but the fact that he hasn’t signed anywhere at this point is a pretty good sign that there’s still room to make him an offer he won’t refuse.

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Report: Jerome Simpson visited 49ers Wednesday

Jerome Simpson AP

Ted Ginn isn’t the only veteran wide receiver who paid a visit to the 49ers this week.

Matt Maiocco of reports that the team hosted Jerome Simpson in addition to Ginn on Wednesday.

Simpson didn’t play in the NFL at all in 2014 after the Vikings released him in September at the conclusion of a three-game suspension that Simpson earned for repeat violations of the league’s substance abuse policy. Simpson served another NFL suspension after a September 2011 marijuana arrest and was arrested again on DUI charges in 2013 before being cited last July on charges of marijuana possession, open container and violating the conditions of his limited drivers license.

Simpson had 48 catches for 726 yards and a touchdown for the Vikings in 2013 and flashed a lot of speed (and jumping ability) with both Minnesota  and Cincinnati when he wasn’t on the suspended list. That might earn him another look, although the off-field issues make it unlikely he’ll get more than an opportunity to earn a trip to training camp from any team that signs him in the offseason.

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Dolphins re-sign Jason Fox to two-year deal

Ryan Tannehill, Lamar Miller, Jason Fox AP

The Dolphins closed the year with Jason Fox as their starting right tackle and it seems they liked what Fox did in his two games with the first team.

The team announced Thursday that they have re-signed Fox to a two-year deal. Fox, who played for the veteran’s minimum last season, was set to become an unrestricted free agent next week, but gave up that option for what agent Drew Rosenhaus tells PFT is a $2.5 million deal.

Dallas Thomas got the first shot at right tackle after Ja’Wuan James switched sides in the wake of Branden Albert’s season-ending knee injury. Thomas got hurt, though, and Fox stepped in and gave them better pass blocking than they’d received with Thomas in the lineup.

If Albert is healthy, Fox will go back to a reserve role in 2015. Last year’s starting center Samson Satele and left guard Daryn Colledge are still set for free agency, so there will likely be more work on the offensive line to come in Miami.

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Stephen Tulloch says he’ll be back in Detroit

Stephen Tulloch AP

Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch said recently that he was hopeful that he would remain with the Lions in 2015 despite his torn ACL in 2014 and a $5.8 million cap hit that some thought might be prohibitive.

Tulloch has learned the answer to that question and it’s the one he said he wanted. The nine-year veteran announced on Instagram Thursday that he will return to the Lions for a fifth season.

“Let’s put all the questions and speculations to rest. I will be back in Detroit for my 10th season this year. I appreciate the Lions organization for believing in me and having the confidence that I’ll be back to the player that I’ve always been. Trust and know I grind hard everyday and will hit the field running when its time to suit up.”

Let’s hope he didn’t celebrate the news too boisterously.

Had the Lions opted to use the franchise tag on defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, things may have played out differently for Tulloch. The Lions didn’t go that expensive route, however, and it seems that a healthy Tulloch will be part of the defensive mix regardless of how the defensive line looks in front of him in 2015.

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D.J. Swearinger accused of skipping out on $20K bill for car customization

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Getty Images

Texans safety D.J. Swearinger wanted to have some work done on his truck this offseason, but the people who did it say he wasn’t willing to pay for it.

TMZ reports that a police report has been filed in Houston alleging that Swearinger skipped out on a $20,000 bill from Espi Motors for work they did on his pickup truck.

According to the report, Swearinger brought his truck into the shop to have a variety of bells and whistles installed, including matte black paint with a Batman logo, speakers, new wheels, custom grill and a train horn, and then balked at the cost for the work when it was done. He then allegedly took his car from the shop without paying for the work. The shop tried to track Swearinger down, but were unable to do so despite the distinctive look of the truck that Swearinger’s allegedly driving around town.

Per TMZ, police are investigating and neither Swearinger nor the Texans have made any comment.

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Manning passes physical, Elway says an older QB can thrive in Denver

Buffalo Bills v Denver Broncos Getty Images

John Elway won Super Bowls as the Broncos’ quarterback at ages 37 and 38. And he thinks Peyton Manning is well-positioned to win a Super Bowl as the Broncos’ quarterback at age 39.

The Broncos have announced that Manning will be back as the team’s starting quarterback this season, meaning he has passed his required physical. Although Manning ended last season looking like he had slowed down and was struggling physically, the physical exam shows that his surgically repaired neck remains healthy enough for him to play.

And Elway thinks he can play well. Elway says he hired Gary Kubiak to be the Broncos’ head coach in large part because he thinks Kubiak runs just the kind of offense that will be helpful to the aging Manning.

“Peyton could fit in this offense very easily,” Elway said. “It’s a lot more dependent on balance, so therefore Peyton is hopefully not going to have to throw the ball 50 or 55 times. I think for an older quarterback, it’s a perfect system to be in.”

Manning didn’t have to throw it 50 times a game very often before Kubiak arrived, either; he has thrown 50 or more passes only five times in his 53 games as a Bronco. But Elway’s point is well taken: Kubiak will get the Broncos going on the ground, and that will take some pressure off Manning.

Still, if the Broncos’ offense is going to be successful this season, it’s going to be successful primarily because Manning plays more like he played in his first two and a half years with the Broncos, and less like he played over the second half of last season.

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NFL: Greg Hardy can sign contract while on exempt list

Greg Hardy AP

There was no immediate resolution to defensive end Greg Hardy’s standing with the NFL after a Wednesday meeting in New York, which means that Hardy remains on the commissioner’s exempt list with the start of free agency approaching quickly.

The league has clarified one bit of business as it relates to Hardy, though. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said that Hardy and other players on the exempt list are eligible to sign deals.

“There’s nothing to prevent a player on the exempt list without a contract from signing a new one,” Aiello said, via the Associated Press.

That may be true, but Hardy’s pursuit of a new job is still likely to be impacted by his uncertain playing status. He’s not eligible to play in a game until he’s off the list and the league is still working to decide whether Hardy will be suspended under the personal conduct policy as a result of last year’s arrest on domestic violence charges.

Hardy reportedly turned over documents from last July’s bench trial to the NFL. Hardy was found guilty in that trial, but appealed to have a jury trial and the charges were dismissed when his accuser failed to appear for it last month.

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Report: Giants TE Larry Donnell OK after airliner slides off runway

Larry Donnell AP

According to multiple reports, Giants tight end Larry Donnell was a passenger on Delta Airlines Flight 1086, which slid off a runway and through a fence in wintry conditions at New York’s LaGuardia Airport on Thursday morning.

However, Donnell was unharmed, the player’s agent told Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. The newspaper reported Donnell was returning to New York from Atlanta, where the fight originated, to sign his exclusive-rights contract with the Giants.

Via an Instagram account (beyond_greatnes) that bears his name, Donnell appears to have posted a photo and a video just outside the accident site. (A hat tip to Art Stapleton of the Bergen Record for pointing this out.)

“Plane down” read the caption of one photo of the aircraft in the snow, its nose sticking through the fence.

According to the New York Daily News, which cited a fire department spokesperson, no injuries have been reported from the incident.

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Joe Haden: Justin Gilbert is “growing up”

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Getty Images

Cornerback Justin Gilbert had a disappointing rookie season after being selected eighth overall by the Browns last year, which led to owner Jimmy Haslam and Gilbert’s teammates to say that he needs to mature if he is going to make good on the promise that made him such a high pick.

One of Gilbert’s teammates in the secondary has been working out with him since the start of the offseason and has seen signs of that growth. Cornerback Joe Haden has been talking to Gilbert about how to “carry yourself like a pro” and says he has seen his lessons taking hold.

“He is growing up,” Haden said, via the team’s website. “Justin’s a very, very talented player. It’s just going to take a little bit of time.”

Gilbert said that he’s learned that playing in the NFL is a business and that he needs to “come to work every day and prepare like it’s your last day” to be successful. That was lacking last season, with General Manager Ray Farmer and coach Mike Pettine both talking about personal issues that they felt held Gilbert back.

Whether or not impending free agent Buster Skrine returns, the Browns could use a big improvement from Gilbert in Year Two as their defense looks like it will have to be a major strength for the team to improve on their results in 2014.

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Dominique Easley avoids knee surgery, hopes to be ready for OTAs

Chicago Bears Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium Getty Images

The Patriots won’t be picking up their option on defensive tackle Vince Wilfork’s contract for the 2015 season, which doesn’t rule out his return on a different deal but could leave the Patriots looking elsewhere for help on the defensive line.

One player that could figure into their decisions up front is Dominique Easley. The Patriots’ first-round pick in 2014 suffered a torn ACL in his final year of college, which helped the Patriots grab him although his knee wasn’t well enough for him to make it through his entire rookie season.

Easley wound up on injured reserve, but Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports that Easley won’t need surgery to repair the knee this offseason. That leaves him on track to take part in OTAs this spring as he tries to show the team’s coaching staff that he can take on a bigger role next season.

He may not be stepping into Wilfork’s shoes as a nose tackle full time, but having a healthy Easley would give the Patriots more options up front in 2015.

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PFT Live: Bills talk with Vic Carucci

Rex Ryan AP

The Bills have gotten their offseason off to a blazing start this week with a pair of trades.

They acquired running back LeSean McCoy in a deal with the Eagles that cost them linebacker Kiko Alonso and followed that up by making a trade with the Vikings for quarterback Matt Cassel. Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News will join Mike Florio on Thursday’s PFT Live to discuss those moves and other things that may be in the works with free agency about to start.

We also want to hear from PFT Planet. Email questions at any time via the O’Reilly Auto Parts Ask the Pros inbox or get in touch on Twitter at @ProFootballTalk to let us know what’s on your mind.

It all gets started at noon ET and you can listen to all three hours live via the various NBC Sports Radio affiliates, through the links at PFT, or with the NBC Sports Radio app. You can also watch a simulcast of the first hour of the show by clicking right here.

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Bears “exploring trade options” for wide receiver Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall AP

‘Tis the season for moving on from bad contracts, and the Bears are no exception.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears are “exploring trade options” for veteran wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Whether they’re merely answering the phone, or putting out word in hopes of making it ring remains to be seen, but it’s clear there’s some disconnect between the new regime of General Manager Ryan Pace/coach John Fox and the guy who got an extension from the previous administration last offseason.

If Marshall is still on the Bears roster on March 12, his $7.5 million in base salary is guaranteed.

The Bears got Marshall for a pair of third-round picks in 2012, and would certainly be looking for less than that now, to get out from under the contract.

It’s not that Marshall’s not been productive when well, but his media schedule and a few outbursts with teammates have made him the kind of guy new coaches are wary of.

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