Anthony Castonzo ends his brief holdout

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The list of first-round holdouts continues to dwindle.

Colts tackle Anthony Castonzo agreed to terms Tuesday, according to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star.  It’s unclear how the two sides settled their disagreement over guaranteed money.

That leaves five first-round holdouts, and they are all from the middle of the first round.  Patriots tackle Nate Solder (No. 17), Chargers defensive tackle Corey Liuget (No. 18), Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara, Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor (No. 21), and Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan (No. 24) are still unsigned.

With Charlie Johnson in Minnesota, Castonzo looks likely to start as a rookie. He was expected to even if Johnson returned, but the Colts (and quarterback Peyton Manning’s neck) don’t have a safety net now.

13 responses to “Anthony Castonzo ends his brief holdout

  1. George Costanza: Well, I wish I could say the same, but I must say, with all due respect, I find it very hard to see the logic behind some of the moves you have made with this fine organization. In the past twenty years, you have caused myself, and the city of New York, a good deal of distress as we have watched you take our beloved Yankees and reduced them to a laughing stock, all for the glorification of your massive ego.
    George Steinbrenner: Hire this man!

  2. Might want to let Painter see if this guy can pass protect. Peyton can’t turn his neck to the left as it is. Doesn’t need to be looking over his shoulder with the new kid.

  3. Cant-stand-ya finally signed!! He’ll get a few atomic wedgies at practice today for holding out

  4. Castonzo needs this steady job to get away from the influence of his domineering neurotic parents. Maybe establish a real relationship with a nice girl, fer Chrissakes.

  5. Practice just started yesterday… Is that really considered a holdout? Teams have had a few days to sign a mess of players, he missed 1 day and gets a holdout label?

    This kid is expected to be the blindside anchor @ LT. By all accounts is ‘NFL Ready’. Both he and Ijalana could see big minutes early.

    Actually all the Colts top 5 picks could see some playing time as Rooks: LT Castonzo, G/RT Ijalana, RB Delone Carter, DT Drake Nevis, DB Chris Rucker.

  6. Vandelay Industries would have wrapped this up before the CBA was signed!

    Remember…”It’s not a lie if you believe in it!”

  7. If I were a Colts fans, and thank my maker I am Not, I wouldn’t want my aging and currently injured star QB’s blindside to be protected by a rookie LT.

    In a normal off season it would be a daunting task to ask of the kid, but with no OTAs, no rookie camp, no mini camp, no playbook, and no coaches instruction to go along with this week long holdout it would be a determent to throw a kid into the deep end. Not for him, but for Peyton.

  8. patriotsdefense,

    Our “aging” QB is just a few months older than your “aging” QB. Your QB also shredded several knee ligaments and worked his way back just fine only 2 years ago. Peyton went in for a routine Surgery to relieve pressure, which isn’t exactly a Football “Injury”.

    So maybe Peyton can use Brady as an example, “Hey, if he can tear his knee apart and undergo multiple surgeries to repair torn ligaments on his plant leg then I can come back from a relatively minor non-weight bearing surgery that I’ve had before”.

    I’m glad you’re just “looking out for Peyton” and all, but thanks and I’m sure he and Castonzo will be just fine.

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