Raiders could be poised to win the Zach Miller sweepstakes

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The Oakland Raiders broke the bank on Monday for linebacker Kamerion Wimbley.  Their next move is expected to be given to another in-house guy.

Raiders insider Greg Papa has predicted unequivocally that the Raiders will fend off Seattle’s effort to pilfer the Raiders’ starting tight end.

Zach Miller will be back with the Raiders,” Papa said on radio in the Bay Area, via Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Al Davis didn’t just give Kamerion Wimbley $29 million to lose Zach Miller to Tom Cable,” Papa added.  (Cable, the former Raiders head coach, is a member of the Seattle staff.)

Stay tuned.  If nothing else, it’s fun to see the Seahawks and Raiders, a pair of former AFC West rivals, going at it again.

40 responses to “Raiders could be poised to win the Zach Miller sweepstakes

  1. Not wanting to finish 5-11 again, the Raiders went out and signed expensive free agents Kamerion Wimbley and Zach Miller.

  2. I dunno. The Seahawks still have like $20+ mil they need to spend. Al Davis better be ready to pay up.

  3. Seattle is about 20 million under the cap, oakland is 17 mil over according to john clayton this morning. If seattle wants him bad enough, they will get him.

  4. The Raiders cannot afford to lose Zach Miller; unfortunately they may not be able to afford him, literally.

    Jason Campbell needs Miller as his safety valve. Since none of the receivers on this roster want to lay claim to the #1 spot, this offense will need to continue to lean on Miller.

    Miller to Seattle makes too much sense, which has me worried. The idea of a Williams-Rice-Miller triumvirate has got to sound really appealing to coach Carroll and Co. He would be a big upgrade over John Carlson.

    Al Davis gambled on the cap and he lost.

  5. For someone that wasn’t garnering hardly any attention on the free agent market I see “the highest contract ever for a TE” in his future with Al bidding on him!

    Come back to us Zach!!! Raider Nation needs you.

  6. I think Zach knows that he can be part of something special happening in Oakland. The only thing going on in Seattle is a college coach trying to put together a college team. Hasslebeck was their glue, he’s gone, they’re done. Mark it zero, Smokey.

  7. Not wanting to finish 5-11 again, the Raiders went out and signed expensive free agents Kamerion Wimbley and Zach Miller.


    Too bad they won more than 5 games against their own division last year…

  8. If its just a plain ole bidding war then I think Oakland will win it. I’d be ecstatic if the Hawks managed to steal him but they won’t break the bank to get him and nor should they. Al Davis will because he’s crazy like that.

  9. not so sure about seatlle being under 20 million….i know gallery left the raiders because he wanted 8mil+ per season, and raiders offered 2.5 per…seahawks signed him to a three year, but at what price….was it more what the raiders offered, or what gallery wanted, and told raiders he would get elsewhere?

  10. Sorry Seahawk fans but teams don’t have to spend salary minimum until 2013. #80 will be back in silver and black in 2011.

  11. The Raiders can lose Miller. When your TE is your top receiver, you have bigger fish to fry. Unless he’s giving you 100 receipts for 1500yds. Everyone may be over estimating his importance. And how bad he really wants to come back to the Raiders. It wouldn’t shock me if they Lise him. Al may also be pissed that Miller was one of the players who spoke out supporting Cable after he wasn’t retained.

  12. Al Davis is a jacka$$. I still can’t believe he let Nnamdi go. Instead, he pays big money to Routt. Al Davis is all about proving he has control and making sure no one else connected with the franchise gets more publicity. Al is a mean, spiteful, vindictive old man. There’s a long list of people he’s run out of the organization for no good reason: Ken Stabler, Marcus Allen, Steve Beuerlein, Jon Gruden, Tom Cable, Nnamdi Asomugha…and whoever else I forgot. Trust me, Shane Lechler is next out the door.

  13. I think it’s worth mentioning that the #80 is retired in Seattle. Largents #…tho he did let Jerry Rice dawn it for the year that he was here.

  14. ruckthefaiders says:Aug 2, 2011 2:56 PM

    @ keepon(losing)
    cap idiot cap!!!! minimum has nothing to do with being 20 over the cap when teams are only allowed to be 3 million over the 120 mil????

    It’s pretty easy to see that keeponhatin was commenting on people saying that the Sea Chickens still HAD to spend money on players. Since they don’t have to meet a minimum, they might not spend another dime. Get it? Pretty simple really? Still confused? Also, teams are allowed to be over by about $6.5 million, not $3 million.

    And to those who are quoting Clayton’s comments this morning, he clearly mentioned that the Raiders were that far over before the Wimbley restructure. Every year someone yaps about the Raiders being over the cap, yet every year they are below the cap. Same will hold true this year.

  15. rubicon202 says:
    Aug 2, 2011 3:01 PM
    Comeon #80 and sign and be part of the next superbowl champs!

    Not sure if your referring to the Raiders or Seahawks but either way your smkoing some good stuff

  16. @torturedraiderfan,

    I feel you man. All the Al Davis apologists thought that Nnamdi didnt want to come back only to find out that Al Davis never tendered an offer to #21 at all per Steve Corkran and Oak Tribune. What a vindictive ahole that Al D has become. He’s his own worst enemy. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with him.

  17. @torturedraiderfan says

    you can tell you are an employee and not an employer.

    there are plenty of guys you don’t even know that work for the raiders, who are ex-raiders…in my opinionfor al sometimes it is personal and not all business…that is why there are a whole lot of ex-raiders that are still raiders to this day.

  18. The Hawks have to be a much more attractive option. No offense Raider fans but Al Davis is like the Freddy Krugar of football anytime you start to dream of the Raiders contending Al Davis comes along and turns into his nightmare fantasy land where it’s the 70s and the raiders “just win baby”… However the reality is Al Davis is nuttier than a 90 pound pile of squirrel turds and the Raiders are going to be awful this year and every year after till sweet deranged Grandpa Al passes away. Raiders 2011 season RIP…

  19. Relax Raider fans…Al will lock Miller up.

    There are 3 miliion ways to get around cap issues and he’s the master.

    Not saying that he did not make some bad FE moves (Hall, Walker etc..) but the guy gets what he wants.

    He did not want to spend that much on Nnamdi, especially cause the guy is injury prone – He said this back in Jan.

    Al is not a bad guy…He’s just Al and he gets what he wants.

    He wants Miller – Miller will be a Raider…

    It’s that simple


  20. I guess the question Miller will need to ask himself, if the contracts are equal, is where he’d rather play.

    Would he rather play in front of 40,000 fans, without the added pressure of local television coverage for home games?

    Would he rather play on a field that has a baseball infield covering it for the first half of the season?

    Would he rather train in older, more out-f date practice facilities?

    Would he rather play for the organization that holds the NFL record for most consecutive seasons with ten or more losses in a row?

    Or would he rather play for the Seahawks?

  21. This guy is the Raiders best, most consistent offensive weapon and they’re going to lose him.

    Maybe if he ran a 4.2 40, Big Al would keep him.

    Until then, he hits the jackpot and gets to leave Oakland!

  22. hobartbaker says: Aug 2, 2011 1:51 PM

    “Not wanting to finish 5-11 again, the Raiders went out and signed expensive free agents Kamerion Wimbley and Zach Miller.”


    The only problem with that Einstein is that we were 8-8 and 1 win from the playoffs after sweeping the AFC West easily.

  23. Crazy Al will break bank for the 3rd best TE in the division. Not the NFL, the division.

    Think about that for a minute.

  24. @racerx- yeah they did pretty well last year but then they fired their head coach had a horrible draft and went limp in free agency lol the raiders FO is horrible

  25. Huff said that he spoke with Zach during his resigning interview on the Raiders official site. Go watch it. “Miller wants to be back in silver in black.”

  26. @whynotusecommonsense

    While the league as a whole must spend cash in 2011 that equates to 99 percent of the cap, there’s no minimum requirement for each team until 2013. Thus, neither the Bengals nor any other specific team is required to spend another dime — as long as all 32 teams cuts checks this year that equal at least $3.814 billion.

    UPDATE: These numbers include the $3 million one-time exemption available to each team in 2011, which pushed the total spending limit to $123.4 million.

    Like I said 3 million and how do you know what he was talking about? is his cell right next to yours or did you question him on the yard? Either way looks like your boyfriend/ cellmate/ fader nation pal was wrong and no millertime for you but you will get to experience the new and improved Millertime come sept 12th as campbell will be on his back more than yourself on movie night in d block..

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