49ers snap up Jonathan Goodwin

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The Saints have done a nice job retaining their key free agents, but they finally lost a key starter to free agency.

San Francisco agreed to terms on a three-year contract with center Jonathan Goodwin, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

The Saints wanted to keep Goodwin, but they didn’t seem to make him a priority.  Second-year player Matt Tennant has been filling in as a starter in practice, and he’ll apparently stay there.  Playing between Carl Nicks and Jahri Evans is a nice spot to be for any center.

We’ll have to see the contract terms, but it’s a smart deal for San Francisco. They were desperate to find someone to start at center after losing David Baas. Goodwin started 45 games over the last three years for New Orleans, including during their Super Bowl run.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Goodwin, who is turning 32, will get $10.9 million over three years, including $4 million guaranteed.  Not crazy money but clearly the Saints were ready to move on.

24 responses to “49ers snap up Jonathan Goodwin

  1. It will be nice to have a veteran presence at such a crucial spot on the line. My hope is that this frees up Snyder to snatch up the job at RG where Rachal has been hugely disappointing and inconsistent.

  2. its funny how in 1 day 9er fans go from pissed off to relieved.

    Clements replaced by Rogers= upgrade
    Baas replaced by Goodwin= upgrade
    Franklin replaced by Sopoaga and Jean Francois= possibly a slight downgrade or even.
    Goldson replaced by Williams= push
    Lawson replaced by Aldon Smith= probable upgrade as Lawson was underwhelming

    and the biggest 1 of all, Singletary replaced by Harbaugh= ridiculous upgrade.

  3. wow!! i guess baalke’s patience is paying off. They would’ve overpaid for Baas by 10 mil more and they get this guy for 3 mil a year with wayyy more experience at center than Baas. yikes!

  4. @marcsasharc

    Agree with all except Goldson vs. Williams.
    Madieu is a career scrub. Goldson isn’t that great, but has better playmaking skills.

  5. Biggiep – I totally agree with you, goldson is serviceable, but not a player to get in a bidding war over with jerry jones or al davis. I rather take my chances with Reggie Smith than pay goldson 7 mil a year, the quality is not much and is about 4 mil cheaper. $ that could go towards a proven player like gore.

  6. Goodwin is trDing Drew Brees for Alex Smith. BRILLIANT!
    guess he wants to be “the man” in SF

  7. Not just from a talent or price standpoint but this is a good signing because Goodwin is coming from a winning culture in New Orleans and I am sure that will be a huge help in the locker room when the team starts to turn things around.

    And like I mentioned in another story about the possibility of Kreutz I think this helps the people on the line around Goodwin get even better. It also frees up Adam Snyder to play RG over Chilo Rachal.

  8. everyone always said he was football smart, really go from a superbowl contender to a cellar dweller.
    Doesn’t seem too football smart now, huh?

  9. a super bowl winning center with that young line? Getting Carlos Rogers on the cheap when he was just as good as Nate ain’t so great Clements? Now they’re looking at Braylon Edwards and Malcom Floyd? I’m liking the passive aggressive approach to free agency

  10. This is a solid move. They get a solid OL without breaking the bank and have a ton of $$ left over to sign Gore to an extention. I am also seeing reports that Braylon Edwards is a strong possibility (if his legal issues dont get in the way)which would be a great pairing with crabtree and Morgan. DBs and ILB are still a glaring need, but if and this is a big if, they can generate a consistant pass rush then that will certainly help the corners.
    I really like what Harbaugh and Baalke are doing. They got rid of Clements who was grossly overpaid and Lawson who did not play to his potential. They also were able to replace Baas with a proven veteran. This is a year where they will really be able to evaluate who is going to be part of the future of this team. Are they probably looking at another sub 500 season? more than likely, but lets face facts. Whoever came in this season, was going to have to do some serious housecleaning to purge the mess of the prior 2 regimes. Then again, the NFC West isn’t exactly the crown jewel of the NFL, so there is always hope.

  11. Congrats to the 49ers. Good pick up. He has been a steady force on our line these past few years. Sad the saints did not make him a priority to sign. Very consistent good player. Congrats again

  12. Wow, good pick up. I had all but written this season off, especially when during the early days of free agency the 49ers seemed be outmaneuvered at every turn. But a couple solid moves like this can make a big difference. I’ve always felt the two biggest problems the 9ers have is their O-line and Secondary. Glad to see they are making moves to solidify that.

  13. Saints never loved Goodwin. Weak link on the line. Drafted his replacement last year. 3 yr contract for 32 yr old center. good luck with that

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