Jets keep Brodney Pool

Brodney Pool is sticking with the Jets.

Pool, a free agent safety, has re-signed with the team, according to Lisa Zimmerman of CBS and Brian Costello of the New York Post.

A second-round draft pick of the Browns in 2005, Pool played five years in Cleveland before signing a one-year contract with the Jets last year.

In 2010 Pool started 12 regular-season games and all three playoff games. He intercepted a pass in the AFC Championship Game.

12 responses to “Jets keep Brodney Pool

  1. Very good under the radar move. This essentially leaves their secondary intact. Cromartie, Wilson, and Pool should excel year 2 under Rex.

  2. I dont get this, Belechick’s main rival right now is the Jets. Ryan has beaten lil Bill 3 out-of 5 the last 2 years. Bill needs to sign a wideout so he chooses Ocho????? Hasn’t Bill seen what
    Revis has done to Ocho the last 2 years (3 games)???? I mean we’re talking prison pounding!! Ocho has like 1 catch for -30 yards against the Jet D…….someone explain it to me.
    Fat Albert and Ocho…..seems like lil Bill is panicing.

  3. this is a very underrated move. i was worried he wasn’t coming back. eric smith as the full time starter kinda scares me since he stinks in coverage.

  4. The only pool the Jets care about is the one at Sanchez’s house where all the high school girls hang out. Just watch out for Cromartie, the guy is quite potent.

  5. @drgfri

    Mehahahahhahaa! Great post.

    I was surprised by the lack of a market for Pool’s services. Young starting quality Free Safeties don’t grow on trees.

  6. Pool probably scared other teams off with his concussion history… he’s a decent safety though he played moderately well when he was with the browns and played decent last year.

  7. I’m a pats fan, but is it only me, does haynesworth look like he’s gained 100 pounds?

    Everyone is crowning the Pats as the AFC East favorites, but I am concerned. First the jets players have played in the same system for the last three seasons, that’s continuity and not learning the system. Haynesworth and ochovinco need to learn our system.

    Pats defense was one of the worse, an I hope they’ve grown as a unit. I am scared a bit, go ahead trolls kill me for expressing the pats concerns.

  8. favrespeckerpictures:

    yes the island has kept him down, but name someone…anyone…who does well agst Revis. He shuts em all down…ask Andre Johnson and others.

    Ocho will get big numbers against non-Revis teams, and if teams stack up agst him, then Brady will have lotsa opps to hit others. Ugh.

    A jets fan who knows ocho was a great signing

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