Colts’ Fili Moala convicted of drunk driving

Just before the start of the 2010 season, Colts defensive tackle Fili Moala was arrested for drunk driving. Today Moala was found guilty.

A judge found Moala guilty of misdemeanor counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent to 0.15 percent and public intoxication.

Moala will not get any jail time but will spend 180 days on probation.

The Colts did not discipline Moala after his arrest last season, and he started all 16 games.

14 responses to “Colts’ Fili Moala convicted of drunk driving

  1. Learn from your mistakes Fili and never drink and drive again. I actually got a DUI years ago, out at a bar watching a game and had 4 beers, felt fine and drove home. Got pulled over and blew a .09 and the limit is .08. Learned from my mistake and haven’t drank and drove since, if I am out and have drinks I find a ride or call a cab always.
    Its only a misdemeanor and if his first offense just a slap on the wrist, probably lost his license 3 months, $500 fine and 6 months probation, thats what I got.

  2. Since I dont know who this guy is, I am guessing he is going to fall into the Colts personnel category that requires he be released immediately….as opposed to the personnel category that is allowed to do anything

  3. Who cares, it’s drunk driving?

    Everyone acts like it such a serious offense yet no one even gets punished for it. I mean, normal people like you and me do but professional athletes? give me a break

    Why even report it

    No jail time? shocker. he could have killed someone and gotten maybe 30 days.

  4. I mean if you look at the police blotter on the page, if you just scroll down you can see a countless number of DUI DWI, it’s a joke.

    I mean wtf Goodell, you pretend to be this strict commish that doesnt take crap. Why don’t you do something about this?

    Why not make an arrest for drunk driving an automatic 16 game ban. harsh, yeah, it is. But if any million dollar moron is so stupid that they actually do it then they deserve every second of it.

    If the American justice system caters to the wealthy and famous and the pro sports leagues dont take it seriously then why should the players?

  5. What is it with Colts defensive tackles? If they’re not drunk driving or getting busted for drugs, they’re raping women before championship games, getting the hotel to cover it up, and getting the police to interrogate and destroy the accuser.

  6. Ask some guy coming out of the local bar and arrested what he got for the same. Where is the Indianapolis chapter of MADD????? Something is fishy here wouldn’t you say.

  7. What do you expect from a team and owner that skulked off in the middle of the night years ago

  8. “Don’t these players have enough money to call a cab or a limousine???”

    The league actually pays for it. All the players have to do is make the call and use it! At least that’s the way it was under the last CBA, and presumably that continues. There weren’t any free rides this summer during the lockout, though.

  9. so has Ray Rice called for him to be suspended? or is he only concerned about his cousin when a Steeler is involved?

  10. why would he be suspended now? this happened before LAST SEASON and he played every game last year

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