PFT Live: Redskins talk with Ryan O’Halloran and free agent review

The Redskins made a lot of moves over the last week and spent plenty of money, but they didn’t grab big names like usual.  And they made it clear that John Beck will be The Man at quarterback, for better or worse.

Ryan O’Halloran of joins PFT Live Thursday to break down all the news and preview the Redskins season.

I’ll also join Florio for the final segment of the day, where we’ll break down the free agency frenzy choosing our winners and losers.

Watch the show live right here live at noon ET.

14 responses to “PFT Live: Redskins talk with Ryan O’Halloran and free agent review

  1. Skins didn’t overspend and they got quality, young players at positions of need.

    Moss, Cofield, Bowen, Chester, Brown, Gaffney, Wilson, Hayden (likely).. all signed to fair contracts (not market setters)… cut the fat on the roster and got draft picks back… got significantly younger…. and Dan Snyder was not even in the building while any of this was happening.

    Sorry haters, its a new regime in D.C…….

  2. Though I have full faith and credit in John “John Beck” Beck, and think it makes sense for him to be The Man as the starting QB out of the chute, I still think Rex Grossman is A Man … who only needs to purge the demons of losing the Big Game to Peyton Manning in the rain in Miami. If and when necessary, Rex’s steady hand will be unleashing the dragon again. Skins’ O-line remains one injured starter away from complete catastrophe. I’ve seen puddles with greater depth.

  3. dcsween is right about the o-line, thats for sure….
    i hope beck turns out to be acceptable, Rex has moments he looks good, then throws a ridiculous pick on ya….but hey, he went to the Super Bowl after a 12-4 or 13-3 season with the Bears, so he HAS had a successful run before……….

  4. The Skins haven’t made it clear that John Beck is the man, Shanahan just made it clear that he believes in him. He even clarified earlier in the week that he hasn’t handed the starting job to him. As average-at-best as Rex is, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll be the starter on Week 1.

  5. Yeah, ya’ll been hate’n for years and got to admit its been deserved based on how my Skins have been run. But it’s the dawn of a new day in DC, so get ready for a much better season.

  6. 1.Totally wrong 18 million under the Cap.
    Spent way less than the majority of teams

    2. Shanahan never said he was the starter. you got the transcript, put on this blog and lets see it.

    You guys are HACKS

  7. Yeah, unfortunately Beck/Rex is still our QB which will keep us from being a playoff team, but you can only do so much at a time and its gonna take a few years to dig out of the hole Vinny created.

    There are gonna be a lot of good QBs at the top of the draft next year and we’re continuing to build a roster around our QB of the future for when he arrives.

  8. Not to say Beck will be anything for the skins but, who was Kurt Warner before Trent Green got hurt? Who was Tom Brady coming out of Michigan? For that matter, who is Kevin Kolb? It’s amazing how people can judge someones ability on so little info. Secondly, If they buy up all the free agents on the market they are idiots. If they try to find young up and coming talent they are idiots. Make up your mind! Third, If you, or anyone at these so called insider sites would do a little research like Rich Tandler. You would find that the skins arent the only ones with low training camp attendance. Just saying!

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