49ers: There have been “inquiries” about Taylor Mays


San Francisco’s mass email to the NFL saying Taylor Mays was available in a trade sounded like the desperate move a fantasy league football player would make.

The 49ers, however, say they are dealing from a position of strength.  Coach Jim Harbaugh says they received trade interest in Mays.

“Full disclosure, there have been inquiries about Taylor over the past eight days,” Harbaugh said via CSNBayArea.com. “Now it’s to the point, let’s check it out. That’s where we are now.”

We can’t imagine they’ll get much for the 2010 second round pick.  He was playing behind C.J. Spillman, even before Donte Whitner was added to the mix.  The 49ers reportedly don’t believe Mays can move laterally enough to play in the NFL.

Yeah, that probably won’t help his trade value either.

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  1. Back up at best in the NFL. Could move to linebacker but i think he would be an even bigger fail at that.

    Perhaps losing a ton of weight would help him be more flexible and agile.

    Remember when people thought he was going to be a first round pick ?

  2. You’re never going to get much value in a trade for a second round pick that you’re trying to get rid of after just one year in the NFL.

    However, I do think that Mays has value, even if he doesn’t work out as a safety. I think he can be, with his size/speed combination, an interesting project as a weak-side linebacker in a 4-3 defense. At the minimum, considering his physical gifts, he should be awesome in kick/punt coverage for quite some time.

  3. If there have been inquiries, why did they feel the need to send an e-mail to every team in the league letting them know he’s available? Here are some of the inquiries they received:

    “Do you seriously still have that guy on your team?”

    “We’re interested in that Taylor Swift. You think you could send her over to sing the national anthem for us?”

    “Hey, we’d like to trade our first-round pick for Taylor Mays [snicker, snicker].” Hang up.

  4. Way too early to make career asseessmants about Mays. He’s only had a rookie season – in which he beat out a veteran – and in his debut, had 11 tackles and recoved a blocked punt for a TD. No, he’s not a great coverage guy, but few Safety’s are, but there are also few Safety’s you’d rather have in run support due to his make up ground speed and hard tackling.

  5. I’ve got $40 for the 49ers and all the pizza and beer he can eat and drink if they want to send him to me to help me move this weekend.

  6. I’d like for the Steelers to pick him up, because who knows if Polamalu or Clark can remain healthy this year…….exspecially Polamalu.

    Mays would be a solid back-up for either of them……..but that’s just my opinion.

    “Go Steelers!”

  7. Safeties that convert to linebacker can be very successful, look at Thomas Davis and Urlacher. If Mays puts on 10-15lbs, he would be a beast of a ‘backer, with a background in coverage… and everyone knows he likes to just hit. Sounds like a good lb’er to me.

  8. He sucks. And SF is retarded, they suck too. All that cap space wasted, lost a ton of good players and never tried to upgrade their QB…. Lol at SF!

  9. Dealing from a position of strength, lmao. E-mailing all the other teams saying hey we drafted this kid and he sucks what will you give us for him. I imagine they got a lot of interesting offers. Some used cleats, old socks, maybe a leaky gatorade bucket. Seriously he isn’t even good enough to be on the oh so awesome Niners special teams, but, other teams are supposed to be the ones not in the position of strength. Again lmao.

  10. Tape doesn’t lie , this guy sucks but if he would have come out in 2009, He would have been a top 10 pick and would still suck but would have $20 Mil in the bank

  11. he did score a td last year on a big heads up play. I dont think hes that bad. hes a hard hitting dude. I wish the niners would stick with him.

  12. Even Al Davis passed on him in last years draft despite his 40 time. Obviously he’s just not that good, 49ers appear to just be trying to cut their losses because they wasted a 2nd round pick.

  13. Ok, when a team is ready to trade a 2nd round pick after only 1 year and they do it by sending a mass e-mail to teams how much value do they think they will get?


  14. This guy needs a fresh start with a defensive coach that knows what he is doing I bet the Texans give him a run, or the Steelers would actually be a strong possibility where you could give this guy some time to groom. I know this kid will find a home he’s to fast and to strong not to make it. Interesting to see that only a couple of guys who came out of USC have the NFL work ethic. That’s why I believe if he goes to a strong organization they can get this kid to play some football.

  15. A mass trade availabiliity email…sounds like the handy work of their newly hired Facebook marketing exec.

    I think it included a ‘like’ button for teams that were interested in the trade.

    Hey Niners – you can’t run the franchise like an internet company! An embarrassing mistake to be sure, but not nearly as bad as the rest of them they have made over the last decade.

  16. 49ers: “There have been “inquiries” about Taylor Mays”

    Yes, of course there have, we believe you, really.

  17. How bout a special teams stand out? Every team needs one or two really good guys that can bring the hammer? I’m a bears fan and don’t think we need but other teams might. There are three major parts to every team and each part needs a leader.

  18. I’ll bet IF there were inquiries that Cincinnati is involved. They’re still looking for a S after Whitner went back on his word. They almost traded up to draft Mays last year. (Instead they’re “stuck” with Carlos Dunlap and his 9.5 sacks …)

    I really hope Brown resists the temptation to go get Mays. Cincy needs someone who can cover.

  19. Isn’t this the same Taylor Mays that ran an unofficial 4.2 forty? Im pretty sure he can find a spot on a team. I know the Saints could use a little speed at LB to finish off this epic start to the season.

  20. (ring ring)

    “Hello, 49ers office. How can I help you??”

    “Yes, I’m calling about the Taylor Made golf clubs you have for sale”

    “No, sir. The ad was for Taylor Mays, the NFL saftey.”

    ” . . . . .”

    “Hello, sir?”

    ” . . . . . . .”

    (dial tone)

  21. There have been offers, but he hasn’t yet been traded. Guess they’re hoping for something more than a seventh-round provisional pick.

  22. I’m more alarmed that teams would actually call and ask about trading for him than the fact the Niners are prepared to ship him.

    It sounds like the 49ers are in listening mode, not aggressively shopping him.

    I think there’s a chance he isn’t even traded.

  23. The lack of lateral movement is something the 49ers should have discovered before wasting a 2nd rounder on him. Crappy scouting…

  24. @mikebyrne1502 says: Interesting to see that only a couple of guys who came out of USC have the NFL work ethic.
    You are joking right…. You realize that there are a ton of NFL players from USC. Your “most” statement is B$!!!!

  25. I hope we keep him, I’m a fan. He has the work ethic. He just needs to keep his head down, keep working hard and be willing to accept a backup role until he can improve enough to be on the field consistently.

  26. “The lack of lateral movement is something the 49ers should have discovered before wasting a 2nd rounder on him. Crappy scouting…”

    Spoken like someone who doesn’t understand the reality. Singletary wanted him, Baalke didn’t. It’s that simple. They even got into an argument on draft day. This is just Baalke righting a mistake he never endorsed.

  27. @deadeye…it was Samurai Mike who insisted on this guy. He argued with Baalke over this pick. Mike had a clause in his contract to override personnel decisions. He will end up in Minni…Prob change over to OLB and be coached up by Sing.

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