LaDainian Tomlinson plans to play in 2012


LaDainian Tomlinson had to take a pay cut to keep his job this year, but he’s already thinking ahead to 2012.

“I just think how I feel, obviously God willing and knock on wood and all that stuff, how I feel physically, mentally that’s why I can say I’m going to continue to play after this year,” Tomlinson said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Tomlinson would like to stay with the Jets, but we have our doubts they will still want him back.  Tomlinson could climb to fourth all-time in rushing yards if he gets 700 yards this year.  He remains hungry for a ring, especially after getting stuffed on fourth down during a key play in last year’s AFC Championship.

“Obviously at the time and probably a week afterward you think, ‘Man, what would have happened if I made it in,'” Tomlinson said. “You know but at this point, it’s a new year, you really can’t think about it. I don’t think it does any good really thinking about it.”

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  1. In 2012 the Jets will be crowing about how it is finally their super bowl year. 2011-12 season is not gonna happen, jests fans.

  2. should of been a jet from day 1. love this dude ever since he started hating bill bellichick and the pats when he was with sd

  3. Favre has him on speed dial asking what the F he’s doing telling him he’s playing it all wrong…

  4. Well coming from a life long Raider fan it would be easy to kick sand in his face, but LT is one of the better RB’s to ever suit up and can still be a good pick up for most any team.

  5. First he needs to make sure he is on the roster this year before worrying about next.By the end of last season, he looked worn down.

    Time to hang them up Lady T

  6. Give it up! Your old and washed up! You can come to the Steelers as a 3rd string back. lloloololol

  7. His injury problems are likely to return this year. I don’t see him making it all the way through the season. The Jets have good starters but they will be thin if a few of their key vets like LT get hurt.

  8. A quitter.

    Everybody remembers him sitting on the bench sulking in the playoff game vs. the Pats.

    “You know me, I’m a classy guy.”

    You and the Jets were made for each other.

  9. Considering how many injuries the Steelers always seem to have at RB, 6ringsofsteel, Tomlinson would be the starter by week 3

  10. L.T. Is a good back up R.B. And a better 3rd down back than most. I love the guy and think he still has a role to fill for an NFL team.

  11. Is there any player on any team that people on this board like? I have my doubts that even Gandhi coming off a Pro Bowl season would get much love here…

  12. honestly, the Chargers could probably still use him. Ryan Mathews didn’t work out as well as they were hoping last year!

  13. Am I the only one out there seriously questioning the Jets’ depth at skill positions? Holmes is great, granted, but as of today, Plax is the #2 WR. This is a guy who was clearly in decline *before* he went to jail. His 2008 stats are not good. The idea that he’ll somehow improve on those stats after being in jail seems far fetched. Double Holmes, take your chances elsewhere.

    Greene is solid, but he’s never played a full season and considering LT just decided he’s going to play football, you can’t be thrilled about the backup situation. LT’s load will decline, by design or injury, and Greene hasn’t proven he can handle a heavy load–185 attempts as a career high isn’t an every down back.

  14. asublimeday says: Aug 5, 2011 2:26 PM

    What happened to showing the chargers how wrong they were to cut him…?

    He showed them enough while he was playing in a freezing cold Pittsburgh at the end of January while they were enjoying the beautiful San Diego weather on a beach listening to the game on their radios

  15. Kind of bugs me he is so willing to take limited roles and paychecks in New York, but wouldn’t do the same for the franchise who built his career, or rather a career that built a franchise.

    I still wish him the best nonetheless.

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