League remains tight lipped on supplemental draft


Nearly two weeks after the lockout ended and less than one week from the first preseason game, the league still has said nothing about the 2011 supplemental draft.

There’s a chance the league never will.

Asked whether a report from CBSSports.com that a decision will be made in the next 24-36 hours is true, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told PFT by e-mail, “No.”

Added Aiello, “A supplemental draft has not been scheduled.  If one is, we will announce the date to the clubs and fans.”

The key word is “if.”  As Aiello previously has said, if there are no eligible players, there will be no supplemental draft.

Either way, with teams working on the fly to put together plans for the 2011 season, it’s hard to imagine that former Ohio State quarterback Terrell Pryor or anyone else would be attractive at this point.  Any player picked would essentially be taking up a roster spot this year based on potential that wouldn’t begin to be realized until 2012, at the earliest.

We also continue to suspect that the NFL is trying to justify not including Pryor as a favor to the NCAA, which lost the ability to interrogate Pryor about any income he received in college once Pryor left school.  There’s no real justification to keep Pryor out, who could have entered the April 2011 draft easily, out of the supplemental draft, especially since as the CBSSports.com report points out Ohio State said on July 26 that Pryor would have been declared ineligible for not just the first five games but the entire season.

A lawsuit likely isn’t an option at this point either, now that the CBA has resurrected the league’s exemption from antitrust claims made by current and prospective employees who believe that it’s unfair to create hiring rules that apply to 32 separate businesses.

At some point, it makes more sense for Pryor to simply wait until the April 2012 draft, at which time he would have ample opportunity to work out for scouts and otherwise let teams prepare to make a good decision about his immediate NFL future.

Cue the commenters who’ll say he can pay the bills until then by signing autographs.

24 responses to “League remains tight lipped on supplemental draft

  1. With 90 players on training camp rosters, on a compressed schedule, coaches already have more bodies than they can fully evaluate.

  2. I’d say the league isn’t really “helping out” the NCAA. Cam Newton (another crook) gets drafted first and makes money hand over fist. Pryor will get his payday next year, and the NCAA still has no teeth to rein in this gangstas.

  3. I don’t understand it… can he not just join a team as an undrafted free agent? or even like a walk on?

    Wouldn’t be much of a draft anyways with basically him… and maybe another couple people…

  4. Did Georgia running back Caleb King never file for the supplemental draft? He said he was going to, and as he was academically ineligible it seems like he would be eligible for the supplemental draft.

  5. League remains tight lipped on the grounds that ANYTHING it says will almost certainly incriminate itself.

  6. If there is a supplemental draft and if Pryor is eligible, I would put my money on the Raiders picking him up.

    Now that they have lost Asomugha and Miller to free agency, they will most likely get at least one 3rd round compensatory pick in 2012. Making it likely that they would be more willing to part with their regular 3rd rounder for a chance at Pryor.

    That might make too much sense though.

  7. Does it really matter? No way he makes any kind of difference on a team this year anyway. He’d be lucky to get a #3 spot at this point.

  8. Such a ridiculous situation to be holding Pryor up as an example when that grinning apparition built from PEDs and illegal payoffs down in Carolina struts around like his Under Armour apparel doesn’t stink.

  9. So Cam Newton gets PAYED THOUSANDS to go to Auburn and he is celebrated wins the HM and national championship and gets picked number 1.

    Pryor Sells a Jersey and a hat for a tat and his coach get fired his school get sanctioned and he gets basicly thrown off the team. Oh and he got a loan for cars he couldn’t afford (like that never EVER happens, all these poor kids from the ghetto who couldn’t go to college if it wasn’t for scholarship have the credit to buy 35 thousand dollars cars). Ad this kid is now pretty much being denied entry into the NFL for sure making his stock drop even futher next year because of the rust of a year away.

    Perhaps the NCAA could really clean up the problems if they stopped going after full force kids who Trade a hat for a tat and started going after the kids who sell them selves as cattle to these colleges. And here’s another crazy idea go after the school not the future players. When they finally get the evidence on Cam Newton not one player will be on that team and they will take the title away from Auburn for that year once again screwing what was IMO the better team the Horned Frogs who should have had the shot not Auburn.

    I love college football, But when i watch all these big school it kind makes me sick. I am starting to enjoy division 2 (been following Del. and Villinova’s runs) more because those kids are there because they work hard. Not because some booster paid them. I really think its high time the Ncaa evened things out for the smaller schools and just pay the kids. You don’t even have to pay them much. Give them 2 grand a month. Considering how much they make off games and consider each team has at least what seems like 8-10 home games a year they some of these teams have to be making NFL team type money. Maybe just division one perhaps every team pays into a fund depending on their total take for the season with which to pay the players. My guess is if you paid these kids college football might get even better because talents can go where ever since they don’t have take money to go to Auburn.

    I was really upset that Cam Newtown was allowed to play last year. It is quite obvious something happened and money changed hands. Everyone knows we will find out 4 years later just like Reggie Bush. Here was situation the NcAA found out when it was happening and had a chance to do something about it and decided not to probably mostly because they saw how big the ratings for the NC would be. Now we know 5 years from now Auburn is going to get punished and lose these wins. And the only people in the end that are screwed is Future auburn players and fans and last years TCU team who should have played for the title as we know for a fact those annyoing chirstians didn’t break the rules !

  10. I want to know how much gear that tattoo guy in Columbus has. If he has a ton of Ohio State stuff then Pryor and his teammates should be charged with theft unless Ohio State turned a blind eye and then THEY should get hammered by the NCAA. None of this passes the smell test.

  11. ___________________________________
    How stupid do you have to be to flunk out of Georgia? If this kid flunked out of there, that means he probably can not read or write. His family must be proud.
    I look forward to getting his autograph “X”

  12. Basically if Pryor never bothered to go to class, or cheated on his tests and turned in plagiarized assignments like the first pick in this year’s draft, he would be welcomed into the NFL. By “signing for the fans” and taking money for it, he isn’t. Go figure.

  13. Make money isnt that the halmark of the NFL? Then why cant this kid be signed as a free agent? I and others would like an answer, if not already given,,of course.
    To those folks who continue to call these kids crooks, maybe you should check the dictionary and find out what a crook really is. I cant find anywhere that states selling a jersey is against the law.

  14. I am confused. If Terrell Pryor no longer attends college, and if there is no supplemental draft, I would think any team is free to go after him. He is completely unattached. If a team wants to sign Joe Smith down at the corner drugstore to a contract, they are free to do so. If they want to sign Pryor, who is not going to school anywhere, they are free to do so.

    Well, unless, of course, the NFL is an illegal monopoly that can direct all the teams not to touch him but hey, we know that’s not the case. Right?

  15. Pryor worked his butt in the classroom to make the All Big 10 Academic Team a couple years, and now that is going to cost him millions of dollars. If he flunked out he would be eligible for the supplemental draft. Great.

  16. No, what cost him millions of dollars was breaking the NCAA rules, not his decision to stay in the classroom and work hard. Whether or not we think the rules are fair is a different issue, but he knew precisely what he was doing (because as you ably pointed out, he is very bright).

  17. If I am TP, I would pursue whatever team that he wishes to play for. Have my agent come to terms on a contract and then sign.

    If the NFL does not won’t to bothered with a supplemental draft, then he is a free agent.

    Best of luck TP.

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