Tebow on starting job: “I feel like it was grabbed back away”


Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow have said all the right things during the early days of their training camp minidrama.

During a Thursday conversation with Woody Paige of the Denver Post, Tebow let some of his frustration show for the first time.

“My dream, since I was a young boy, of being a starting quarterback in the NFL seemed to be coming true,” Tebow said. “Then, I felt like it was grabbed back away. . .”

Tebow didn’t finish his thought.  He finished his milk. (Really.)

It sounds like he’s starting to realize he won’t be handed the starting gig this year; he has to earn it. He hasn’t been able to do that on the practice field.

Tebow acknowledged the change in Orton’s trade status affected him early.  And he hears the critics.

“I’m trying to insulate myself from what people in the media are saying, but I’ve seen some of it, and it hurts because it’s coming from people who haven’t seen me practice, haven’t seen me play, haven’t seen what I can do.  I did an interview the other day with someone on the NFL Network who said last year I’d never play a down in the NFL. He was wrong,” Tebow said.

No one expects Tebow to open the season as the starter at this point, but a strong preseason would help get him on the field sooner than later. He has to embrace the challenge of being the underdog again in Denver without coming off like he’s complaining, which his teammates may not love to hear.

Tebow was never supposed to be a plug and play starter. Taking the long view, it’s not a surprise that a coaching change has set him back for now.

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  1. The chances will come Tim if you continue to work. Just look at how well Aaron Rodgers did after sitting and learning for a few years.

  2. What’s with all of the QBs being so sensitive to criticism latley? So far I think I like Ponder’s attitude about it the best.

  3. Really? RU serious? First Chad Henne guy now Tebow? Be a professional; what a little girl…try getting a real job and get passed up on a raise or a promotion like the rest of us working stiffs…it’s the way ball sometimes bounces…what a jerk off!

  4. “My dream, since I was a young boy, of being a starting quarterback in the NFL seemed to be coming true,” Tebow said. “Then, I felt like it was grabbed back away. . .”

    Dude, of all people, I thought he would understand that you have to actually earn the starting position…..I think all of the critisism is getting to him.

  5. “it’s coming from people who haven’t seen me practice, haven’t seen me play, haven’t seen what I can do.” The problem, Timmy, is that it’s coming from people that HAVE seen you practice, play, etc. Shut up, stop whining and dig in. Your best qualities are your enthusiasm and determination. Rely on those and you MIGHT make it.

  6. Tebow is such a clown. Does he not realize that he is the guy they want but he isn’t playing well enough for them to get rid of Orton?? Quit crying to Woody Paige man.

  7. The sooner Denver ends this ridiculous Tebow QB experiment, the sooner they can get on with the process of cleaning up the disastrous mess McDaniels left them in. Find a position he can actually play so that you can get something out of a wasted first round pick.

  8. As you know, we count as blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy. Not sure about Broncos fans or coaches though.

  9. Watch Orton run the offense Timmy……take notes, emmulate. You ain’t Brett Favre, so this “make it up as you go” thing is not likely to work out well.
    “Trying really hard” isn’t going to get you anywhere on it’s own, ask John Beck.

  10. He really needs to focus on outperforming Orton in training camp and preseason. If he outperforms him, I think they would consider making him the starter.

    It’s not that complicated in this case. He’s not like a lot of backups that won’t get in even if they outperform the starter. He’s actually lucky in that regard..

  11. Considering it was given to him without tangible merit, I’m not seeing the grounds for outrage.

  12. Tebow is no comparision to Orton They were stupid to draft Tebow when they had other more pressing needs. If i was Brandon Lloyd i’d be pissed they wanted to change QB’s after the year he had.

  13. I think the Vince Young trainwreck will be at its most entertaining in Philly. However, if the Broncos had picked him up and traded away Orton, we could have been treated to the Wonderlic Twins.

  14. I definitely was one who never thought he’d get drafted in the first round nor even start a game last year. I think he has potential but he is going to have to work harder at it because of the system he played in college and his mechanics. He needs to seek advice from the coaching staff and maybe talk to Elway about what he can do.

  15. Get used to it people. The children raised on the “everyone is a winner” philosophy are becoming adults and entering the professional world!

  16. Orton grabbed it away because he wanted it more. He knew he wasn’t the one being handed the job on a plate to he snatched it out of Tebow’s hands. He’s going for it, good for him. It’s God’s will (and I’m a Baptist).

  17. Never been and never will be a shortage of outstanding college players, particularly QB’s, who can’t cut it at the NFL level. In Tebow’s case, that was compounded by probably the all-time record level of hype surrounding him.

  18. Tim, your going to have to give yourself one of those motivational speeches. Forget about what critics are saying and dig in. Complaining about getting it “taken away” when it was never really yours sounds rediculous and immature.

    We are really going to see what Tebow’s made of over the next couple of years, and unfortunately I think lack of talent will be his down fall. But if he is able to change the game with his style of play he may become great. Time will tell.

  19. I geuss he thought God was just going to give him the starting gig.

    Also, yeah, you played a down in the NFL. So did Ryan Leaf, JeMarcus Russell and Akili Smith. Grats kid.

  20. It was grabbed back because you lost it. It is clear Orton is a better QB in every aspect. You will be lucky to win the back-up position…

  21. Poor Timmy. Cry me a river, you have to go out and earn the starting QB job, this isn’t college anymore where you get spoon fed. Your a project prospect, not a bonified no.1. You are not getting any sympathy from any players on this one. I couldn’t agree with Merill anymore on his analysis and before you rip Merill go back and look at how most of his QB predictions have turned out

  22. “Then, I felt like it was grabbed back away. . .”

    If you feel like a starting job can’t be taken away at any time, then you clearly aren’t the man to have the starting job. Complacency breeds failure.

  23. You don’t hear this kind of whining and see milk drinking (geesh!) from red-headed quarterbacks, that’s for damn sure!

  24. Denver should never have stated who the starting QB is. The team should have said that both will get a shot and the best man wins the starting job.

  25. If he can’t beat out Quinn and I’ve read that, on merit, he might not, then he has no gripe to make about the starting job being ripped away from him.

    Two things have ticked me off about him:

    1) Claiming in a commercial that no one thought he could be a college QB. What an underdog! Yeah, no one a five-star recruit could play in college. Give me a break.

    2) Saying that no one works harder during the lockout workouts. Along with the bogus underdog status in college, he seems too into his self-mythology.

  26. Just because the guy is charismatic and is an outspoken Christian doesn’t make him a NFL quality quarterback.

    There are plenty of other men of faith in the league that I am sure are just as devout to their chosen religion and are much better than Tebow and don’t get all the support he does.

    He is exactly what he appears to be. He’s just an NFL back-up quarterback and a good person.

    He’s not some kind of chosen one.

  27. To be fair, Tebow had three starts last year with 5 touchdowns to 3 interceptions. That’s a very solid ratio. Maybe Tim is one of those rare quarterbacks who thrives in the spotlight but can’t do much in practice. In any case, he is still basically just a rookie.

  28. Tebow will be the scapegoat for a sorry assed team just as McDaniels was last season

  29. Wow. Totally handling this the wrong way. Regardless of his intent, the better thing to say is, “i’m just going to continue to work hard, do what the coaches ask, and just try to get a chance to help this team win…” etc, etc, etc…

    Would have sounded a lot less like he was whining.

  30. Easy come. Easy go. You were handed a job you never earned. You were never better than the man in front of you on the depth chart. Stop crying.

  31. nflofficeadmin says: Aug 5, 2011 9:03 AM

    Tebow has a track record of winning.. Let’s see if it carries over
    Also has a history of crying when things don’t go as planned and he loses. Starting to seem like that’s carrying over too.

  32. ibeshane says:
    Aug 5, 2011 9:29 AM
    It was grabbed back because you lost it. It is clear Orton is a better QB in every aspect. You will be lucky to win the back-up position…

    Not every aspect. If you watched the Broncos last season, you would have noticed that the rest of the team actually picked up their game substantially when Tebow was in. They all worked harder. The ability to motivate alone won’t make Tim a great quarterback, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

    Tebow also has a stat that Orton and most other NFL QB’s would salivate over….80% conversion in the red zone. Throwing for 3000 yards doesn’t mean jack if you can’t score. Likewise, being able to score in the red zone doesn’t mean much if you can’t get to the red zone.

    Where am I going with this? Let them both play. Let Orton throw his 3000 yards and get to the red zone, and let Tebow actually take care of scoring the TD’s. Sacrifice and do what’s best for the team and both will be held in higher regard for it.

  33. Whoops.

    The over-pampered, self-entitled college superstar that lurks under the squeaky clean surface momentarily rears it’s ugly head.

    He’s upset that a job that he never earned has been taken away from him by someone whose performance is clearly superior to his?


  34. nflofficeadmin says:
    Aug 5, 2011 9:03 AM
    Tebow has a track record of winning.. Let’s see if it carries over

    Correction: Teams Tebow has played on have a track record of winning.

    How many college superstar busts do we need to have before people learn the difference?

  35. “You don’t know what I can do! You don’t know what I can do, what I’m gonna do, or what I’m gonna be! I’m good! I have good things and you don’t know about! I’m gonna be something! I am! And don’t f*ing tell me I’m not! ”

    -Dirk Diggler
    Boogie Nights

  36. The Belichick pre-draft visit smokescreen was brilliant… brilliant. McDaniels thought the Pat’s were *actually* interested in drafting Tebow. What a boob.

  37. stonedwhitetrash says: Aug 5, 2011 9:53 AM

    Tebow will be the scapegoat for a sorry assed team just as McDaniels was last season
    Scapegoat my @ss! McDaniels put together that lousy team. It’s simple really. When McDaniels took over, the Broncos had one of the higher scoring offenses in the league and a bad defense. Instead of focusing on the defense first, and holding off on any major offensive changes until that was dealt with, McDaniels came in and started a massive overhaul of the offensive personnel and system. On defense, he brought in a top flight DC, but gave him only a patchwork defense made up of past their prime free agents. The defense did great early on, but as you’d expect of an old defense, they wore down as the season wore on. As for the offense, McDaniels ran all of the playmakers out of town and overreached and overpaid his handpicked successors. None of them has lived up to McDaniels expectations, and now the Broncos have work to do on both sides of the ball.

  38. Here’s a question who is a bigger scum bag rosenthal or hoge? Hoge likes to critic Tebow from a game a year ago without having been to a single practice. . . He sits on the east coast watching old tape trying to remember his name.


    Rosenthal this guy writes a blog, and that apparently gives him the ability to know (again without attending one practice) that Tebow thinks the job should be given to him. . . Tebow is more than likely a bust, but Orton is beyond a doubt a loser. Lets see Tebow and if he blows draft Matt Barkley.

  39. You know how there’s a PFT arrest tracker?

    We need a PFT Tebow Post Tracker. I think there have been 5 in the last few days.

    I applaud the shameless attempt to get ratings via nonstop Tim postings. For the next 3 months PFT means Pro Football Tebow, I guess.

  40. The behaviour of Henne and Tebow is a little disturbing.

    I’m very glad these “children” haven’t or won’t have to deal with the pressure and criticism that quarterbacks like Terry Bradshaw, Phil Simms, Danny White and Vinny Testaverde had to deal with.

    I’m sure there are many other, or even better examples to cite, but something tells me if they had to endure what the guys above had to in terms of media and fan pressure, they’d be on a window ledge 20-floors up.

  41. mecheng04: I bet we could find 3 games in Orton’s career where he had 80% red zone completion or better.

    Fact is, there isn’t enough game time tape on Tebow to brag about a stat like that. Those 3 games where started were garbage time for the Broncos season. If Tebow still has that stat after a season or two of starting including the playoffs, brag away. But getting out-played by Orton in practice should tell you what John Fox and friends think about Tebow’s ability to be a starting QB this year.

    Sorry, Tim. Next offseason, write less books (none), go on fewer (none) book tours and try working harder at YOUR JOB.

    You know… so you’re not outplayed by the other QBs in practice? Just a thought.

  42. if he can make some people look at him different during pre season he has a shot. don’t just shrug your shoulders and say ho hum. show some fire and take the job back! either way Denver’s not winning many game THIS year.

  43. I’m waiting for Tebow to announce the opening of his quarterback school…the “Tim Tebow school for quarterbacks who can’t throw good (and want to do other things good too)”

  44. Hahaha…this is great. Little Timmy Teblow’s feelings are hurt.

    I got news for you Timmy…maybe some in the media haven’t seen you practice, but your coaches have! And obviously they have come to the same conclusion…otherwise you would be getting first team reps and Orton would be gone.

    Time to deal with real football now Timmy, where everything isn’t fed to you with a silver spoon.


  46. Tebow has to earn his starting job. If Orton is better then Tebow shouldn’t be the starter.

    However, what Merrill Hodge said seemed to be personal. To say that Tebow didn’t deserve to be drafted is just outrageous. I’ve seen a lot of rookie Qb’s play worse than Tebow did in his limited chances last season.

    Tebow is just a different kind of QB, like Vince Young or Mike Vick. Tebow may never get a great completion % but his escapability will buy time and get hidden yardage. By hidden yardage I mean: Add to overall team rushing yardage & giving the receivers extra time to get open.

  47. Tebow shouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s not like he is not getting paid. If I was the Broncos, I would just trade Tebow instead of Orton.

  48. Comparing Tebow to Aaron Rodgers?!? Laughable. The Broncos are really going to suck this year

  49. tformation: It’s practice! practice! practice! Does the famous speech by Allen Iverson ring a bell to you?

    Not only is it practice….but it’s the first WEEK of team practice! You’ve got a 6 year vet and a 3 year vet going against a guy in his first off-season whose started 3 games. Do you really expect Tebow to have the polish of these guys at this point?

    As I’ve said before, the ONLY reason Brady Quinn is still on an NFL roster is because he looks good in practice. Apparently, it’s easy to have a great pocket awareness and look like a stud when you’re wearing a red jersey. When people can actually hit you, things change.

    If you paid any attention at all, at no point did I say that Tebow SHOULD start over Orton. I merely said I think there’s a place for both right now.

    I think the simple fact that Tebow does so well in the red zone (as he did in college as well) justifies SOME playing time. Don’t start him, but let him use his skillset to benefit the TEAM (or prove that his 80% completion rate in the red zone is a fluke, as you suggest).

  50. Every report I’ve seen from Broncos’ camp has Tebow looking like their third best QB, behind both Orton and Quinn. If Tebow is convinced the starting job has been taken from him unfairly, he’s kidding himself.

    It sounds like the Broncos have taken the stance that he’ll get the job once he’s earned it. That’s always the best way. Simply handing him the ball isn’t going to earn him any respect in the locker room and it will only lead to guys questioning his ability the second things didn’t go well.

  51. I think Tebow is wrong on this one. As a christian he needs to set an example. I am sure he will look back at his comments and regret them. In reality the job is not being grabbed away he is giving it away.

    The Broncos want Tebow to be the starter more than anybody. They know Tim as a starter would bring in a lot of interest and money. Unfortunately, if he can’t get it done in practice how can he do it in real action?

  52. Ive said this before and I will continue to say it… Tim Tebow is a “me me me” guy. Hes selfsish and he has the biggest sense of self entitlement that ive ever seen. You’re not given a starting job in the NFL (on a team that has a sound organization) you go out there and earn it; so far Orton has outplayed him in every aspect and Orton deserves the job. Tebow thinks way too highly of himself… “theres only one person who carries the ball right here”, I still cant get that out of my head. Some people mistake that comment for being a leader and a winner… no, hes the guy who wants the glory and praise. I swear if i see one more “make a wish” type story where he makes himself look like a saint at the expense of a dying kid i may throw up. Its cool if you want to do something for a sick kid but why the need for all the cameras and reporters Tim? Hes a fake and hes a sore loser (see Time Tebow crying on youtube) and thats not what an NFL quarterback is made of.

  53. Tim Tebow: “I’m trying to insulate myself from what people in the media are saying, but… it hurts because it’s coming from people who haven’t seen me practice, haven’t seen me play, haven’t seen what I can do.”

    Joe Flacco: “It doesn’t matter what other people say- I think I’m pretty damn good.”

    These guys both have the same problem: Letting ego get in the way of their own development.

  54. ‘“My dream, since I was a young boy, of being a starting quarterback in the NFL seemed to be coming true,” Tebow said. “Then, I felt like it was grabbed back away. . .”

    Tebow didn’t finish his thought. He finished his milk. (Really.)”
    Tim Tebow sound a lot like Tom “the world should be revolving around me when I was being drafted” Brady. Did he not cry during one of his specials about being hurt by how low he was drafted despite the media hype?

    The difference between Brady and Tim is, one got a reality check during the draft and the other is starting to get his. In the end, if Tim can stop taking the universe in his head so seriously, he may just turn out to be the next Tom Brady.

  55. whatswith,

    The difference is that Tom Brady had a LOT more talent and has developed into one of the top 3 QBs in NFL history!

  56. mecheng04: valid point about practice. We’ll see if any of Denver’s QBs are for real by November or so.

  57. The Donkeys better hope that Orton is the man this year. Just reading all the commentaries about “crybaby” Tebow & “no talent” Quinn, I just have to sit back and think about what the Broncos brass are thinking…….WOW! What a pair of backups they have.

  58. Why, O why must Denver fans suffer through another season of “Whiny Baby QB”? Wasn’t suffering through 3 seasons of “Crybaby” Cutler enough? Now we have to endure “Choirboy” Tebow? He doesn’t have the throwing ability to play QB in the NFL, let alone in the PFL. Plus what 23 year old rookie writes his autobiography? Tim Tebow is a legend in his own mind.

  59. nflofficeadmin says:
    Aug 5, 2011 9:03 AM
    Tebow has a track record of winning.. Let’s see if it carries over

    Correction: Teams Tebow has played on have a track record of winning.

    How many college superstar busts do we need to have before people learn the difference?

    Ed Zackly. Matt Leinart anyone?

  60. Tebow is spoiled. Sorry, Orton is just a better passer than him. It’s that simple.

    He needs to quit whining and start listening to the people who are criticizing him.

    Tebow’s accuracy is horrible, and it will never get better if his attitude continues to be that there’s “nothing wrong” with his game.

  61. It wasn’t grabbed away, you haven’t earned it. Hopefully someday you will, with more hard work and dedication. If not, at least you sold a lot of stuff..

  62. What is it with QB’s in Denver? Always seem to be run out of town. Cluster flop of the first kind.

  63. Timmy, you have much to learn. Most everyone agrees that your character is of the highest quality, and I agree. However, this is the National Football League, not the National “Good Guy” League. You have to earn this job, no matter what Josh McDaniels told he.

    Fox is the coach now, and I assure you that he prays that you can outperform Orton, but he’s not going to just give the job to you. He already feels pressure to start you, so you could do him a solid by actually performing like an NFL QB.

    If you feel bad about your current situation, maybe you should talk to the guy in front of you, Kyle Orton. No matter how well he has performed in his NFL career, there has always been a blue-chipper like you pushing him out. Ask him how to navigate your problems.

  64. If he’s “hurt” because of what people who haven’t seen him write about him, he’s doomed. If people haven’t seen you play/practice/do-what-you-do, then you DISMISS their opinion as uninformed. If you’re “hurt” you don’t have anywhere near a thick enough skin to play in the NFL, or probably hold ANY job of responsibility. There are opinions that matter and opinions that don’t. Focusing on the ones that do is the key to success in life.

  65. Tebow, like Alex Smith, was a product of the Urban Meyer system. It worked well in college when surrounded by NFL caliber talent, but didn’t prepare them for the NFL where everyone is fast and big. He didn’t have to make many reads, operate from under center, and had pass plays, when they did run them, called for him. Meyer never corrected his flawed mechanics, which make for a slow release and a death knell in the NFL.

  66. The comparisons to Aaron Rodgers are foolish. Aaron sat on the bench because he was behind a first-ballot Hall of Famer, not because he didn’t have the appropriate skills. If Tebow had Aaron’s skills, he’d be the undisputed starter because Orton is no Brett Favre. The problem is that Tebow is a spread QB with mechanics issues. The best thing he can do for himself is stop giving interviews and spend every waking hour with a quarterbacks coach who can work on that throwing motion. And he can be open to learning route running because if he wants to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL, he may one day have to be willing to switch to tight end.

  67. @Deb

    Very well said. Aaron Rodgers was universally seen as a star in the making, whereas numerous teams said they weren’t even considering drafting Tebow…at all, let alone trading up in the first round to take him like Denver did.

    I had hoped he would have hired a top-notch QB coach and busted his behind during the lockout, ready to take camp by storm. Instead, he’s been unsteady, much like he was last year. I hope Tebow makes it in the league, but he’s got a lot of work ahead of him. And comments like in this article are very troubling, because they suggest he either believes he’s much further along than most observers think or that he believes the Broncos owe him something.

  68. What a visual. Was the milk he finished, in a bottle with a little rubber nipple? Three positions Tim might be able to play in the NFL: H-back, TE or FB. Message to Tim: Nobody can “grab” from you, what you don’t have.




    Ya big baby. My oh my, for the first time in your life your ass isnt being kissed and you arent being told how great you are anymore.

    Shut your mouth and keep trying to improve and get better.

    Perhaps you shouldve prayed a little harder, eh?

  70. And you people need to stop putting Aaron Rodgers in the same sentence as Tim Tebow!


  71. Hey Tebow, ask Colt Brennan how “feeling like he should be the starting QB without earning it goes”.

    Colt is 3rd string in the UFL.

    Be careful.

  72. I guess “god’s will” is thwarted by the “power that be” John Elway, the voice of reason.The chosen one chafes because the path to god is obstructed by better players.Oh dang, I can’t be as glorious for god as my immense ego demands.My mom’s too.

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