2011 blackout watch begins

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With the league’s lockout problem over, it’s time to once again focus on the NFL’s blackout problem.

The first official warning of the inability to televise a game locally comes from San Diego, where the team sent out a notice that 7,000 tickets must be sold by 5:00 p.m. PT Monday, 72 hours before kickoff of the team’s preseason opener against the Seahawks.

The game will be televised nationally by ESPN.

To move enough tickets, the Chargers are offering a two-game package — a ticket to the preseason game against the Seahawks and a ticket to the November 6 regular-season game against the Packers.  “This is a way for fans to see Philip Rivers and the Chargers duel quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the defending NFL champs before the Packers game sells out,” the Chargers said in a release.

That assumes, of course, that the Packers game will otherwise sell out.

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  1. What’s wrong with people in this country? How on earth can it be hard to sell full priced tickets to a glorified scrimmage?
    Usually those are the tickets they jam down your throat when you buy season tickets. And are given away.

  2. Pathetic that the league is blacking out PRE-SEASON GAMES!!!??? WTF, it’s bad enough season ticket holders are held hostage & have to pay for that crap!

  3. Wasn’t long ago that the chargers refused to sell playoff tickets for a game against the Patriots, to non-charger fans. Now they can’t sell them to anyone.

  4. After all of this off season B*** crap the NFL should impose a 1 yr. moratorium on blackouts preseason and regular season. That’s one way to say THANK YOU to All the fans. IMO

  5. Worst fan base in the league. They stay home when it rains. On dry days the concourses crawl with gangs of punks looking to pick fights. Stadium “security,” like the crumbling stadium itself, is a joke.

  6. the blackout rule is absolutely a JOKE…how can u make the fans suffer just because the game isnt sold out? i can go on and on about this but im not…just change the damn rule and let people watch there fav team!

  7. I doubt any fans are “suffering” if they can’t watch a scrimmage full of future Walmart stock boys and UPS drivers on TV.

    Seriously, who care about preseason games?

    On the contrary, this could be the best opportunity for the fans to send a message to the NFL and NFLPA that the last several months pi**ed them off.

  8. radrntn says:
    Aug 7, 2011 8:51 PM
    what do you expect…it’s the seahawks.

    wow aren’t we bitter? newsflash > Miller never wanted to be in jokeland. He, like the other decent players they have had, have been drafted and had no choice but to play for the faders. They all be bailing AS SOON as they have the opportunity. Quit your ballin b!#$h.

  9. I really am all for fan support….

    But it is kind of sickening that ANY preseason games sell out.

    Stop buying these overpriced tickets and they will fix the system.

  10. Vikings sell out! End the mercy with San Diego and move the Chargers to LA. Vikings are going to have a special session in the fall for the stadium. It will pass they have to figure a 300 million road bill. Sent Jaguars to St. Louis and the Rams back home.


    in 10 year LA will have two taems leaving again….

  11. The Bolts are not the only team trying to make some cash of the Pack. If they are smart set up a couple of tents and sell $11 beers.

  12. Its always harder to sell out a preseason game. The casual fan has no interest in watching them. But for those who are more into the sport, preseason games are well worth the ticket price because you get to see all the new guys who are trying to make the team.

  13. reg season games should not be blackout for ppl like me who buy NFL ticket, what a joke, if i spend 400 bucks to watch any game it shouldnt matter if fans are not sold on going to the game, I shouldnt be blacked out if I want to see a game at home, especially if I buy NFL Ticket!!!!!

  14. That game in November will be 50% Packer fans.

    In other words, people who used to live in Wisconsin but now live in California.

  15. Pre-Season Blackout … oh no how am I ever to know which team has the best practice squad. Oh yeah wait a couple of hours and DVR it to watch it on the DVR commercial-free on Friday. NFL Blackout rules are as old as Al Davis’s wardrode. If I really want to see a game I can get around the blackout. Live streams on the net do the trick every time. NFL you make enough money as it is let ‘s put this rule to bed and give something back to the fans who are loyal to your league. It will only make your product that much better and stop stories like this…. GO BOLTS!!!

  16. radrntn says:Aug 7, 2011 8:51 PM

    what do you expect…it’s the seahawks.

    A Raider fan talking smack to another team about a blackout is like Jeffery Dahmer calling someone “gross” for eating a burger that fell on the floor.

    Seattle sold out every game last year, in spite of 4-12 and 5-11 seasons in the two years before; the Raiders only sold out one game, against the Steelers, who likely had more fans at the game than there were Raider fans.

    Between 2009 and 2010, the Raiders had 11 straight home games blacked out.

    “Raider Nation” is a joke.

  17. The reason you and i have to pay 60-100-…? Whatever the price of a ticket is, and why we have to pay 8 dollars for a beer, and drop 6 dollars on a hot dog. Is to pay the athletes. Not to mention being a Bengals fan and the money going directly into mike browns pockets. EVERYONE should hold out on.buying tickets. The argued for 100+ days about a million dollars here and there. Here is an.idea. Give it to local schools, school teachers, police officers, firefighters, and other people how actually make a difference in everyday life. The rich were complaining about petty cash to them. I would love ro argue or plead for 100,000 dollars ha ha

  18. That Packers/Chargers game should be a sunday night game…

    Aaron Rodgers taking on Philip Rivers!!!

  19. @firerosenthalthebastard says:
    Raider Nation is a joke? Or they don’t want to spend their money on a losing product… Raiders win more games, theyll sell out.


    Yes, Raider Nation is a joke. If you’re a true fan, and have the means, you go to the games, whether your team is 8-2 or 1-9. I constantly hear about raider greatness and how passionate their fans are, and yet they have one of the worst attendance records in all of football.

    Some passion there. You just provided a great definition of fair weather fans. Congrats.

  20. @ruckthefaiders says:
    Aug 7, 2011 9:55 PM

    radrntn, wow aren’t we bitter?

    bitter, look at your name….at least i know we will sell out our home game in san diego…black hole south.

  21. @radrntn says:
    Aug 9, 2011 2:29 PM
    “bitter, look at your name….at least i know we will sell out our home game in san diego…black hole south.”


    And yet, raider fans can’t seem to sell out home games in their actual home stadium. Strange. Thank goodness for all the LA raider fans/gangbangers that can make their one NFL game a year in San Diego, huh?

    Gotta admit though, the dj playing 80’s hip-hop/R&B and quinceañera music in the parking lot a couple of seasons ago was pretty cool. No sarcasm intended.

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