Steve Smith to visit the Giants

A team that seems to be in a state of upheaval could soon be reuniting with one of its key players.

Receiver Steve Smith, an unrestricted free agent who has become largely forgotten in the first 12 days of free agency, will visit the team early this week, according to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.  Smith has since confirmed the news on his Facebook page.

“We’re going to see where he is in the process,” Smith’s agent, Ben Dogra, told Garafolo.  “The good news is we have time.  If Steve goes back to the Giants, he knows the playbook, so there wouldn’t be any issues there.”

In 2009, Smith set a franchise record with 107 catches.  But knee problems the following season likely have limited his attractiveness in this crazy, compressed offseason/preseason.

“That first wave of free agency is over, so we’ll take a step back here and see what teams have an interest in a Pro Bowl wide receiver in his prime,” Dogra said. “Maybe I’m partial here, but I would think somebody would be.”

Look for Smith eventually to sign a one-year deal, which will give him the ability to prove that he’s healthy and hit the market again in 2012.

Along with all the other veteran free agents who signed one-year deals with the intention of doing the same thing.

The Giants have re-signed running back Ahmad Bradshaw, lost tight end Kevin Boss and defensive tackle Barry Cofield, cut multiple linemen, and remain caught in an awkward stare down with defensive end Osi Umenyiora.

29 responses to “Steve Smith to visit the Giants

  1. Big blue really need to sign this guy, he is legit and will make their offense that much better.

    If not I am sure Ravens would have some interest.

    PS – Pittsburgh still sucks

  2. They need all the help they can get but Smith isn’t very good. They need a new coach and a consistent QB. Follow the Steel example and win a SB. Thanks for playing. 6

  3. Don’t comment on this unless you know the giants…smith isn’t very good? He is the best slot reciever in the league and most consistent third down reciever in the league.

  4. 6ringsofsteel says: Aug 7, 2011 10:28 PM

    They need all the help they can get but Smith isn’t very good. They need a new coach and a consistent QB. Follow the Steel example and win a SB. Thanks for playing. 6

    One word. Douche

  5. @6ringsofsteel

    Please remind me of the modern Steeler way. Are you talking about the one where they don’t make the playoffs the year after winning a Super Bowl?

  6. Am I the only one that forgot this guy still hasn’t signed? He has flown under the radar due to his injuries.

    I expect him to either resign with NYG or maybe go play opposite of Boldin in Baltimore. That wouldn’t be a bad fit at all.

  7. I like Smith when healthy. I dunno if he is “the best slot WR in the league” or “the best 3rd down Wr in the league” .

    But before the injuries he was a pretty good WR. The question really is can he come back from the injuries he had ??? He wasn’t the fastest guy to begin with so has the leg injuries cost what little speed he had. Not to mention how much can the Giants expect from a guy who not only won’t be in camp or pre season but didn’t play most of last season. I mean the guy will probably be on the pup list to start the season.

    Also from Smiths point of view i think he could find a better fit for him self. The Giants are a mess. The oline may end up being the worst they have had in a very long time. And with Manning a bad line is a really bad prospect. A few QB’s in the NFL can deal with a bad line, Manning just is not one of them. He wilts under any pressure and throws a ton of ints.

    In the end with as much talent as the Giants lost i think if they can afford it they should resign Smith. Even if the giants have a bad season this year perhaps the fact they gave him a shot will help Smith decide to stay next year when the giants try to pull it back together with the high drafts picks and free agency.

    Also for the Giants fans who are worried about losing Boss, don’t be. I think Becham (i am not sure how its spelled) will be a pretty good offensive tightend and hopefully they have a player on the roster who can be a decent blocker. I don’t think losing Boss is nearly as big as losing the Oline part the Giants gave away. Also I know people liked what they saw from Manningham last year, but don’t expect him to be as productive this year.

    Oh and to the steelers guy, look alot of us are homers but at the same time at least we have respect for the rest of the NFL and do our best to give objective opinions. You just go to every post and knock any teams thats not yours. Its kinda lame. I mean i have seen you talk about how other teams have “bad” players, but atleast no team in the NFL is letting a rapist (who has paid his way out of charges ) play on their team. Tell you what i’d rather route for a team that has never won anything that atleast makes sure the players they have, have at least paid for their crimes than a team that has won 6 superbowls 2 of which were won with a guy who sexually assaults females while paying off obviously crappy Pitt cops to help him do it. “6”..”2 time rapist”

  8. @6ringsofsteel

    By modern steeler way do you mean throwing your teammates under the bus, sexually assaulting women in bathroom stalls, driving drunk, beating your girlfriend and opening supporting terrorism against the US? Gotcha

  9. This guy is consistent and all Eli manning can seem to find sometimes. The giants definitely need him back.

  10. Hey “6 rings” guy, you do realize that the Steelers have won 6 Superbowls, which is simply the NFL championship game’s new name, right? Because as you post how great your Steelers are, you should also note that as far as championships go, the Giants, Bears, Browns and Packers all have more than 6…. I know, I know, you’re only 12, so you never thought to look up teams that have been around longer than yours……do me a favor, Kick your daddy in the nuts next time you see him. Hopefully you will do enough damage to huim to stop him from polluting the gene pool further.

  11. @ 6rings

    You know you’re a loser when people are sick and tired of your constantly annoying posts on an internet message board. Time for a new hobby or something because this whole message board thing seems like it might be a little out of your depth, which is sad.

  12. He’s going to be a shadow of what he was last year. You guys realize he just had microfracture surgery right? Rarely do players make it back to 100% after that injury.

  13. @6ringsof steel

    you are ruining this forum with your childish posts. please stop. its not foolish like that here. if your gonna rip on something, you MUST BE FUNNY.

    Steelers fans, get on this guy. He is making you all look like kids or burger flippers.

  14. bl33dzphillygr33n says: Aug 7, 2011 10:15 PM

    No comments, hmmm what surprise.. #sarcasm
    Stupid comment from a Philly fan about a Giants story, hmmm, what a surprise… (sarcasm)

    The first comment was posted 4 MINUTES after the story was posted. Maybe not everybody is just sitting right at their computer, waiting to comment the exact second a new story drops.

  15. Smith should come on down to Texas if he wants to play for a team with a real Quarterback!!!


    You’re right, he would be a great fit for the Texans

  16. This would be a good signing for the giants.

    Someone tell the GM to wake up and begin free agency.

  17. First of all Steve Smith was created by the Giants, he was the 3rd option behind Plax and Toomer, when those guys left he became the man for one season. It would be nice to sign him but if he continues to play games, then pull the offer and move on. We have several young receivers we can develop just like we delivered him.

    Cruz, Calhoun, Jerrigan – and several high drafts from other teams that what to make a name
    Devin Thomas, Clayton

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