Dashon Goldson returns to 49ers


One day after working out with the Patriots, safety Dashon Goldson will return to San Francisco.

PFT’s Mike Florio reports via a league source that Goldson will be back with the 49ers on a one-year deal.  A starter for the last 32 games in San Francisco, Goldson joins a suddenly crowded field at safety.

Donte Whitner was signed to start, presumably on the strong side. Reggie Smith was lining up as the starter at free safety and was off to a strong start to training camp.  Veteran Madieu Williams, signed recently, could be the odd man out.

15 responses to “Dashon Goldson returns to 49ers

  1. sweet! hit squad with Dashon and Whitner back there….gonna have to be interchangeable scheme FS/SS to get them both out there as much as possible at the same time….also looks like Reggie Smith might be hurt at the moment….so good news for us that no one bit on Taylor Mays; looks like we need him now.

  2. 6ringofsteel says:
    Aug 8, 2011 10:34 AM
    “The 49ers safties will never be able to match the awsomeness of the steelers safeties. 6.”

    In case any of you haven’t figured it out yet, 6ringofsteel is not Steelers fan, but rather some deranged, attention seeking troll.

    Any real Steelers fan knows our safeties suck…

  3. Thats funny 6rings… cause 6 also happens to be the number of females you have NOT been with and the number of your hourly rate. Now please continue to prove my theory right…

  4. 6 rings of steel can only count up to 6. Too bad thats where they’ll remain for the next decade or so

  5. Our safeties are gonna break necks..if Fitzgerald or Mike Williams come across the middle on a deep post route…than somebody better call the paramedics!!!

  6. welp, at least hes not going to the pats.

    As a jets fan, I’m extremely happy brandon meriweather will in all likelihood remain the starter in NE. I personally love watching meriweather. He always looks like hes about to do something f*cking crazy. kind of like what he did here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNypDGoC_8M

    Keep in mind, this is also the same guy that got shot at while he was a junior at miami– but had a pistol locked and loaded ready to shoot back at the perps. Did I say I love this guy?!

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