Jack Del Rio won’t allow rookie hazing

Jaguars rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert won’t have to worry about being humiliated with an ugly haircut before he starts the team’s first preseason game.

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio said today that he’s not going to tolerate any rookie hazing on his team, ending a tradition in Jacksonville of veteran players giving hideous haircuts to their rookie teammates.

Rookie hazing has existed in the NFL for decades, and bad haircuts are often the hazing ritual of choice. Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (pictured) got a particularly appalling haircut last year.

Rookie hazing in the NFL has mostly been good natured, rarely more serious than forcing a rookie to carry a veteran’s pads, or taping a rookie to the goal posts. But there have been serious incidents, including Saints rookies Cam Cleeland and Jeff Danish suffering injuries during training camp hazing sessions in 1998.

Del Rio doesn’t want to risk anything getting out of control, and he surely doesn’t want to undermine Gabbert’s development as a team leader. So in Jacksonville, rookies will be treated the same as everyone else — or else the veterans responsible will have to answer to Del Rio.

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  1. They’ll probably haze the coach now. How many of those foam packing peanuts do you think they can get in a BMW?

  2. Gabbert keeps his hair. He bring all of Brady’s groupies back with him from N.E. this week. Can’t underestimate the psychological value of that kind of “ownership”.

  3. Hopefully this is all part of the plan…. Our new starting QB needs to look respectable and exactly how we drafted him. We could use a few extra ladies in the stands considering our ticket situation.

  4. Good! Its a completly stupid thing to do anyway, seeing that a lot of the kids coming out of college are already better players that the washed up veterans hazing them. Good call Del Rio.. On that note, dont tell Roy Williams I said that.

  5. Seriously? Does Del Rio think they’ll lose all those pre-teen girls begging their parents to buy Jags tickets this year or something?

    I’d actually give Gabbert bonus points if he took it in stride, like Tebow did (and I’m not a Tebow fan). Something tells me Gabbert’s vet teammates who went through it when they were rookies would, too.

  6. I’ve heard stories of Donovan Darius being particularly aggressive in hazing during his tenure with the Jaguars. I wasn’t there to witness it first-hand, but what I’ve heard has left me with a less-than-stellar impression of him.

  7. Hazing is lame and childish.

    Tell you what, NFL players. When you guys actually learn to form tackle and wrap people up like the old days, then you can start the hazing crap up again like the old days.

  8. yo’ 6-ring? If we’ll never be as good as your Stillers, why do I keep visiting the Burgh and leaving with a Post-Gazette with a picture of a Jag celebrating a TD in your endzone?

  9. I believe all head coaches ought to do the same thing. The notion that hazing brings people closer and forms a “brotherhood” is not only outdated but also absurd.

  10. 6ringofsteel says:
    Aug 8, 2011 6:39 PM
    This is why they will never be as good as the steelers ……..
    Dude, just worry about your weak AFC North. It really ain’t that hard to be good in that division. Good organization, but you win by default.

    Jack my boy, who care about allowing rookie hazing. Last year you wouldn’t allow this defense to tackle. You and Mel Tucker right this ship and worry about the off field nonsesnce later.

  11. Nothing good natured about hazing.

    It’s self perpetuating stupid cruelty. The 1970’s are over.

    Congratulations to Jack.

  12. If we learned one thing this year, it’s that the NFL is a business, not a game. Ending hazing is just another aspect of being ‘a business’. Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

  13. This coming from a coach who put a tree stump and an ax in the locker room, and expected good things to happen.

  14. Hazing is juvenile and dumb.


    It’s just an excuse to act like that bully that you really are.

    What’s the point of hazing, when you’re supposed to be a a bunch of professionals? And last time I checked, the guys getting hazed wear the same color jersey, and stand on the same sideline.

  15. A link to “Keep on Chopping Wood” would have be a most excellent reference in the last paragraph. Missed a good link to Jack’s personality.

  16. Tebow’s haircut become the equivalent of the black lung and rotted teeth pictures on the cigarette packages. For the anti-hazing movement.

  17. After clicking the link and reading all those bizarre and scary hazing stories, I feel better knowing so many guys on PFT want to stop the tradition. Haircuts are one thing, but there’s nothing good-natured about gang assaults on young athletes.

    @6ringofsteel …

    Are you really an obnoxious Steelers fan or just pretending to be an obnoxious Steelers fan? Either way, you do obnoxious quite well.

  18. Hey I just love the steelers man, We gotta stick together you know with our team in complete disorder as of late, we the steeler nation need to band together as one. WOO WOOT Wave your terrible towel on three! one,two, three! and as for the hazing it could be worse, Our team each rookie has to spend 5 minutes alone with Ben in a dark bathroom stall then have Mr Harrison snap you with a wet towel naked in the shower room! I’m DTH (down to haze!!) HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!!

  19. No Fondue either. Dangerous stuff.

    I remember when my cousin got married. My dad and uncles (her uncles) kicked the snot out of her new husband to “welcome him into the family.” hahaha. put em in the hospital! then had no idea why people were mad at them.

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