Saints believe they’ve avoided lockout hangover


The Saints have trained at their home facility for camp the last three years, but Sean Payton has decided to mix things up this year.

The team will take a week-long trip to Oxnard, California sometime in August, according to Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. The logical time will be after New Orleans’ August 20 game at Houston and before their August 28 game against the Raiders.

Payton worked with Bill Parcells when the Cowboys used Oxnard. (As they have off and on for a while.)

Perhaps Payton sees this as a chance for some serious bonding before embarking on a season with high expectations. Payton has said how much he likes his roster.  We agree; it looks like the best one on paper of Payton’s tenure.

Triplett notes that training camp has looked like it usually does this year. He doesn’t see the sloppiness that has been reported elsewhere. Payton agrees.

“Look, if all of us came out here and watched a practice, it would be hard for us to tell if it was following a lockout or wasn’t following a lockout,” Payton said.

33 responses to “Saints believe they’ve avoided lockout hangover

  1. Yes, because it would be unusual for a team in a non lockout year to look sloppy before they play their first preseason game.

    Gimme a break.

  2. “Let’s go Saints! Looking great this year i’m super excited to see what they can do !”

    Lose the division to the Falcons again and hope to avoid an ass romping that Marshawn Lynch gave them in the playoffs

  3. I’m loving me some Sean Payton.. Getting a man crush on my coach!

    Vicodin, Gambling, Vegas dehrydration and SUPER BOWLS.. Doesn’t get any better!!

  4. Ingram is going to be good, but Sproles is going to be electrifying. If Jordan can really play and then get close enough to quarterbacks to breathe on them, this team will take a back seat to no one. And they’re keeping a low profile, no bragging, no boasting, no chest-thumping. What’s not to like?

  5. No one has avoided anything.
    We will see some sloppy football and some injuries unfortunately (they have already begun).
    They will be good and probably be contenders, and they feel confident that they’re in good shape.
    I don’t think any team that loses to Seattle is, but I’m not a Saints fan.
    just wrote on the Lions and Bears today so far, stay tuned…

  6. Why road trip to Oxnard? It sure has worked out for the Cowboys. Hopefully the Saints go on a 16 year streak of playoff one and dones like the Cowboys.

  7. this piece was pilfered from a times picayune article written, not the players making these claims. Shame on you 3G

  8. All you Seabag fans must really be loving it! It reminds me of when the Saints WON THE SUPERBOWL, and all of the fans ate up every minute of it up until that first regular season game.
    Seabag fans are treating that playoff win as if they actually won the superbowl! They must have repressed the memory of what happened to their beloved team on Soldier Field the next week. I don’t blame them.
    I understand that many people will question the Saints viability considering they lost to that miserable Seattle team last year, but you must take into account that they were :
    A. The previous Superbowl winners, most superbowl winners don’t even have a winning record the following season much less make the playoffs.
    B. Extremely snakebitten. I understand Green Bay had injuries as well but for the most part GB was flying under the radar with their low seeding. There is no way that Seattle would’ve been as motivated to play GB as they were when they took on the reigning Superbowl champions.

    We’ll see who is the better team this year Seabag fans, you’ve got TJack and Rice, we’ve got Brees, and Sproles, and Ingram, and Thomas, and Colston, and Moore, and Graham, and Meachem.
    …but fret not, you can always hold a special place in your heart from that Saturday when you actually mattered.

  9. gdeli

    Its so great that the greatest highlight of the seahawks entire existence is the one run!! And just so you know Malcom Jenkins wasn’t even playing in that game, he got hurt the last game of the season soooo im not quite sure why you would call out Malcom Jenkins because of the Lynch run. We are re-stocked, re-loaded, re-motivated, and once the season starts the Saints will put all the critics and nay-sayers in their place and the Who Dat nation can go back to having fun and letting the players play on the field do our talking for us. WHO DAT BABY!!!!!

  10. people fear what they hate, and there sure is a lot of hate for the Saints these days. Like it or not they are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year, and you all know it! Be afraid, the crew de Drew is coming for you!

  11. southcakpanther says: Aug 9, 2011 2:56 PM

    “Who dat” is so lame
    As is your powder blue panthers

  12. scomibord says:
    Aug 9, 2011 2:51 PM
    Whats the difference between a dirty bird and a dirty bathtub? The tub has a ring


    BURRRRRN!!!! haha

    southcakpanther says:
    Aug 9, 2011 2:56 PM
    “Who dat” is so lame


    Steve Smith just got carted off the field… keep on talking maybe Newton will be next. Karma u little troll!

  13. Saints… Best roster behind Philly, Green Bay and Atlanta.


    Yeah, right. I don’t think Atlanta beats them at a single roster position. Philly has a bunch of highly paid starters, but they also have roster holes the size of Mack trucks….incidentally opposing running backs will probably be running through holes the size of Mack trucks against their defense. GB is legit but they don’t stick out as having a significantly better roster. I think NO is the class of the NFC right now and that’s coming from a TB fan.

  14. So let me get this right – the talking isn’t from the World Champion Packers who deserve to talk!!!

    It’s the Falcons, the team who beat the Saints based on a missed FG and then got pushed around by the Saints in the Georgia Dome, and then finished off the #1 seed season with a 500 point loss to the Packers at home – wow!!!! Still waiting on that ring – lol!!!!

    Or maybe it’s the Seahawks. Point blank the beat the Saints and on that Sunday were the better team no excuses. That being said line them up again and I’ll take any bet you want Seahawks fans.

  15. Love the fan comments from the FAILCANT and SEABIRDS ……FAILCANTS are failures – no ring = failure. Seabirds are not even worth discussing they are so pathetic….Saints are loaded….haters make me smile because they’re jealous….

  16. gotta love the hate we get from all the rest of the fans. means we are on top of the mountain and others are envious!! haha. seachicken fans always remember the day you beat out half team with 7th string running back. so as long as we are feeling the hatred from the rest i’m happy because we are still on top!! WHO DAT

  17. Hey, Panthers fan. You know what’s lame? Having a mascot named “Sir Purr”!
    That is one of the best lines i have ever read on here…Kudos to you

  18. You can always tell the Saints haters because they don’t have their facts straight.

    One hater upthread made a reference to “Malcolm in the Middle.” Um, Malcolm Jenkins wasn’t even playing in that game. He was injured.

    Most of the other haters are obvious Failcon fans who are delusional if they think the Failcons are going to take the division. If the Saints don’t take it, the Bucs definitely will.

    And how many Super Bowls did the Failcons win? NONE.

  19. dirtybird70 says:
    Aug 9, 2011 2:01 PM
    “Let’s go Saints! Looking great this year i’m super excited to see what they can do !”

    Lose the division to the Falcons again and hope to avoid an ass romping that Marshawn Lynch gave them in the playoffs


    u really wanna talk about an “ass romping” in the playoffs last year…. really????? The Saints know what to do with home field throughout… the falcons know how to embarrass themselves at home, the 4th quarter the only fans in that dome were cheese heads, you should be ashamed of yourselves. One and done son!

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