PFT Live: Daunte Culpepper joins the program

On Tuesday, we had Vikings VP Rick Spielman on PFT Live.

Today we have a former Vikings quarterback that still wants to play in the NFL.

Florio will chat with Daunte Culpepper and break down the latest in football in this final day before preseason action.  We may also take your calls.

Watch the show live right here at noon.

9 responses to “PFT Live: Daunte Culpepper joins the program

  1. I remember when he went to Miami and said in an interview that this is the start of the second half of his career, and it’s the best players that flourish in the second half. Guess we know where that leaves him.

  2. Dude was just never the same after Moss moved to Oakland. I remember watching him in the games, staring out at the field just looking like a deer in headlights. The only defense I’ll offer him is they were working hard to curb his running tendencies, make him a pure pocket QB, maybe just a bad year for that after he lost his #1. I never wish injury on anyone, but that knee injury was almost a relief, it was just brutal watching him (especially getting spanked so hard by the Panthers that year).

    I still would have liked to see him in those Burger King commercials showing off his small hands.

  3. Mike Nailed it!

    Skins need Daunte Culpepper!

    Snyder…you like to gamble on players…..This move would be the best gamble in your favor for the team. Do some thing right for the team for once. Take the gamble on Daunte Culpepper. You can have him for the right price too.

    Trust me! Thank us later.

  4. “Dude was just never the same after Moss moved to Oakland.”


    Daunte Culpeppers record breaking year came during an injury plagued season for Moss. Moss was known as the decoy that year (when he was actually on the field)

    Look at Moss’s numbers in relation to Culpeppers.

    Daunte made Nate Burleson a household name that year. How has he fared since he lost Culpepper?

    Culpepper’s knee exploded, that’s why he is what he is today. Moss didn’t make Culpepper, there games perfectly suited eachother.

    Culpepper was one of the best ever at throwing deep on the run, and he was deadly accurate (70% completion % that season). That part of his game is now gone. However I’d still take him as a back up over 90% of the stiffs playing that position today.

  5. 2005

    1) Start 7 games. Lose 5. Score 6 touchdowns, throw 12 interceptions, and lose 5 fumbles.

    2) Blow out knee.

    3) Become Captain of Love Boat.

    3) Ask Minnesota for ten million dollars a year.

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