Bob McNair expects the Texans to finally get to the playoffs

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The Houston Texans entered the league in 2002.  They have yet to play beyond Week 17.

Last year, the latest failure to qualify for the postseason nearly claimed coach Gary Kubiak’s job.  (But for the looming work stoppage, Kubiak probably would have been gone.)  This year, an inability to win the AFC South or to secure a wild-card berth almost definitely will.

Owner Bob McNair has made clear his belief that now is the time to take the long-awaited next step.

“Well, we have to be there,” McNair recently said, via the Houston Chronicle.  “It’s time for us to make it happen and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t.  That’s what I fully expect.”

If there was any ambiguity in his words, McNair quickly removed it.

“Well, it’s time for us to make it happen,” he said.  “I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.  I think that’s true with all of us.  We’re tired of talking about it and we want to see it happen.  Players want to see it and coaches want to see it and that’s what we expect.”

Someone later asked him, as if McNair wasn’t abundantly clear, whether he expects the team to qualify for the postseason.

“Well, I’m not even considering the other [option],” McNair said.  “It’s the playoffs.  That’s what we expect and have no reason to believe we won’t be there.  We’re going to do whatever we have to do to win, period.  Of course, that means you’re going to be in the playoffs.  We’re going to make those judgments as we go along, but it’s all about winning and we’ve had adequate time to get there and we’ve been very close.  We just need to make that determination that we’re going to make it happen.”

It’s the right mindset, especially in light of the recent Rex Ryanification of the NFL.  But with the owner making his desire so obvious, and in light of the money spent since the lockout ended to sign new impact players, it will make it harder for anyone who fails to satisfy the expectations to remain employed.

This will be Kubiak’s sixth season.  Rarely do coaches make it that long without a playoff berth.  And even though the presence of the Colts in the AFC South and an otherwise top-heavy conference that includes at least two quality teams in the AFC East and AFC North, there should be no doubt that McNair believes the time has come, after a decade of futile existence, to finally make the next step.

Whether or not the pressure helps Kubiak and company focus or causes them to fail doesn’t matter.  The pressure is there, and it’s arguably stronger than it is in any other NFL city.

27 responses to “Bob McNair expects the Texans to finally get to the playoffs

  1. year 2011
    Bob McNair expects the Texans to finally get to the playoffs
    year 2015
    Bob McNair expects the Texans to finally get to the playoffs
    Year 2020
    Bob McNair expects the Texans to finally get to the playoffs
    Come on wat is he suppose to say?

  2. The Texans only know how to miss the playoffs. Why stop at something you’re so good at? 6

  3. 10 wins, you may be in

    Week 1 IND Loss
    Week 2 @MIA Win
    Week 3 @NO Loss
    Week 4 PIT Loss
    Week 5 OAK Win
    Week 6 @BAL Loss
    Week 7 @TEN Win
    Week 8 JAX Win
    Week 9 CLE Win
    Week 10 @TB Loss
    Week 11 BYE
    Week 12 @JAX Win
    Week 13 ATL Loss
    Week 14 @CIN Win
    Week 15 CAR Win
    Week 16 @IND Win
    Week 17 TEN Win

  4. So we’re not going to jump all over the Texans Owner’s back, but we’ll do it to a starting QB?

    I’d say Rex Grossman has the right mindset for a starting quarterback for one of the 32 Starting Teams in the NFL, but you bashed him…. Why not Bob McNair? Guessing their NFL team isn’t the equivalent of pellet guns? Maybe pistols so they get more respect?

  5. This is the year….Take away some brutal plays and breaks last year, like the hail mary play vs the Jags, and they would have already last year.

    They ran all over the Colts…..the Jags can’t beat their defense…. And the Titans…LOL…..This should be the year actually

  6. headlines would be “owner expects team to lose every game, starts saving up for first pick in the draft”

    every owner will publicly expect the playoffs.

  7. Just qualifying for the playoffs isn’t good enough in my mind, they should’ve been there in 2008 or 2009. Anything short of an AFC Championship appearance is a failure.

  8. Someone should have asked him at the end of the conference, “So, Mr. McNair, do you feel it’s time your team made the playoffs?”

  9. The reason McNair feels so confident is all the new rules – no two-a-days, etc. – in the CBA against overtraining.

    That’s been a big problem for the Texans in the past. At least McNair believed it when Cushing said it.

  10. HAHA omg omg this is hilarious. I want whatever this guy is smoking. Playoffs?? You wanna talk about playoffs??? They haven’t even been there once. Weren’t they 6-10 last year just like that Rex Grossman led 2012 NFC East Champion team that everyone laughs at.

  11. youmightnotknowthisbutthesteelersownyou says: Aug 11, 2011 6:07 PM

    “The Texans only know how to miss the playoffs. Why stop at something you’re so good at? 6”

    Haven’t you gotten tired of logging back on and off all day switching screen names yet?

    Clearly, you don’t have a job.

  12. bobbinski1229:

    As a Redskins’ fan I’m qualified to answer your question. It’s because the Redskins are expected to suck this year, thus making Grossman sound delusional at best. Meanwhile, Houston has tons of talent.

  13. Yeah…this is the year. Just like last year. And the year before that. Are you sure we’re not talking about Al Davis?

  14. The Texans can’t make the postseason because they can’t beat their divisional opponents. I live in H-town and see it up close all the time. The Titans,Colts,and Jags all come down here expecting a ‘W’ and tend to get them.

  15. Wade Phillips expects the Texans to point the finger at him when opposing offenses figure their defense out…and poke him so he gives his trademark giggle and slides his hands up and down his belly.

    ‘Cuz he’s the Pillsbury doughboy. Hee-hee.

    I’m certain you must remember those commercials.

    He’s like, always helping out in the kitchen and he’s kinda doughy.

    It’s funny because Wade Phillips is fat.

  16. There’s no way Texans make the play-off’s (a team in the AFC-South will NEVER win the division with a losing record, unlike the NFC-West… see 2010 Seahawks). Gary Kubiak may be one of the nicest guys around, but he hasn’t even come close to proving he can be a successful NFL head coach. How many chances is Bob McNair going to give Kubiak?? 1 winning season in FIVE YEARS! Wade Phillips is Kubiak’s 3rd Defensive Co-ordinator. How many chances does Kubiak get?? I’ve decided to boycott my team…I refuse to spend any $$$ on game tickets or team merchandise UNTIL Bob McNair proves he isn’t satisfied with an 8-8 (or worse) record. If the Texans don’t go @ least 10-6 this season, Kubiak needs to go.

  17. themanchine:

    I fully expect whomever my starting Quarterback is to come out and expect to win…. If you’re a starting QB for a team, and don’t expect to win every week, then you shouldn’t be playing in the NFL… I don’t understand how a sports writer could come out and say the stuff he said, then the next day praise an owner, yet BOTH teams finished with the same record last year….

  18. I guess this means Kubiak will be taking his old job back in 2012 – Offensive Coordinator for the Broncos.

  19. “Wade Phillips is Kubiak’s 3rd Defensive Co-ordinator. How many chances does Kubiak get??”

    That’s why he gets so many chances. The problem isn’t the offense. Far from it actually. You know, this franchise has so many polar fans. You along with the rest of the “The Sky is Falling” lot need to quit dwelling on the past and see that this is the first time we’ve ever been close to fielding an NFL defense since Dom was here. Our offense is already potent. We’re close. Now, I was calling for Kubiak’s head last year like you more than likely were. And, I fully believe that had there not been an impending lockout we’d be implementing both a brand new offensive scheme and a new defensive one in 15 days before the first preseason game. that’s crazy talk for a franchise that needs a playoff berth like man needs air.

  20. @ offsideburns;

    Week one, you have them losing – at home – to the Colts.

    Week sixteen, you have them beating the Colts, in Indy.

    What the hell do you think is going to change things that dramatically between those 15 weeks?

  21. OK — I’ll say it and brace for the backlash:

    The franchise should have been awarded to Los Angeles instead of Houston.

    Doesn’t mean their win/loss record would be any better, of course.

    Just feeling trollish on the eve of a stadium deal, I guess. How’s that ridiculously over-escalated bid looking now, Bob?

  22. NoHomeTeam – Since he purchased the team for 750 Million and they are now the 5th most valued team in the NFL at 1.171 Billion I would say Bob McNair is feeling just fine about his “over-escalated” bid.

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