Titans say they’ll make Chris Johnson the NFL’s highest-paid running back

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The Tennessee Titans say they don’t want to talk contract with Chris Johnson until the holdout running back shows up for work. But they’re willing to talk about his contract with the media now.

And Titans G.M. Mike Reinfeldt said today that the deal the Titans are willing to make Johnson — once he shows up — is the most lucrative in NFL history for a running back.

“Even though he has two years left on his contract, we’d like him to go in,” Reinfeldt said. “He could go to meetings, get to know the new coaches, he can learn the scheme. He doesn’t have to practice, but it’s something we want to get done. Again, we’re willing to make him the highest paid running back in the history of the NFL. That’s kind of where we are.”

Johnson reportedly wants $30 million guaranteed, and the Titans may think that’s excessive, considering how short the shelf life is for NFL running backs. The Titans are, however, willing to pay him a lot.

They just want him to show up and start talking to his coaches and teammates.

“With his position, it’s important he’s here meeting people,” Reinfeldt said. “I don’t think he needs to carry the ball 30 times in the preseason to be ready for the regular season. For a running back, it’s more important he’s here to learn his teammates and learn the offense. Beyond practice time, he’s got the natural ability.”

But he doesn’t have the contract, and so he’s still holding out.

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  1. its about damn time. not saying hes better than AD, but the man ran for 2000 yards. he, in the football world, deserves this.

  2. They probally told him the same bull last year, hence why hes not gonna show up this year til he gets paid….to quote rod tidwell ” SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!”

  3. Great player.Sounds like a little common sense will go a long way to settle this contract dispute.

  4. Johnson’s holdout is probably affecting Peterson’s contract extension. Peterson isn’t dumb enough to let Johnson get more money than he does, but Johnson’s ego probably won’t allow him to take less than Peterson. This could be a problem for both teams.

  5. It will be interesting to compare deals once his and Adrian’s are done. I think Adrian is worth more overall not only for his play but his marketability is higher with white people and he has been the face of the franchise since his rookie year.

  6. I would rather have AP on my team then CJ… CJ doesnt show up and how he performed the 2nd half of last season shows that he can be stopped but then again thats probably because they had Rusty Smith starting hhahaahaha

  7. @jacunn2000
    As much I understand where you are coming from with your comment, and how I feel that all professional athletes are overpaid… it’s still just something on a whole different scale.
    NFL football generates so much money, and it has to go somewhere, these players know it’s because of them.
    If you are one of the best in WORLD at what you do, and where you work makes BILLIONS of dollars then this is just what’s going to happen.
    I know the economy in America is bad and it’s people are frustrated with things like this, but simply put if others that aren’t even as good as Chris Johnson are making way more money than him then he deserves this.

  8. Please don’t speak for “America” ya dolt when you say you’re too afraid to ask for a raise because you might get fired. The only thing you might be in danger of getting fired for is refusal to give a B J but from the tone of your comment, your eagerness to bend over for the system, I don’t you’re in any danger of even that…………..

  9. jtbaudendistel says:
    Aug 11, 2011 5:45 PM
    Awesome now he can purchase another retro car and turn it into an over priced clown machine and call it customized. Google “Chris Johnson’s Car”
    Best post of the Day..LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. “It will be interesting to compare deals once his and Adrian’s are done. I think Adrian is worth more overall not only for his play but his marketability is higher with white people and he has been the face of the franchise since his rookie year.”

    Marketability higher with white people? WTF does that even mean?

    A) That’s racist
    B) Who the hell could possibly know that?
    C)You’re wrong
    D) That’s racist

  11. Chris Johnson is doing the right thing…He is making no money in the world of millionaires and Billionaires. Get the f outta here…Im telling you man, I hate ta say it, but most of these comments have so many underlying racist connotations that it saddens me. Last year everyone AP was an idiot for his comments regarding slavery, now he’s a hero because he wont go against the powers that be. But oh yea, he’s already a millionaire jack asses. I can tell that you are not true fans, just bloggers who think they know someone because of some media Bull ish. I dont necessarily agree with hold outs, but man DeSean Jackson and Chris Johnson are the epitome of guys that need to hold out. By the way where was all this chatter about guys like Logan Mankins and his hold out(s). Damn yall are racist. It’s tiring…i’m sleepy now.

  12. Dear Anyone Anywhere,

    You gotta come to work to get paid. No one wants to pay you when you don’t come to work. You look like an idiot.

    Any Employer regarding any idiot no-show-wanting-raise employee

  13. True that AP hasn’t held out. But he also thinks NFL players are slaves so let’s not make him out to be a real sympathetic figure.

  14. Do you people read your comments? AP is more marketable with white people? are you an idiot? and he isn’t worth 30 mill cause he has been in the league 3 years? That’s all the more reason to pay him he’s only 3 years in. and hey when every says hey ap is better let’s remember when they where drafted. AP went way higher than CJ.

  15. This guy deserves to get paid, but holdouts are just an excuse to get out of some training camp. If he would have shown up to camp day 1, I’m sure the Titans would have started negotiating with him. I have much more respect for the guys who come in to work and let the business side work itself out.

  16. I bet even if they make him the league’s top paid running back that he will be whining about his contract same time next year. He’s gonna get paid here soon, but then later on this year the Vikings are gonna make Adrian Peterson the league’s highest paid running back. He is in the last year of his rookie deal and will get $10.72 mill this year. Once A.P. gets paid then Chris will just moan and groan again. Lets see if he guarantees 2,500 yards again and gets halfway. Keep your mouth shut and play ball.

  17. Dear jacunn2000,

    You do not have any discernible skills that set you apart from anybody else. Therefore, you are in a very different employment situation than Chris Johnson and should prohibit yourself from making comparisons.


    Football fans everywhere

  18. Thank god the steelers were smart and passed up this greedy little midget. When will the NFL learn that rbs are not worth that much money, teams should spend their money on trying to mirror the Pittsburgh steelers. Solid organization from the owner all the way to the guys selling penuts, simply better than everyone

  19. Who is the highest paid RB in NFL history? That would be interesting to see if he’s worth that much going forward…

  20. I love when people compare football to “everyday jobs.” It’s in the rules that if CJ doesn’t show up he gets fined, not fired. He is within the rules of the company and therefore isn’t doing anything that would warrant termination.

    Somebody who actually has one brain cell left.

  21. You know what im tired of people complaining about players holding out more than anything RB’s. If they are lucky they get paid for what they do for 5 years and yes SOME get their education paid for but most of these guys have been working on their craft since peewee football have any of you been working at your career since the age of 5 i really doubt it. Better yet have you had to pay to do it or do it for free for the first 19 20 years of your career. Again i dont think you have. Most of us will work our whole lives and not see the kind of money these guys do. but have u ever met a retired football player? my 80 year old grandpa moves around a lot better then the typical 30 to 35 year old NFL player the grass is never greener on the other side and if it bothers you so much that these guys want to get paid when they can i just feel sorry for you. I for one think they should get every penny they can out of a league that makes me pay over 100+ bucks all together for one game and thats just one person and 70+ for a paper thin jersey.

  22. As a life long Titans/Oilers fan I can count on one hand the players we have actually “paid” to stay with the team because of their talents. It has been frustrating for so many years to see some of our great players go to other teams because our OWNER & FRONT OFFICE IS TO CHEAP! I am glad that we are going to pay CJ to stay…..God knows we can use all the help we can get!!!

  23. “Nothing againts CJ2k but …”

    Sorry but as a professional internet commenter, I’m going to have to call a foul under the Idiotic Nicknames Act. It’s been bad enough with c-jac, d-mac, and p-rick but I think we all have to draw the line at your use of cj2k and ban you from the web until after the Super Bowl.

  24. Vikes and AD will postpone their deal as long as possible. Vikes don’t want the headline “AD gets $30 million guaranteed” at the same time they are trying to take the taxpayers for $600 million in MN.

    Foreverblake, as long as I, the taxpayer, am subsidizing player salaries by paying for stadiums, I have a right to complain about how much they make. If the NFL and team owners paid for the stadiums themselves, I wouldn’t care. I know some owners do pay for them, and hat’s off to those owners. But the majority don’t, and the league could easily afford to. The players would still be much much wealthier than the average taxpayer.

  25. I’m not a big fan of holdouts, but CJ’s is justified. The Titans would use him up and spit him out the next two years if he didn’t. However, $30M guaranteed is insanity.

    At least it seems like the Titans are amenable to negotiations.

  26. jacunn2000 says:
    Aug 11, 2011 5:38 PM
    Dear Chris,
    Suddenly I feel severely underpaid…. I would ask for a raise, but I might get fired if I do.

    The Rest of America
    Dear jacunn2000,
    Thats life. Deal with it.

    The rest of the real world.

  27. They’ll overpay but it is good that they clearly look at this year as a year they can win in. I think they would let him hold out if they were not going to be in the hunt.

  28. Huge mistake!! I hope they do not garuntee alot of money. This guy is going to shut it down once he is paid. In fact I am predicting he will be injured in camo and miss most of the year.

  29. Hey CJ…just stay where you are.

    Hey Reinfeldt why don’t you invite CJ’s agent to show up at Baptist Sport Park and get his new contract done!

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