John Fox thought Orton was sharp, Tebow a “work in progress”


Broncos coach John Fox seems to like certainty from his quarterbacks. Kyle Orton provides that.

While Tim Tebow showed promise on Thursday night, Fox made it clear sometimes the plays didn’t go as planned.

“Quarterbacking-wise, I thought Kyle was sharp and I thought Tim is a work in progress,” Fox said. “[Tebow] made some things happen. He’s learning, and I thought Brady [Quinn] stepped in and did a decent job, scored some points to take the lead.”

Quinn had the best numbers, like he did in the team’s recent scrimmage.  Those numbers again came against third teamers, but we were impressed by Quinn’s accuracy. Fox did seem intrigued by Tebow’s playmaking.

“His M.O. when I got here was he does like to ad lib some,” Fox said. “You don’t ever want to take that away from a player.”

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27 responses to “John Fox thought Orton was sharp, Tebow a “work in progress”

  1. Awful O-Line, even in first team. Signs of Shanahan’s absence. Tebow needs to keep drinking his quart of milk.

  2. Orton was sharp, completing 33% of his passes. Tebow is a work in progress having missed on one of the seven he threw. John Fox is neither of those two things.

  3. Tebow just posted this after learning he will stay second string for the season:

    “I praise you 24/7!!!!!! And This How You Do Me!!!! You Expect Me To Learn From This??? How???!!! Ill Never Forget This!! Ever!!! Thx Tho…..”

  4. john fox either hates tim tebow for off field reasons, OR he really is undderating tebow cuz he expects tebow to be the starter and wants to praise orton just to keep him happy till the trade….!

  5. Tebow’s one deep throw started with 2 pump fakes and then he looked like he was winding up for the shotput throw. Then he unleashed a 50yd wobbling duck.

    I’m so glad not to be a Broncos fan. What could you possibly do with this guy??

  6. Coach, let Tebow run with first team, put Orton with 2nd or 3rd team, then see who is sharp, and who is a work in progress!

  7. Wow two stories on Tebow and Orton this morning. Here’s an idea: The Broncos should try to trade for Stephen McGee. He’d put them both on the bench.

  8. John Fox likes certainty from his quarterbacks. Remember how certain we all were in Carolina that Delhomme would throw a few interceptions every single game?

  9. Coach, let Tebow run with first team, put Orton with 2nd or 3rd team, then see who is sharp, and who is a work in progress!

    I wish that would happen. The 2nd string OLine is absolutely horrible. Not only did Tebow get hit a few times but they couldn’t open up holes in the running game. First unit looked good, 40 yards out the gate, first drive. Orton has no guts.

    This is all a lose lose for the Broncos, they aren’t gonna be very good. By starting Orton and struggling and losing will only start the Fox-Elway regime badly. They are telling us this gives us the better chance to win (Orton) if we don’t, what does that say? We will see. But the Broncos will only be favored in 2 games this year. That shows how tough it will be.

  10. Donkey #1 or Donkey #2.The Denver fans just don’t get it.The Broncos STINK.Does not matter which Donkey starts you go 5-11 or 6-10 in 2011.The press prefers Donkey #2 because he always counting his “blessings”.

  11. He panics in the pocket at the slightest sight of a lineman, a common practice by young QBs. That doesn’t bode well for timing patterns. Given the speed of defenses, that slow release is the difference between a pick and a completion or a sack and getting the ball off.

  12. They will have a shot to trade Quinn, Orton, or Tebow if they so choose if they all continue to play pretty well.

    Not a franchise QB among them, but maybe they can position Quinn in such a way that some team will take a flyer on him as a servicable starter/backup.

  13. where was Jesus when Tebow did all that running about the field that created 3 penalties on one play.

  14. Basically he wanted to be nice, Tebow IMO is a great human being and great for the NFL but I don’t ever think he’ll be a great NFL starter at QB, look at all the recent QB’s to be taken in the first round, and all of them have decent careers in the NFL weather getting thrown right into the mix or sitting for a couple of years.
    Despite injury even Stafford is still a stud. I’m just concerned with the overall production(of Tebow), apparently he didn’t do that much work in the offseason like he did leading up to the draft.
    That’s probably why they didn’t pull the trigger on the Orton trade, kudos to John Elway for realizing that and going with the best option to win.

  15. No doubt in my mind that Quinn should be the 2nd string. He’s mobile and I was surprised by his accuracy and composure. Every one of tebow’s passes were lame floaters or they put the receiver in danger.

  16. Yeah… the Tebow jock-riders might want to pause a little before annointed him. It’s the pre-season and Timmeh plays mostly against 2nd stringers. Don’t put too much stock in his performance in pre-season against scrubs.

    Case in point: Does anyone remember which QB had the highest completion % in the NFL pre-season last year- and was one of the top few in overall pre-season numbers, playing lights out all through last year’s pre-season?

    Jake Delhomme. ‘Nuff said.

  17. barneysbullet says:Aug 12, 2011 1:06 PM
    “Orton will win you three games again this year…nice.”

    love how everyone makes excuses for Philip Rivers not winning the division … “Oh! IT’s his special teams that lost him games!”

    but when it comes to Kyle Orton, no one ever mentions the 32nd ranked defense that got mauled by the raiders for 50 + points….

    Rivers had the no.1 ranked (in yards) defense in the league!

  18. 90% of the country is rooting against Tebow. I love it. sounds like everyone’s a little nervous that he’s showing signs of being a beast. Dudes trying to learn a new offence with a 2 week off season. A world record amount of crow shall be eatin

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