Julio Jones shines as Falcons starters dominate Dolphins

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The first quarter in this first preseason week is the key quarter to watch.  That’s when the starters are in.

Atlanta’s starters absolutely shreded the Dolphins starters on Friday night.

At the end of the first quarter, the Falcons had a 17-0 lead.  They picked up ten first downs to one for Miami. (On a Chad Henne run.)  Atlanta gained 159 yards to 17 for the Dolphins.

Chad Henne threw five passes, completing one to a teammate, and two to the Falcons.  (In fairness, a bad Anthony Fasano drop led to one of the interceptions.)  He also took a couple of big shots.

Falcons rookie receiver Julio Jones quickly showed why Atlanta traded up for him. He caught two passes for 43 yards and gained a first down on a 12-yard end around.  His after-catch burst was impressive.  Jones beat the defense deep another time but Matt Ryan couldn’t connect with him.

It really couldn’t have been a better start for Atlanta.  Wideouts Harry Douglas, Kerry Meier, and Eric Weems all made nice plays early to show Atlanta’s receiving group may be far deeper than last year.

There weren’t any “We want Orton!” chants in Atlanta, but the start couldn’t have been much uglier for Miami.

UPDATE: Tony Sparano smartly left Henne out there against the Falcons backups.  After picking up a third and long with his legs, the Dolphins went on a touchdown drive in the second quarter.

Brian Hartline caught a 44-yard touchdown on a blown coverage.  17-7 Atlanta early in the second quarter.   Henne figures to leave now.

46 responses to “Julio Jones shines as Falcons starters dominate Dolphins

  1. Roddy white & Julio Jones is a nasty duo, kudos to Atlanta for making that move!

    What’s the bigger trainwreck this season ?

    Washington Skins( Grossman & Hightowet, lol @ Hightower being their premier back?)

    Or….. Miami dolphins

    Oh my, one of these teams wil “Luck ” out

  2. A QB that can only score against backups… is a backup. The Dolphins arereeeally hurting at the most important position on the field.

    They might want to replace Dan Marino at some point.

  3. Henne is who we though he was. Ugh…I know it’s the first preseason game….hopefully they will let Matt Moore play some with the first team so we can at least see if he can play better than Henne…

  4. The dolphins are terrible for one reason , the guy running this show doesn’t know how to run a NFL team , more like a circus , you cannot possibly pass up on all the free agent QBS that were available this offseason , and pass on some in the draft , in hopes henne will turn it around. Henne sucks , plain and simple. Mallett is smiling , should have picked the kid up for cheap.

  5. How much worse do things have to get before Ross finally sheds this loser crew of Dolphins GM/coaching staff? Can’t happen soon enough for me. Is Cowher available yet?

  6. Wait so every other team is “off to a fast start” but with the Eagles it means nothing because its the pre season ???

    I am starting to get the feeling the writers on this site are joining in on hateraid parade

  7. I watched Henne and he was terrible…. he was one of the lottery winners from the lockout and instead of stepping up he’s burning the ticket……

    Sparano should start looking out for number one immediately or they are both gone…..

  8. As slow as he is improving, i still think henne can be a very solid starter. he needs to back up an all pro for a few years. That goes a long way, look at mallet, he will be a stud in a few years after backing up brady.

  9. ““Hey guys, let’s not trade for Kyle Orton. Chad Henne is really close to being a top quality starter”


    Hey, let’s act like the first preseason game means jack squat and over-react like a prissy little girl.

  10. “ny82jy says: Aug 12, 2011 8:51 PM

    Hahahahahaha! Lookin good dolphins!!! Sorry i just had to for all those dolphins fans.”

    Must be a Jet fan. Only fans of a team that legendarily crappy would care about winning in the preseason.

  11. Wow, those Dolphin uniforms get uglier and uglier every year…

    They really need to blow it up and Re-Brand themselves…

  12. I see that massively overreacting to every single event wasn’t affected by the lockout. Yes, let’s cancel the whole season and assign 2012 draft positions now based on a half of pre-season football.

  13. “drunkenagitator says: Aug 12, 2011 10:12 PM

    I see that massively overreacting to every single event wasn’t affected by the lockout. ”

    God, ain’t that the truth!

    Miami started swapping defensive guys midway through the 1st. And that’s not counting several players no suited (JT among them), and a couple starting that might not be (Jones over Clemens, which judging by the way Julio J burned him is probably temporary).

    It’s a shame fans can’t understand this is a process, and that between reduced game-planning (in this case NO game-planning) and early substitution makes “analyzing” preseason impossible.

    And I am SICK of hearing people say “well, their first-stringers won did better in the first quarter…”

    SO WHAT?! How many games during the season do you see some bad team “shocking” everyone by leading after the first…only to lose by two touchdowns.



    Grow a brain stem or grow a spine, people!

  14. Good to see Henne picking up right where he left off last season. Why the Dolphins didn’t make more of an effort to improve the position in the offseason, I’ll never know. They didn’t draft anybody and the only veteran they brought in was Matt Moore. And expect to see Moore sooner rather than later this season.

  15. “andyreidisfat says:
    Aug 12, 2011 8:53 PM
    Wait so every other team is “off to a fast start” but with the Eagles it means nothing because its the pre season ???

    I am starting to get the feeling the writers on this site are joining in on hateraid parade”

    I’m so sick and tired of idiot fans on this site crying and whining because people aren’t lining up to sing the praises of their team. Stop acting all butt hurt and grow up. Who cares if some blog or some media idiot thinks your team is anything special? That’s why the Superbowl is determined by whomever wins the GAME, not whomever the most reporters feel is the best.

  16. Mr. Elway, we’ve got the Dolphins on Line 2. Something about draft picks and them wanting you tell Kyle Orton that they’ll give him any contract he wants.

  17. @lostsok:

    At least the Jets can win in the regular and postseason. When was the last time the Dolphins won a playoff game? Oh yeah, 2000. And aside from a complete fluke of a 2008 season, you’ve done nothing in the regular season in about ten years either.

  18. gregg- you say the first quarter is the key quarter to watch in the pre season-i don’t agree. yes watching the starters preform for a series or 2 to see what YOU THINK they got(because many players get in a groove as the game progresses not just in the begining)but watching the other 3 quarters is very important to see what type of depth you have as a team and how they stack up aginst other players because to often starters go down and someone needs to step up and fill the void.because a team starts the year with all thier stud starters ready to go don’t mean 1/2 way thru the year they will still be playing so depth could mean the difference between going home or going to the superbowl so please don’t undermind the other 3 quarters in pre-season

  19. First off it wasn’t as bad as this turd trying to get ratings advertised, the Dolphins held them to an initial 3 and out on the first two drives! Secondly it doesnt matter as we WILL beat the PAPER CHAMPIONS twice this year with Henne! JETS ARE SOOOOOO OVERRATED!!!!!!

  20. Henne sucks, no doubt, but as for the rest of the team and Gregg’s idiotic headline, relax, it’s the first preseason game! Plus our only 3 stars on offense didn’t play, so chill out with the Atlanta “starters” dominating, weak!

  21. “How much worse do things have to get before Ross finally sheds this loser crew of Dolphins GM/coaching staff? Can’t happen soon enough for me. Is Cowher available yet?”


    I get the desire to dump the current regime. But Cowher? Really? The dude was famous for losing AFC Championship games at home until they drafted Roethlisberger. BC is a solid coach, but certainly not a coach to you bring in to create a good offense or win a Super Bowl.

  22. ATL offense def shredded the fins D for the 1st TD but the next 10 points were against the 2nd string. its obvious that profootballtalk likes to take a stab at the fins any chance they get

  23. Actually you all are blind or something. Matt Ryan Completed one pass on the Miami starters. People got switched out right away and their short field touch down was vs a mix of 1st and 2nd. 2nd td was pretty much all backups. LoL

  24. @ jonevans83

    You are correct. Matt Ryan was 1-5 against the Miami starters. When he “shredded” the defense there was not a single starter in the game. The TD he threw was against Nate Ness and Tyrone Culver… Julio Jones got locked down the first 2 times they tried getting him the ball by Vontae Davis.. If you guys don’t watch these games, you shouldn’t be allowed to write articles about them.

  25. @deadeye …

    As a Steelers fan, I love Cowher and always will … but your assessment of his coaching history is accurate. Like his mentor, Marty Shottenheimer, he was much better at producing a winning season than a championship season.

  26. Did you people even watch the game! Neither pick was henne s fault. Fasano bobbled a pass that hit him right in the numbers and bess ran the wrong route on the second one. Miami started pulling their starters on defense after atlantas first 3 and out!!!

  27. anyone else notice that Mia sat the only two offensive weapons they had (marshall and bush)
    while atl ran jjones around like a pimp showing off his best girl (cant blame them they bet the farm on him) sit michael turner and roddy white and lets see how mat ryan does

  28. OKAY! Let’s begin with the critique.

    The first quarter of the Falcons game showed us quite a bit about our teams beginning point. Usually, the defense is ahead of the offense at this point in the season, so we should have expected to see both teams starting defenses dominate in the first quarter. Unfortunately, we saw the Falcons offense run and pass at will. Big chunks of yardage on big plays! We have the “Mommy-Mommy” defense!

    Predictably, the Dolphin offense stumbled. On pick #1, Fasano was forced to turn his torso to a full extension because the ball was thrown just a hare inside. His stiff hands fed the ball to the defender. If Chad puts that ball to the left a hair and down a second hair, Fasano makes the catch and gets smacked up side the head! I didn’t like the play selection, either. TE is a weak position for us!

    Pick #2 was clearly the receiver’s fault. Where is my old high school coach? “Old Lop-jaw” used to teach us defense tips footballs up while offense slaps them down. (Lop-jaw’s voice sounded like one of those old pirate movie character’s voices – he was scary!) Hey receivers, make the catch in traffic and you are a hero instead of a bum!

    Chad’s footwork still makes him look like Young Frankenstein out there! Somebody get him a walker!

    Lets move on to running back – no pile movers were seen on the field for the Dolphins! BUT -Let’s blame it on the offensive line – Jake is nursing the knee, the rookie is playing center – the right side of the line is becoming acclimated to new positions – it was a Waning Gibbous moon! Where is Ricky when you need him?

    The “Big D” didn’t look any better! Dansby and Burnett looked more like Laverne and Shirley! I saw no pressure from the outside either, so thanks Brian Cox! You are doing one hell of a job, so far! Starks and Odrick seemed like the only guys who wanted to win the game!

    The secondary struggled in coverage and weren’t tackling until they hit the red zone! Don’t we have have one defensive player with a character defect problem who is anti social and wants to injure opposing offensive players just because it feels damned GOOD?

    OBSERVATION: the new CBA rules are impeding conditioning and player development. The staff needs to intensify the one workout these millionaires put on pads for!

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