Cardinals, Fitzgerald working on a new deal

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The return of ESPN’s Monday Night Football means the return of ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown.  Which means that Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter will be sharing nuggets of info with us two or three times every Monday night.

Here’s one that isn’t really news, but it’s worth highlighting.

As we’ve previously mentioned on multiple occasions, and as Schefter reiterated on the air, Fitzgerald’s four-year, $40 million contract prevents the team from using the franchise tag to hold him in place after the deal expires.  This means that, if he wants to leave Arizona and, say, return home to Minnesota in 2012, he needs to do nothing other than show up for work, finish the season, and then play the waiting game.

Given this rare leverage that Fitzgerald has negotiated, given the rare leverage that was present in the final two years of his rookie deal, which given the achievement of incentive triggers had pushed his base salaries to ridiculously high numbers, the Cardinals want to get Fitzgerald signed.  G.M. Rod Graves told PFT Live two weeks ago that signing Fitzgerald to a new contract is the team’s number on priority.  The goal is to get the deal done before the 2011 regular season begins.

To lay the foundation for signing Fitzgerald, the Cardinals made a huge investment of picks and cash in the hopes of stabilizing their quarterback position via the arrival of Kevin Kolb.  Based on Thursday night’s preseason opener, Kolb will be force-feeding footballs to Fitzgerald in the hopes of making him want to stay in Arizona.

Until Fitzgerald signs that new contract, he holds all the cards.

It took me a few minutes to realize I’d accidentally made a pun.  I’m slow like that sometimes.  OK, all the time.

29 responses to “Cardinals, Fitzgerald working on a new deal

  1. Whoa, can someone explain to me how someone is thinking about signing with a team other than the Eagles?

  2. Cardinals have to move fast to re-sign Fitzgerald. They have to get him to ink a new contract before he figures out that Kolb isn’t very good.

  3. As long as we’re doing puns, have you heard about the one armed pitcher? He stumped the opposition.

  4. this is breaking news????let me help you out Flo….Fitz WILL sign a 5 year extension 65 M, 40M guaranteed by September 11….He wants to stay a Cardinal.

  5. He’s maintained that he loves it in AZ and wants to stay forever.

    They’ve given him 2 huge contracts already, and are about to make him the highest paid receiver again.

    And… they got the QB he wanted.

    Simply put, he’s staying.

  6. As a Eagles I hope Fitz stays with the Cards. I want and honestly believe Kolb will be the franchise QB Arizona needs, but if Larry leaves Kolb has no chance. Good luck Arizona but don’t play any games, pay that guy!

  7. There is absolutely no way this deal doesn’t get done. The fans have been hearing about it since its inception and now the time has come…neither the front office nor Fitz wants to live in AZ without this deal. So, sure Minny or whoever can hope for a trade, but the reality is they will still have to resign him to keep him, if they can afford him, AZ can afford him. There is no scenario where any one can offer him a better deal, and a better chance with a young QB, maybe Tampa but that is laughable, they have the money but they don’t pay anyone. Minnesota has no more ability to pay Fitz than AZ. KC has money but I don’t think they want to invest $25-30 mill per year in the position (Bowe, Breaston, Baldwin and Fitz – not likely). As far as playing out the year and heading to free agency, never gonna happen. If this deal is not done by Week 1, football is dead in AZ. People will not invest in this team and the crowds that do come will be wearing the visiting teams colors.

  8. Sorry, vikes. You didn’t really think he was coming did you? Think about it, Fitzy would rather stay with the Cards with Kevin “Corn on the” Kolb throwing to him!!!

    Your team is terrible.

  9. Fitzgerald should leave. He can get paid a ton and play for a real contender, he doesn’t have to chose one or the other.

    The Cards should let him walk. Signing a WR to a 12-17 mil a year deal won’t make you a SB contender. Most top teams can do without an elite WR. They need to put a lot of their resources towards more important positions like OT, pass rusher, QB to challenge Kolb if he isn’t a pro bowl type guy really soon.

    Is the WR working for the organization, or is the organization working for the WR?

  10. Fitz will wait a few games into the season before making a decision. It’s the smart thing for him to do. He’s in his prime and he’s not going to waste it playing with a bad QB. If the season starts and he and Kolb are putting up numbers, he’ll resign. If Kolb starts looking like a bust, he’s gone.

  11. Larry is already rumored to sign with both the Jets and Ravens, as every wide receiver that ever became a free agent in the history of football has been.

  12. “Kolb will be force-feeding footballs to Fitzgerald in the hopes of making him want to stay in Arizona.”

    Yes he will, and EVERY Defensive Coordinator is well aware of this. He will be BLANKETED all the time.

  13. Yawn…..old news. But if any national sports news outlet paid attention to any franchises west of the Mississippi they’d have known about this a year ago.

    If Fitz leaves it won’t be because of money. Period.

  14. I’d kinda like to see Larry go somewhere else. I used to think the Cardinals were headed in the right direction, but now I can see that Kurt carried that whole team on his shoulders. If not for him, they would have never been remotely relevant. For that reason, I hope Larry can land with a contender next year.

  15. there is a #11 with your name on it waiting for you in Minneapolis.

    Come on home, playboy… we’ve been waiting for you.

    We’ll give you Adrian Peterson’s money in a second.

    Hometown boy >>>> Texas boy.

    Fitz, come home…

    Vikings fans!

  16. Larry’s home in Edina Mn on Rice lake is 3 doors down from my in laws, there is 1 team he will sign with, and that is the Vikings!!
    Sorry , but it is 100%……… he wants to come home!
    End of story

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