Signs point to Culpepper signing with the 49ers

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Last week, free-agent quarterback Daunte Culpepper joined PFT Live to make his case for consideration for a roster spot in the NFL.  San Fran brain trust Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh apparently were listening.

Or perhaps it was just one big coincidence.

Either way, Culpepper has worked out for the 49ers on Monday, and our corporate paisano Matt Maiocco of reports that “[a]ll indications are the 49ers expect to sign Culpepper to a one-year contract.”

As Maiocco explains it, Culpepper wouldn’t join the competition for the starting job.  Instead, he’d be the third quarterback, and he’d likely be the guy on whom the Niners would rely if Alex Smith is the starter — and if Smith gets injured and rookie Colin Kaepernick isn’t deemed ready to go on a moment’s notice.

Seven years ago, Culpepper generated the fourth-highest single-season passer rating in NFL history.  Since then, his 110.9 has been surpassed by Tom Brady in 2007 (117.2) and again in 2010 (111.0).

Culpepper’s rating comes in higher than Kurt Warner in 1999 (109.2), Dan Marino in 1984 (108.9), and Drew Brees in 2009 (109.6).

UPDATE:  We’re told that the move won’t be happening in the immediate future, but that it could happen within the next week or so.

60 responses to “Signs point to Culpepper signing with the 49ers

  1. You would think the other Harbaugh would have been thinking Culpepper for his backup QB, considering he has a rookie backing up Joe Cool!!

  2. this guy wasnt the same after his ACL injury. The Madden curse got to him bad. Oh well i wish him the best of luck.

  3. I hope to see a great come back! from a guy that has been fun to watch in the early years. May be they can talk Moss out of retirement. I think he would be a good fit if Crabtree if can’t get healthy.

  4. Seen it before. Cunningham , Warner , Jeff Garcia , warren moon, who knows maybe he has 1 or 2 good years left in him give him a chance haters.

  5. I wonder what number he will wear.

    -He won’t get his college/MIA/OAK/UFL number 8 (Retired-Steve Young).

    -Alex Smith has 11.

    -Even the number he first had with the Vikings, 12, is technically retired (John Brodie-with exception of Trent Dilfer 06-07).

    Side note: it’s a shame injuries hampered his Miami days. It really seemed like a nice fit for him.

  6. If the Niners sign Coldpecker, I’ll eat my airedale. Can they possibly be this desperate? Why not bring in Warren Moon or Jeff George for cryin’ out loud??!

  7. Say what you want about him being past his prime, he is – however, I guarantee he’s worlds better than whoever the 9ers were planning on having as their 3rd QB…solid signing, no one is expecting him to be a savior…

  8. Good luck pep, as a Viking fan you are appreciated and wish you the best. Also, as my starting fantasy QB back in your monster year, you helped me win my league and pad my pockets with $2500.00 . Thanks again!

  9. I’m a niners fan unless were bringing in a qb that’s gonna compete for a starting job I’m gonna continue to worry I don’t want another top 20 pick in 2012

  10. When you really think about it, what’s the worst that can come from this? I’d be stockpiling QBs as well after watching that offensive line play. It’s not 1994 and quality free agents are lining up to play for the 49ers. Take what you can get. At least Culpepper has the potential to flash the skill that he once had.

  11. This will be the biggest move in the NFL this year. Welcome back Daunte! Randy will reuinte with him and they will make a serious Super Bowl run.


  12. yes, he had the highest rating in history…. seven years ago….

    the last two years he hasn’t cracked 65 though, and he’s a whiner problem…. just sayin

  13. I like this move by the Niner brain trust. Alex needs competition from someone who could actually surplant him as starter if it came down to it. None of the rookies could right now. And, Culpepper has won games in his career – and could be counted on in a pinch to do so again. Go Niners!

  14. “Seven years ago, Culpepper generated the fourth-highest single-season passer rating in NFL history. Since then, he’s done absolutely nothing.”

    There, fixed it for ya.

  15. To those 3 or 4 NOT on board with this move, would you please tell Baalke first, then me please, who should we get.

  16. I think he has heart still and a lot of it, in fact he is probably better than Smith so I think this is a great move for the team, he was great and was amazing when he had the heart for the game so I say get your role on again Pep, and I will be cheering for you.


  18. I came to two conclusions reading this article:

    1. Culpepper is probably an immediate upgrade to the QB position.

    2. P F T’s woody for Brady is as firm as ever.

  19. .410 winning % overall.

    He has only won 3 NFL games and had only 14 TD’s in the last six seasons since leaving the Vikings.

    298 sacks in 100 starts. 228 of them with the Vikings.

    102 fumbles in 100 starts.

    106 INT’s.

    Brad Childress traded him the first thing when he took over as the Vikings head coach. Childress hasn’t been proven incorrect for trading him for a 2nd round pick.

  20. As a Vikings fan I always thought he was a little dumb, a bit over rated, but still a pretty darn good QB and a nice all around guy. Awful what happened to him.

    Get your roll on Daunte, get your roll on.

  21. So they go from Alex Smith/David Carr/Nate Davis last year
    to Alex Smith/Colin Kaepernick/Daunte Culpepper this year
    And it should have been
    Aaron Rodgers/Shaun Hill/Colin Kaepernick

  22. Apparently someone pissed off the football gods….so on behalf of all 49ers fans, we apologize for whatever it is we did to deserve this!

  23. Haters give him a chance. If Todd “Waste of Space” Collins was on an NFL roster last year Culpepper’s worthy of a shot IMO

  24. i swear this site gets dumber and dumber.

    the 9ers won more than 4 games last year with Alex Smith, so why are they all of a sudden on pace for 4 wins this year due to signing Culpepper to be the 3rd QB?

    the offense is better than last year.

    the defense is too.

    if not, prove me wrong. idiots.

  25. Ok. I’ve digested it, and despite how it looks, it can’t be bad. Apparently the Niners have decided that between the three QBs they’ll likely have on the roster, they can find some wins using Gore, Davis and maybe even Craptree. They’re gonna need a stout defense to keep it close for them.
    Might not be terrible.


    Culpepper will be the starter at some point this year, book it. After Alex is benched or gets injured, which ever one comes first.

  27. Well if the signs point to Culpepper sign with the 49ers, the signs point to the 49ers doing worse than 2010!!!

    Since 2005, 20 touchdowns and 32 interceptions!!!!
    2010 UFL Season 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions (Aint that impressive??? The writer for this column does)!!!

    Those who say he hasn’t been the same since his knee injury are liars and they should admit it because they’re either too lazy to do research, use that thing called “their own friggin’ memory”, or Daunte’s just a nice guy!!!! Screw all of that!!! Let the REAL players be in the league and not suckers like Culpepper!!!

  28. He is only 34 and he was pretty good before he hurt his knee. If he is completely over that injury and can move alright,he would be a huge upgrade over Alex Smith and a better mentor for Kaepernick than alex,by far !

  29. The York Niner organization is a pathetic 3 ring dog and pony show. Anybody still think Baalke was a good choice for GM? My god. ANY experienced GM would have put his foot down and not let a rookie coach bring back a horrid player like Alex Smith. These idiots figured once they signed Harbaugh that the myriad of problems this team had would just magically fix themselves. Talk about a miscalculation. Nobody knows what they’re doing in this awful organization and it shows.

  30. “suckleague says:
    Aug 15, 2011 10:34 PM
    Man, San Fran is giving it’s all, striving to be the worst QB roster in all of football this year, a close 2nd, but gaining, on Carolina.”

    It was strange that Carolina paid Williams , rather than trade for more talent or picks to keep building..they mightve got a nice haul. RB’s were low balled all year..

    As for C-Pep and S.F.
    No big deal. Apparent they are either in the “Suck for Luck” or “Rat for Matt (Barkley)” sweepstakes.

  31. i really believ that most people here most really be really dumb, he is coming in to be a backup, nothing more, except if alex gets injured,

    alex needs an offensive line just like any other qb, it is unfair and unjust to say he sucks when he hasnt had the same offensive cordinator, and jimmy raye dont count… nor an offensive line that leaves him out to dry every two snaps,

    in order to be a consistent nfl qb, you need an offrensive line, and need NOT… to have to learn a new system every damn year.

    some of you guys should learn a thing about football before jumping down his back.

  32. Why are you guys so obsessed with this bum? Yeah he had a great year 7 years ago when Moss would be able to literally out run every single DB in the game and then he just had to heave the ball as far as he possibly could for Moss to catch it. Culpepper hasn’t been good in years, wont be good this year. They are better off with Cleo Lemmon or some other bum like that.

  33. ^^idiot it says signs point, not that they singed him already, and they need to sign stinkcolmb, lol

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