Bucs aren’t interested in trading Josh Johnson

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Bucs quarterback Josh Johnson has quietly developed into one of the league’s more promising backups.  Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik doesn’t intend to change that by sending Johnson elsewhere.

NFL.com’s Jason LaCanfora writes that the Bucs aren’t interested in trading Johnson.  There has been some speculation that the 49ers could be interested because Johnson has worked with Jim Harbaugh, but that never rose above dot connecting by reporters.

Johnson looked good against the Chiefs last week in the preseason, but we’re not sure there would be a huge trade market for him at this point anyway.  He will be an intriguing free agent after the season.

30 responses to “Bucs aren’t interested in trading Josh Johnson

  1. What else would the Buc’s GM say – c’mon already! Besides, the Niners were probably the only team truly interested in double J anywho – if they were interested at all.

  2. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Why would they?? Waiting for Bucs fans to step up and say how ridiculous this sounds. Everyone thinks he’s a franchise QB…right?


  3. I love the Jets fans ripping on Eli.

    Quick question – how many Super Bowls have the Jets won in your lifetime?

    Just checking…..

    Eli – Super Bowl MVP – 1
    Dirty Sanchez – 0

  4. citiciti says:
    Aug 16, 2011 6:15 PM

    you could call me J, or you you could call me JJ,but you doesn’t has to call me Johnson. you young guy’s won’t get it.


    Just don’t call me late for dinner!!!

  5. No interest to trade a guy that is about 98%+ sure to leave in free agency next year anyway. That’s genius……. or they are doing what any intelligent team would and say they aren’t interested to create a stronger market.

  6. Bucs fan here. JJ is definitely NOT a potential franchise QB. At best he is a smart, game manager type QB who will try not to throw INT’s and make a few plays with his feet. Unfortunately he rarely makes the longball throws a starting caliber QB really needs to make. He is too quick to pull the ball down and run unless something is wide open. He is a good backup and thats probably the role he ultimately belongs in but I guess I could see fans of teams like the Skins or Dolphins looking at him as an upgrade with the greatness they have at QB.

  7. It is a given that if he hits FA next year and the niners show some interest.. he is coming out west no matter what. it would be a dream situation for him to play at home with his childhood team for his old college coach.

  8. Unless the Bucs plan to re-sign him (and assuming he’d resign as a long term backup, not likely), they would be wiser to ship him while they can get something for him.

    Clinging to him as a backup just to let him walk in a year is kinda silly.

  9. Johnson is more valuable to the Bucs this year then a 6th round pick would be to them next year. Which is all they would get for him imo.

  10. As a bucs fan, I have had the pleasure of watching JJ develop. The kid has serious athletic ability and potential upside to be an average serviceable QB in the NFL. Maybe in the WC that Harbaugh will use he could go to the next level, but I haven’t seen any particular qualities that make me think he would be a true day in day out QB for any team. He had a few bright spots while starting in the few games he got to show something prior to Freeman taking the reigns. Actually at that point I thought he was the best performer with no talent around him.

    Due to his frame I would also question whether he would have the durability to last a full season without getting David Carr disease.

  11. the negative commenters here are just haters. at least haley is showing some personality. in case u didn’t know, he gave a homeless guy a stack of cash the day after christmas last year too. sounds like a good guy to me. you’d think his street cred would go up for attending a lil wayne concert. he’ll get some credit after he chiefs make the playoffs again this year. go chiefs!!!!!!

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