Tony Dungy: Ndamukong Suh has to change


Former Colts and Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy says Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh needs to change his approach to the game.

Asked on the Dan Patrick Show what he would say if he were Suh’s coach, Dungy said he’d tell Suh that he has to stop getting personal foul penalties.

“He’s going to have to change some of the things he does,” Dungy said of Suh. “I know he’s saying, ‘Hey, they’re targeting me, they’re looking out for me.’ Well, you may be the comparison to Shaquille O’Neal: If you want to stay in the game and not foul out, even though they may be targeting you or looking at you differently, you’ve got to do some things to stay in the game. That’s what he’s going to have to do, and make adjustments.”

Suh’s latest penalty and fine came for slamming Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton to the ground, and Dungy said Suh needs to stop doing things like that.

“You can’t continue to get penalties and you can’t continue to draw fines and possibly get suspended,” Dungy said. “Clearly in the rules you can’t slam the quarterback.”

Dungy said that no matter how good a player Suh is, the Lions can’t afford to let him pile up 15-yard penalties.

“There are going to be times when you have to change,” Dungy said. “If they’re saying you’re hitting the man too hard, you have to change or else you’re putting your team in jeopardy.”

149 responses to “Tony Dungy: Ndamukong Suh has to change

  1. “Your hitting him too hard”… this is what we’ve come to??? I can understand “your hitting him the wrong way” when it comes to leading with the head but this whole thing has gotten out of hand. Its a grown man, playing a contact sport. Do you think the QB is just gonna let the defender take him to the ground? This is the same kinda over-reaction, scared of the repercussions garbage that has caused our government to basically become useless.

  2. Raise your hand if any Detroit fan cares about Dungy’s opinion on this one.



    Oh yeah, that’s right. No Detroit fan cares. Regardless, if it is okay or not, Suh’s enthusiasm and toughness for the position is something that Detroit football has lacked for years. It’s nice to be recognized for something other than 0-16.

  3. Tony Dungy, please go away. That goes for all former players and coaches who keep trying to make themselves relevant even after they’ve been out of the league for several years.

  4. What’s next? Dungy’s going to “advise” Suh to sign with the Eagles when his contract is up?

  5. What exactly about football appealed to Dungy before he was in the league? If this is how he feels about the game, why did he even bother to have a career in it?

  6. Only the weak complain about having to play a game within the rules of the game.

    I agree with Dungy and I’m guessing most here will miss the point.

    At some point, Suh is going to slam a quarterback’s head into the ground and draw a 15 yard penalty when the game is on the line. His inability to play within the rules will, eventually, cost his team a game.

  7. Dungy has to change somthing too than. And that’s how often he opens his mouth to speak. Shut up Tony.

  8. Tony Dungy is a great guy.

    But its time for him to stop giving his opinion on everything in the world to the media.

    He acts more like he’s on “The View” and less like he works on an NFL game-day show

  9. I love watching Suh’s highlights on Youtube. Even as a rookie, he tossed those men around like they were rag dolls.

  10. if they start racking up too many fines on him, he might be able to suh them.



    hes a defensive tackle who is more athletically talented than pretty much the entire league of DTs out there. what did you expect?

  11. TWO (2) actual illegal hits deserving of a fine is what we’re talking about people…and both were in the preseason. If 2 justifiable fines make you a dirty player, then most of the league is dirty.

    Dungy, please go back to coaching so I don’t have to listen to you any longer!

    This is exactly why his entire time in Indy they had a decent defense for 1 season only. He likes a soft, small and weak defense like the Tampa 2 for a reason and it sux for a reason…they can’t hit!

    If you can’t slam the QB then the rules should also state that once you have the QB wrapped up, the whistle blows and the play is dead. If you don’t do that then the QB will continue to get slammed. You can’t try and pull a QB down and risk him breaking free to pass the ball. The game is tackle, if you have to toss him to tackle him then it seems perfectly legal to me.

    Here’s an idea, if you don’t like it triple team him (doubles don’t seem to work).

  12. I like Tony Dungy, but when did he become the moral authority for the NFL. Stop with the mountaintop pronouncements.

    Maybe he should have spent more time raising his own kids instead of trying to be a dad to everyone in the NFL.

  13. So slamming a QB to the ground is OK?

    The fact that is was Dungy who said it, is irrelevant.

    Guarantee you would be screaming long and loud if it happened to your QB and he was injured.

  14. Another misleading headline on PFT. Bad Journalism. He said that if he is getting penalized, he should change. He even said that he SHOULDN’T have been fined on one of the two occasions.

    PFT = Haters gonna hate.

  15. I like SUH as a very powerfull player but to see Daltons helmet fly off and see Suh just slam him to the ground in a preseason game……. I think it was pretty apparent that Dalton had gotten rid of the ball.

  16. I’m sorry, I thought Dungy was a great coach, and a great man… I don’t share his religious beliefs, but I’m ok with that (and Tebow and others like them)…

    But I live my life the way I want, and I encourage others to do the same, and I don’t judge or try to tell others what I think is the best way to do thing.

    I really get bothered by people that want to “save me,” and think what they think is what’s absolutely right, and I think Dungy is that way in a lot of things in life. Like I said, I think he’s a great person, but he needs to step back and think maybe he’s not right about everything.

  17. Suh is a great player. His beast like approach on the opponets offense is why he is so succesful. But the throwing of Andy Dalton was blatent and unnecessary. It happened well after the ball was out of his hands. Football should be a violent-contact sport…but not after the play is over.

    the $20,000 fine is much-deserved.

  18. What Dungy means is Suh has to practice more on tackling a target that is 6 inches in circumfence; because that is the only legal place to hit a QB nowadays…..(fart noise)

  19. Tony Dungy please leave the NFL. Stop thinking you are the oracle sent here directly from Jesus himself. Everyone else, stop giving him media time.

  20. Why does he need to change??? you are supposed to aggressive on defense? Dungy people respect what you say don’t start being Goodells puppet. Or may be your just starting to show your true colors? of being an idiot too!

  21. i’d really like to know who these people are who actually agree with the NFL cracking down on hitting like this… In my opinion its people who don’t like the nature of the game to begin with and they would be perfectly content with touch/flag-football across the board.

  22. I can see it now, Suh breaks thru the line, gets to the QB, puts him in a bear hug, picks him off the ground, and holds him in the air. The ref throws a flag. For what you ask? Holding the QB too tight, too high off the ground and too long? Four days later, the league fines Suh $25K. Dungy goes on record a second time…..

  23. I personally agree with Dungy on this one. Suh is a senseless, dirty player who is simply trying to get on Sportscenter by slamming these guys to the turf. Just cut that crap out. I played football through college so I know that it is a physical game, but you can’t just try and rip the QB’s head off.

  24. I like Dungy but please, show me the rule that says you can’t slam a QB. There’s one there that you can’t pick him up and then slam him down. But not just for slamming. Otherwise every single sack on a QB would be a penalty.

  25. Hey Tony,

    Were you this worried when your son was hanging by his belt from a ceiling fan in his basement. Why don’t you try sticking to something you don’t know ‘parenting’ and leave your nose out of a game that left you a long time ago.

  26. Everyone loves Suh right now (myself included), but fans love winning more than they do seeing one player being so physical. If/When Suh costs them a game, the Lions fans will start to get annoyed with him.

  27. I like Tony and all but either come back and coach or shut up brah. There are plenty other players he can be talking about ::cough:: Jame Harrison ::cough:: Suh is alright.

  28. Tony Dungy needs to make sure another one of his kids don’t hang themselves and have a website dedicated to weed and guns (father of the decade)

  29. The Dude doesn’t have to change squat. He can afford fines for days. His endorsements alone should be able to cover those

  30. I love Suh’s ferocity and passion for the game. He brings a lot of excitement to the screen and I’m all for that. If I read TD’s comments correctly all he is saying is that Suh is hurting his team when he doesn’t play within the rules. Maybe he is just getting carried away by all that adrenalin, but he needs to remember that losing his cool leads to losing the game.

  31. Hitting too hard? I see the NTHTFL(National Two Hand Touch Football League), that might even be too violent..Perhaps NFFL(National Flag Football League) around the corner.

  32. bigbrad184 says: Aug 18, 2011 11:21 AM

    I personally agree with Dungy on this one. Suh is a senseless, dirty player who is simply trying to get on Sportscenter by slamming these guys to the turf.

    Senseless and dirty? And you’ve made your final judgement on 2 plays? Delhomme play was bad we all know that, but the Dalton play, not so much. He was finishing a play and truly may have believed that Dalton still had the ball.

    I can’t believe how many people call this guy dirty over 2 lousy plays. Dirty players have plays like this every week or every other week at a minimum. And putting him in the same class as Harrison on this regard is RIDICULOUS!

  33. He was on a radio show and he was asked a question, he responded to it. Now people wanna dogpile on him. Think about it folks…something is posted on here and you respond to it. You’re doing the same thing that Dungy is doing. So go insult yourselves while youre at it.

  34. Tony Dungy needs to change too. granted this is an NBC-owned site, and he works for NBC, so we’ll see more, not less of him here. but he needs to cut back the sanctimonious act and keep it to talking X’s and O’s.

  35. So, Mr. Dungy,

    You would like him to stop getting personal foul penalties, when the only personal foul penalties he has got in the regular season have been for 100% legal plays. Pushing Cutler and tackling Barber by his hair are good football plays.

    What do you suggest he does instead, Tony??

  36. Now for all the lions fans to say “he’s a beast” blah blah blah, haha.. a beast that will cost you every game as long as he keeps slamming people, it wasn’t the helmet coming off that he was fined for like so many of you keep claiming, it was the slamming to the ground after the play was clearly over.

    Learn the rules Suh and you’ll be fine and will be a great player, until then have your check book ready..

    Jus Sayin’

  37. One thing Suh *can’t* do (without slowing his play, and by definition making himself less of a player) is force the referees to actually see what he’s doing. Was Dalton’s pass gone before Suh had him?

    I dunno, did Suh hit Cutler in the back of the head with a forearm last year, like Ed Guns said he did? Lucky for Suh (and his pocketbook) replay showed he didn’t — he just shoved Cutler in the back so hard Guns couldn’t believe the hit *wasn’t* dirty.

    Suh is a new breed in the NFL. He is big, fast, and comes with a purpose, and that purpose is to get the ballcarrier down as quickly as humanly possible. I applaud Schwartz & Cunningham for telling Suh to keep it up, rather than “adjust” his style of play. It’s up to the referees to see what’s happening in front of them accurately.

  38. Please read the articles fully and make sure you understand them before you respond. Tony is not saying that Suh is too rough. He is saying that if the refs(whether right or wrong) keep penalizing Suh for these hits he needs to change to help his team. 15 free yards when it should have been a sack hurts the team.

  39. holy cow….the guy was asked a question on the dan patrick show, as the article clearly states. what is he supposed to say “uh, no comment”?


    truly one of the most assinine and pathetic posts ive EVER read on this site. you think that everyone who’s ever committed suicide had bad parents, huh? moron

  40. Solutions:

    Stop all lawyers from their B.S.

    Cut the federal govt in half asap

    Destroy the ACLU

    Simple consumption tax rate

    Shut up the fools, bring back common sense that our
    elders gave us. Got it Tony?

  41. davidjcu says: Aug 18, 2011 11:27 AM

    The Dude doesn’t have to change squat. He can afford fines for days. His endorsements alone should be able to cover those


    It has nothing to do with his fines, it’s about the penalties he is going to continue to get if he keeps playing that way. Should the other 50 players on the Lions have to suffer because Suh keeps giving the other team 15 yards and a new set of downs?

    If I was a QB on the other team, I wouldn’t be scared of Suh. I’d be happy to face him and thinking “Please come slam me while I am wearing all these pads and give me a free 15 yards and a free first down.” Will it hurt? Probably. But if it helps my team win, then oh well. No pain no gain.

  42. @jimmymcnultysbottleofjameson

    I wanted to give you a thumbs up, but you put a Y in the first word, and left it out of the second word. That’s the only rule in Wheel of Fortune jokes!

  43. You realize this used to be a full contact sport with minimum pads? Sure safety is important but come on…When you watch the replay he doesn’t tackle him from around the head….the kids helmet came off because Suh is a MONSTER. It’s not like he’s grabbing the facemask and rag-dolling the girls to the ground. He PUSHES Jay Cutler (even the Bears said it was a legal hit), gets a solid hit on Wandy Dalton and makes (which I will admit, this was a little dirty) Jake Delhome’s career end by knocking any sort of talent he had left out of him. Those make him a dirty player….k.
    Quit complaining that Suh can take down three o-line members without busting a sweat.

  44. no no tony, he really does not need to change anything at all. being refrained is not part of any worthwhile defensive linemans mentality. happy hunting suh.

  45. You guys HAVE to be kidding me- he jumps on the QB’s backs and rides them like they are bulls and he slams them down WAY after the play-he can stay tenacious and physical-he just needs to learn when a play is over- Dungy is right- the Lions don’t need his penalties-especially when they are trying to not suck anymore-what good will it do the Lions to have him destroy a QB on a 3rd & 15 play to win the game only to have it called back! There is a HUGE difference between being physical & being dirty and right now Suh is leaning towards being a dirty player

  46. i really wished tony would shut up. i am more than tired of him and his holier than thou attitude.
    suh has committed a couple of penalties. as have lots of players. BUT there have been some ridiculous calls against him. like the call about the pushing cutler down. how that is a penalty is beyond me. same goes for the call on barber. he grabbed his hair. i thought the nfl came out a few years ago and said hair is fair game?

  47. The majority of these posts have to be from Lions fans as they are absurd. Like or hate Dungy he has a very valid point. Sure we all like rough tough defensive players and Suh can certainly afford all the fines and he should continue to play agressive ……but SMARTER. Wait until a penalty negates a defensive TD, or negates a sack, etc. etc. and it leads to the other team winning or if it gets to the point where Suh is suspended for a few games then what the hell good does that do the lions. There are plenty of tough players in the league but it will be the smart ones that lead their team to success. In this case Dungy is right on the money as he’s not trying to tell the idiot to play less agressive….only smarter.

  48. Why should Dungy stfu? He was asked a question during an interview “What would you say to him if you were his coach”.. It’s not like he called a press conference to announce his opinion. Dungy had a great devensive team and a physical pass rush during his tenure with Tampa. Clearly Warren Sapp was stronger and a lot more imposing than his competition when he was in his prime. Some said he was dirty too. I dont remember huge debate then. This league is ALL about the QUARTERBACK

  49. Bottom line is… Dungy is right. If Suh wants to continue to play he will just have to tackle the QB… Not rip his helmet off and then slam him to the ground by his head.

    I can hear all of you goons that have prolly never played a snap of football beyond HS (if that) complaining about how this is a violent game. You are correct, it is violent. Not barbaric.

    Suh could have avoided all of his penalties and fines if he would tackle the QB the way they teach you to tackle. Hit him in the numbers, wrap up, and take him to the ground. No one ever teaches a player to wrap a guy up by his head.

    Karma is a b!tch though… Stafford will likely be out by week 3 again. If Suh takes shots at the opposing teams QB… Then people are going to take shots at stafford. Or they will just start cutting Suh right at the LOS. After all it is legal between the tackles.

  50. Foolish posters who are confusing playing hard with playing smart. Ripping a QB’s helmet off and throwing him to the ground AFTER he has threw the freakin’ ball is “albert haynesworth” like. While no offensive wants his QB or other players to get injured, I can guarantee you that they do take Suh’s foolish antics into account and will instruct their QB’s to become more like kickers and improve their “acting” skills. The league has put an emphasis on protecting QB’s for almost 2 decades now by putting skirts on them and if Suh thinks he is going to get the refs to change, he is going to have no problem paying his fines but he can’t stop the refs and league from penalizing the TEAM and possibly getting himself suspended.

  51. say its 4th and 10 and the game is on the line, do opposing teams give suh a direct path to the qb knowing he will blow him up and they will receive a 1st down for free?

  52. this is not pop warner, they get paid to take the big hits just as much as they do to throw the big td. Its called the game, not the game in which you must be careful not to hit someone too hard for the referees liking. Godell is a communist czar!!

  53. Suh is a dirty player?? Watch a Lions game, very closely. Pay particular attention to the offensive linemen trying to block Suh. Watch their hands…..what’s that? A hold? Where’s the flag? WHERE’S THE FLAG??

    Suh gets frustrated because he gets held QUITE often, and the referees don’t call it. If anyone is to be blamed, blame the rotten officiating (or lack thereof) that is taking place across the NFL.

  54. Yes football is violent but that doesn’t mean you can do anything between te lines. The jay cutler fine was bull but the others were definitely well deserved. He doesn’t need to change but he does hafta pay a little more attention to some of the situation he is in.

  55. Here’s what I don’t totally understand: Suh was fined for shoving Cutler with his hands and for grabbing the shoulders of Delhomme/Dalton, then throwing them to the ground. Those fines were assessed, supposedly, in the name of QB safety.

    But it’s perfectly legal for Suh to tackle the QB and slam his entire 300 hundred pound body frame onto the QB, drilling him into the ground. Which would you prefer: Being thrown by Suh or being crushed against the ground by his bodyweight?

    I think the immediacy with which Delhomme and Dalton jumped up off the ground asking for a flag demonstrates that the hits look violent, but wouldn’t injure the QB any more than a traditional sack of the QB. Maybe I’m missing something.

  56. Does the NFL still have the QB “in the grasp” rule? Why didn’t the officials whistle the play dead and credit Suh with a sack? Indeed, Dalton wasn’t going anywhere.

    Had the whistle blown and the rule been applied, it seems we wouldn’t even be discussing the tackle on Dalton….

  57. Seems like the only people who condone body slamming after the whistle, and spearing defensless players, are those who never played the game or are Steeler fans.

  58. So its ok for linemen to destroy defensive backs when they pull around, and it is ok for backs to lower their heads into defenders to get extra yards, but if a defender slams a precious qb to the ground, it is wrong? How can the NFL think that this is right? How does Dungy think it is right? Qb’s know the risk of playing football just like everyone else. They shouldnt get better treatment because of their position. There is always a backup qb on the roster for a reason.

  59. Isn’t this issue getting manufactured by the media? He got penalized, got fined. End of story…NEXT!

    I also love the un-biased opinions of Bears fans.

  60. seneca1ss says:
    Aug 18, 2011 11:27 AM
    Tony Dungy needs to make sure another one of his kids don’t hang themselves and have a website dedicated to weed and guns (father of the decade)

    A bit much dude

  61. The difference is Dalton was standing still… The ball was clearly thrown before Suh hit him. If Suh would have tried to pull up, slow down, or just body check him… That would be ok.

    But no. Suh insisted on hitting the guy… then standing him up, and slamming him to the ground by his head.

    Believe me I love the contact in football and miss playing it everyday. The problem with Suh is he hasn’t figured out he can’t aim for the neck/head area. He is a great player, no doubt. But slamming QB’s to the ground by their head is uncalled for. It isn’t the 1950’s anymore.

  62. Couple of things here. 1.) To those of you who say it was obviously apparent that the ball was out of Dalton’s hands…..did you even watch the play in real time or do you think slow motion is the same as game speed? There is VERY little chance that he even saw the ball come out of his hands. 2.) The people B**tching about the helmet flying off. That falls completely on Dalton for not having his chin strap on correctly. If it had been on properly and been ripped off, it would have caused a little more damage. 3.) To those that are B**ching about hitting too hard….really? You guys are total hypocrits, you’re probably the same people that complain when a defender doesn’t wrap up a running back or receiver and take him down. Then when someone finally does you complain….This country is slowly going to hell because of all the hippie wannabes. We can’t all get along, there will never be world peace and there “Should Aways” be big hits in football. If you want to see a crappy game with soft hits and drama go watch the NBA(after it’s lockout).

  63. The Poster Child for how to be a terrible parent needs to find an alternative career at this point

  64. Why is it every time the wind changes direction we have to hear Tony Dungy’s opinion on it? Who cares? When and how did Dungy become the Dalai Lama of professional football?

    Suh plays hard. It was a freak hit; Dalton’s helmet came off by coincidence. Otherwise, all the Nervous Nellies across the country wouldn’t be wringing their hands over this.

    Is the lockout back or something, that this is news?

  65. @freebird2011

    Um the ball was on the ground by the time Suh touched him, so there wouldn’t be a sack for an incomplete pass, the play was clearly over which is why the flag was thrown, the fine was for throwing him to the ground after the play was over, which you can’t do, its in the rules, why are we even discussing this? Detroit will have to win the final game of the season, 4 and long on the 50, Suh cheap shots another QB, 1 down on the 35 no time left, kicker makes the field goal, game over season over, and you will be back on here posting it was a legal hit, how can they call that a foul? Suh will get fined 75k and we’ll be asking once again, Is Suh dirt? Yes, yes he is

  66. simplesimon1 says:
    Aug 17, 2011 7:57 PM

    ….So, do me a favor. Find me any quote from any player, coach or GM in the league, or any quote anywhere from any HOF’er that says they think Suh plays dirty.

    “crickets, crickets”

    That’s what I thought haters!!!
    “You can’t continue to get penalties and you can’t continue to draw fines and possibly get suspended,” Dungy said. “Clearly in the rules you can’t slam the quarterback.” “There are going to be times when you have to change. If they’re saying you’re hitting the man too hard, you have to change or else you’re putting your team in jeopardy.”

    …..In other words, Dungy is saying, in the nicest way he can, that Suh plays dirty.

    Who knew you’d be eating your words a mere 24 hours later. Feel stupid yet?

  67. Personally, I’m getting tired of all the “football is a violent sport” trollery.

    Yes, it’s a violent sport. So why don’t they play with crowbars and axes, why can’t they punch each other and kick and break each others’ necks and use martial arts moves on each other?

    Because there’s a limit to what violence is acceptable. There has ALWAYS been a limit to what violence is acceptable. It’s human nature for those limits to be tested, and it’s the nature of an organization to reassert the limits. Football is a game – a simulation of war, not really war. It’s pretend.

    It’s a very simple thing. Excessive, aggressive violence is not an acceptable way to run a sport where player health is critical, careers are short enough already, and some positions have the advantage of being a lot less vulnerable to violence than others.

    If James Harrison played a position where someone was always nailing him the way he nails others, he would not have the big mouth he does. Being in a position in a game where you’re always the aggressor comes with some responsibility for showing respect and restraint.

    If guys like Suh and Harrison can’t handle being men and being responsible, they deserve shunning.

  68. @rgwhodey

    I agree completely. Suh will cost the lions as much as he gains for them. It is a shame because the guy is a beast. He just doesn’t play smart.

  69. Packers fan here. Suh is a beast and awesome to watch — I hope he doesn’t change a thing.

    I just hope he doesn’t kill Rodgers one day.

  70. Dungy is right, on both DelHomme and Dalton body slamming, the ball was long thrown. I can understand if Qbs are holding on to the balls while he wrapped them around, but clearly not the case. I applaude the fines and if he repeats it, he should be suspended a game or 2

  71. Is anyone keeping count of how many anti-Suh articles Michael David Smith can write in a 24hr period? He’s giving this non-story more coverage than Favre’s weenie.

  72. Like many others posting, I am a huge Ndamukong Suh fan. The Lions… not so much. I don’t like the “protect the quarterback” rules, but they are the rules, and there is a reason for them. Suh is going to rack more massive fines, and cost the Lions games if he continues to rip apart quarterback.

    However, the Lions need to be able to win a game before a roughing the quarterback penalty could cost the Lions a game.

  73. That Suh tackle on Dalton was totally fine. He grabbed his shoulder pads and slung him to the ground and now people are crying about it. Ten years ago nobody would have batted an eye. The only way to prevent injuries and concussions is to remove tackling from the game altogether. The scary thing is Goodell might actually be in favor of that idea but hopefully it doesn’t come to that. Goodell is changing the long standing rules of football and neutering the game we all love and the sad part is people are okay with it. Now it’s illegal to hit a QB while he’s passing or hit a receiver before he has total control of the ball and makes a football move. Just two of the newest changes that are sure to piss off fans of defensive football everywhere. Congrats Roger, you are ruining the league. Plays that are legal in real football are now banned in the NFL.

  74. Come on you ridiculous and rebuilding since 1959 Lions fans, I can’t believe you are mad at Dungy over this. Love Suh’s aggressive play, but when the ball is thrown you can’t slam a QB on the ground. If anybody were to agree with this, it should be Lions fans,Matthews Stafford can’t stay healthy, would any of your ridiculous losers want to see him slammed after an incomplete pass, the answer is No. Then quit rationalizing his behavior. He will cost more than a game if he continues doing this….

  75. For all the posters and fans carping about how limp-wristed the NFL has become, consider how you’d like an after-the-play gratuitous hit that took your QB out for the season.

  76. Attacking Tony for what his son did is totally classless. I know you folks think you’re really making a statement when you bring that up, especially when you become graphic, and you’re right.

    Except that the statement is about you, not Tony.

    And Tony is paid to make comments, even if I don’t agree with them.

  77. Tony has a point… Suh is just stronger then most people he faces and he need to know he is going to be viewed differently, besides that no one else is slamming QB’s the way he does… He’s turning a great play into a play that hurts his team point blank

  78. I hate to think what would have happened to Suh if he had done “the deed” to cry-baby Tom Brady.

  79. MDS quite writing about this it is a biased from your point. Suh is playing tackle football which is aggressive in nature. His hit on Dalton was clean, Suh was unable to see Dalton release the ball and Daltons helmet comming off was only the fault of Dalton not having it on correctly and tight.

    And Dungy STFU you suck as a coach you rode Peyton Mannings coattails and should have been fired just like in Tampa becuase you cannot coach. Same thing with what ever his name is as the current coach in Indy.

  80. Tony chooses to put himself in the spotlight so he has to deal with these commenters and he does…by ignoring them just like you should.

    You can’t fix stupid! Ignorant you can fix, stupid is forever. That’s the burden these people live with, don’t let them bring you in it with them.

    Dungy never said Suh is dirty by the way. He said he needs to stop these hits because it will hurt his team. What Dungy doesn’t realize is that during the regular season Suh had 2 15yard flags, and both were bad calls and said to be so after the fact (Barber’s hair and the Cutler shove). So, Dungy really does not even know what he’s talking about (AGAIN)!

  81. It isn’t in anyone’s interest for the game to be so physically violent that it shortens careers and injures so many players that it affects the outcome of the games. Football was never intended to be a contest where the intent was to maim the other player. Clean, hard hits are fine, but trying to hurt someone is not. The game will be just as enjoyable without the unnecessary attempts to cripple people. I am tired of seeing so many injuries. The players are too big, too strong, and too fast for the bones, brains and ligaments to withstand the abuse. If we don’t get a grip on it the game will be banned. We can’t have thousands of former players living drastically shorter lives, or developing debilitating brain damage. That isn’t good for anyone.

  82. Hey @toadlip I’m guessing thats your real name WTF dude? Your comment is about the stupidest comment I have seen on this site. Why dont you go play in traffic and leave the commenting to the adults

  83. Suh can make ONE change and it will ALL go away and he will still be a Pro Bowler the rest of his carreer:
    Don’t body slam a player after he’s in your grasp (especially the QB) and the play is OVER.
    I love watching Suh play, He’s a beast, but the slam on Dalton was NOT a football hit.

  84. At what time in NFL history has it EVER been legal to:

    1. Grab the QB by his helmet
    2. Twist the QB around by the helmet, so violently his helmet comes off
    3. Finish by slamming the QB down to the field

    all of this done, by the way, AFTER the QB threw the ball?

    With the ball or without the ball, you tell me when has someone ever grabbing a QB by the helmet and twisting it ever not drawn a flag?

    You retards need to get a grip. It’s not about Suh doing something that the ‘soft’ NFL no longer allows.

    The NFL NEVER allowed a defender – ever – to grab a QB by the helmet and twist him around by it. Ever.

  85. @coke566 – I always preferred Hot Wheels, but thanks for your concern. Oh, and nice blog you have there.

    @rho1953 – very, very, very well said.

  86. Seems like Suh is getting more attention then the Packer player that body slammed Jim McMahon well after his pass was intercepted. McMahon was hurt and couldn’t play for a bunch of games.

  87. When you eminem wanna be’s over in Michigan finally figure it out that the NFL rides and prides itself on the quarterback position, you’ll maybe get it.

    You can defend Suh’s hard play and go get ’em mentality all you want, and truth is…everyone here would love to have the guy on his favorite team, but get real. If you think for one second that the Delhomme tackle and this latest one on Dalton weren’t over the top and didn’t deserve the punishment he got, then you’re just complete idiots…plain and simple. I suppose Dalton’s helmet came off on his own doing…? When you go up high and wrap your arms around the QB’s head, you’re gonna get that call…EVERY time. Slamming him to the turf afterward was the icing on the cake.

    Either way…the irony is that Stafford is on the same team as this guy, and will likely miss 3 or more games this year getting injured while trimming his toe nails. It floors me that a team who needs a healthy QB more than almost any other in the league thinks this is acceptable.

    Stay pumped though guys, you may actually get out of the basement this year, as bad as the Vikings are going to suck.

  88. Seems like Suh is getting more attention than the guy that bodyslammed Jim McMahon? You mean Charles ‘Too Mean’ Martin?


    Tell me – how many times has Suh been EJECTED FROM AN NFL GAME and how many SUSPENSIONS has he had yet?


  89. @rho: most of these guys had brain damage long before they picked up a football. I could care less if their life gets shortened or if they’re debilitated. They CHOOSE to play the game so they should play it unchanged.

    Is that cold? Yeah, it is but if you keep changing the game then it’s no longer football. If this is the only thing someone can do with their life then let them. At least they can live one heck of a life before they become even more “special”.

  90. Of course football is a violent game. All the NFL seems to be trying to do is tamp down some of the more egregious, unproductive plays. Suh does stuff that is above and beyond what’s called for. He could make the same great football plays without making dirty plays. Anyone who brushes this off by saying football is a violent game is being obtuse. It’s violent, but it isn’t brainless.

  91. Maybe the QBs should start putting on weight, get fat like Donavon McNabb did and that way when you do get it, you’re about the same size as the defender and don’t get hurt as often. Grow a pair.

  92. I love how all these Detroit fans are quick to hate on Dungy and quick to point out the competitiveness and ferocity that Suh brings to the Lions defense. And you know what, that’s all well a good, but all of his competitiveness and ferocity isn’t going to amount to a HILL OF BEANS if he’s watching the game on television instead of playing in it.

    Wrap your stupid head about the problem, son! You can be a good player and help your team and STILL play by the rules. There are about a dozen or so other starting D-linemen in the NFL today that manage to consistently get to the QB without drawing 15-year penalties every other hit.

    You may be a HUGE difference maker when it comes to defense, but when you’re giving up 15 yards everytime, the difference will be your opponents end up in the end zone.

    Why is this so hard for the average idiot NFL player/fan to understand? I’ve been a huge fan for almost 40 years, and I’ve appreciated all the great ones – Bruce Smith, Reggie White, Charles Haley, Joe Greene, Carl Eller – and they managed to get to Canton without sacrificing 15-yard penalties every other play.

  93. @purpleisreallypinkyouknow
    First and foremost, I believe that Suh’s actions against Delhomme and Dalton were over the top, deserved the flag and the fine.

    Now, let me be clear, he didn’t rip Dalton’s helmet off. Dalton’s helmet came off when his blocker got pushed into him as Suh had his right hand around his SHOULDER, not his head. If you look closely, you’d see he took Dalton down by his shoulders, not his head. With Delhomme, it was all helmet.

    Secondly, can we agree that although the fines against Suh for the Dalton and Delhomme hits were legit, the fine and penalty against him for the Cutler tackle was complete and utter bullsh**? What about the penalty he got for a horse collar tackle on Marion Barber last year, and he didn’t even grab the guys collar?

    Lastly, to all you stating that the ball was gone before Suh touched him…..nice try, nice lie. The ball was still in Dalton’s hand when Suh got his right hand on his shoulder. The play wasn’t yet whistled dead…that didn’t happen until AFTER Dalton hit the ground.

    Thank you for playing…try again.

  94. What makes everyone think he costs the Lions 15 yards “every other play”?

    There have been 4 penalties.

    Delhomme – Sure, a 15 yard penalty…in a preseason game…one of his first (preseason) games as a pro, he got carried away.

    Cutler – Bad call by the refs, nothing he could do about it.

    Marion Barber – Bad call by the refs, nothing he could do about it.

    Dalton – 15 yard penalty for being late. He thought Dalton had the ball and was finishing the play. And it’s a preseason game.

    Sooooo where does this “dirty” play that happens apparently every other play cost the Lions 15 yard penalties that keeps them out of the playoffs?

    The man has 2 deserved personal foul penalties in his career and it is costing the lions big time. They should just cut him

  95. By the time Roger Goodell is done his legacy will be making the NFL a bunch of soft ass punks. And the number of serious injury concussions will not go down much. Well done, Fuhrer Goodell!!!!

  96. Stat boy here:

    First off, you wonderful historian, it was legal to grab anybody by the facemask (that dared to ware one because you would be called a wuss if you did.) and try to twist their head off. But then they put in a rule that you couldn’t do that any longer.

    Second, the Patriots did not cheat. Cheating refers to an unfair advantage like taking steroids or altering equipment like corking a bat, etc. All the patriots did was to collect data from an unauthorized location (a minor rule infraction). Not that the collection of said data was breaking any rules, because it is practiced by all 32 teams, still today.

    Third, I am not an angle over 180 degrees…

  97. Dungy strikes again, always running his mouth. No one cares what you think, stop trying to mentor everyone. Go focus on your own kid ……oh wait

  98. Just wait and see what happens tomorrow when they play Cleveland. Suh’s hasn’t tossed Colt McCoy around since the Big 12 Championship game. Bet Colt is wishing that he wasn’t 1st team. Go Big Suh!!

  99. I hope Dungy and everyone calling Suh dirty realize that he has drawn a grand total of 4 personal fouls in 21 games. Two of which were complete BS (Cutler push and the Barber hair pull) and the other two were in the preseason.

    People are acting like this sort of thing happens with him every game

  100. You all keep talking about SUH being able to pay the fines, but after a while he’ll be sitting on the coach at home, suspended. Hate Tony all you want but get ready for SUH to be a spectator.

  101. Suh is a beast, but not a dirty player. I see both sides of the argument, but overall Suh’s play is just hard and physical. When you are that strong and play that hard that line can get crossed easier than you think. While i do not want Suh to lose that passion, I believe he will learn how to not cross that line. I am not to worked up over the issue, as after this happened in the preseason last year, he did not really cross that line again (the legal hand to Cutlers back that looked like a forearm to his head – did look bad in real time – so I can’t fault the flag but should have been no fine after league review).

    On a side note, or just a simple observation in the form of a multiple choice question:

    When you have a PFT post about anything Detroit Lions related you will usually get which one of the following comments from a Bears Fan?
    A. “Stafford is a china doll and will be hurt by week ____”
    B. “Lions fans can’t let (insert this play or game) go from last year”
    C. “Other teams will start going after Suh, or Stafford in revenge”
    D. “Lions fans talk tough but………”
    E. All of the above

  102. The Delhomme hit- Dirty shouldnt have done it and got fined.

    The Barber hair pull-Complete BS and a joke of a call. This is when the rule book started to change against Suh.

    The Cutler push- It was a push. Let’s be realistic here…if you’re a qb running with the ball you should feel blessed that you were pushed by Suh and not tackled.

    The Dalton sack- Probably shouldnt have thrown him down but if you watch the video it wasnt him who knocked the helmet off. Besides, if you’re helmet is not on securely then it’s going to pop off. Also, the ref HAS to blow the whistle to stop the play….you play until you hear a whistle.

    Thats 2 legit hits that could be considered “dirty” and I would agree with the fine. The other are ridiculous and was just the league changing the rules as they go along.

    I watched Peppers tee off on Stafford week one last year. He launched and drove him, shoulder first into the ground (which is illegal) but nobody was crying about that. I’ve seen Laron Landry launch head first and injure multiple players last year but nobody complains about that.

    If you see Suh coming just throw the ball or drop like Peyton if you dont want to get “hit too hard”.

    Thanks Goodell for the pussification of the NFL.

  103. Dungy said he has to change so he doesn’t cause any penalties that cost the game, which is something the Lions REALLY do not need. How hard is it for you people to understand? And what is with those of you that trash Dungy because you don’t want to hear from him by attacking his faith and his son? Are you really that vile of a human being, lacking so much class and any sort of mental capacity, that you would do that? That is absolute garbage. Have you also criticized the owners and players and being too greedy and destroying football? Maybe you ought to look in the mirror. Who the hell would want to pay out the ass to support billionaires and millionaires just to sit in the seats for three hours enduring the company of mostly trashy people who mock great coaches about their son who killed himself? Grow up.

  104. IT’S FRIGGIN’ FOOTBALL, let them hit!!!! if you are afraid to get hurt, guess what you are gonna get hurt, start pandering to that philosophy

  105. Suh is a force. I don’t enjoy watching the two games we play against him each year. I do enjoy the other 14 though. If you love football, not the panzyfest it is becoming, then you should enjoy watching a great young player playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

    P.S. Could someone tell Tony Dungy to fade away.

  106. I don’t think anyone cares about Detroit getting 15 Yard penalties……so we don’t mind seeing the guy slam QB’s like they are rag dolls…..he’s a football player, not a member of “Dancing with the Stars”…..

  107. Here we go again. Tony Dungy opening his mouth, and the press greedily and helplessly swallowing every bit of it. Tony, with all due respect, GO AWAY. You are no longer a NFL coach, and very few want to hear from you.

    Suh doesn’t have to “change his approach” at all. When you lead all DT’s in sacks as a rookie and get the ROY award, you are doing something right. All Suh has to do is let off the gas at the right moments. Finish the play with toughness but professionalism, and not harmful intent. He is a force to be reckoned with. He may be developing a bit of a reputation, but nothing that can’t be quieted with a full regular season of clean and professional play.

    What we don’t need is Dungy to be asked his opinion on things that may be considered controversial in this league. He won a SB. He deserves credit, but how long does that carry you? I would MUCH rather hear from Bill Cowher, or Jimmy Johnson, or other former players.

    How about doing what you do best, and reach out to help out Pacman Jones or Kenny Britt, and disappear for a while, Tony – a LONG while.

  108. @ebeg420,

    So Stafford getting slammed the same exact way by an opposing DT would be OK with you and any other Detroit fan?

    I highly doubt it. What a homer post. And believe me, when a 15 yard penalty ends up costing you a game, or possibly a player getting ejected, I think somebody from Detroit WILL care.

    Yes, he is a football player, and yes, he is not a member of dancing with the starts, but he also isn’t in the octagon fighting an MMA match where body slams are legal. There are rules in football, and follow me closely here – these same rules also apply to Suh.

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