Irsay hints at the five-letter “F” word


The Colts typically protects information like a fat kid guards his Twinkies.  With the exception of the owner.

Jim Irsay has a Twitter account.  And he likes to use it.  On Saturday, he created a stir by suggesting that the Colts may not have quarterback Peyton Manning, who is recovering from neck surgery, at the start of the season.

Now, Irsay is raising eyebrows by musing about the possibility of adding a certain 41-year-old quarterback to the roster:  “Brad, I’m in Hattiesburg … is it right or left at the Firechief?”

The fact that Irsay got Brett Favre’s first name wrong seems to confirm that it was all a joke.  (Unless, as a reader points out, Irsay was referring to former Vikings coach Brad Childress, who twice lured Favre out of Mississippi.)  But it was enough to get the Associated Press to notice the tweet — and to contact Favre’s agent.  Bus Cook said that he hasn’t spoken with Favre in the past few days, and the “last time I saw him he was on his tractor mowing the back forty.”

Meanwhile, Manning acknowledged on Saturday that his status is still up in the air.

“I certainly want to be out there, and it’s hard to keep track of the hours I’ve spent in rehab,” Manning said. “I was short-changed a little bit by the lockout and I’m going to need every bit of the next two weeks, and then I can give you more of an update with where I am.”

Peter King and Tony Dungy of Football Night in America will share their views as to where Manning is during Sunday night’s Chargers-Cowboys game on NBC.  Tune in at halftime to see the King and I at our new position, behind a standing desk.

If the desk were only a few inches higher, pants would remain optional.

62 responses to “Irsay hints at the five-letter “F” word

  1. With this guy’s wacky comments I think he’s either a complete boozer or has keys to the team’s pharmacy. I’m not kidding. This guy is on something and it ain’t Mountain Dew or Red Bull.

  2. read the rest of his tweets… not much difference between him and shake & bake (granted that he’s quoting songs most of the time)

    it is like he only listens to stoner songs… and we all know why

  3. ” “I was short-changed a little bit by the lockout ”

    I’ve met Manning several times, heck I even was at his wedding. Short changed? Dude you make way more than enough money to hire any rehab folks you need to. Get off it. You could afford the very best the world had to offer. You’re hurt. Don’t blame the lockout. You could have paid those very same people out of your own pocket and had the very same treatments. We’re not that stupid.

  4. I doubt he would get Brett Favre’s name wrong, I’m guessing he was asking Brad Childress, you know the coach that was desperate enough to beg him back and pick the guy up at the airport.

  5. “I was short-changed a little bit by the lockout and I’m going to need every bit of the next two weeks, and then I can give you more of an update with where I am.”

    So a multi-100-millionaire didn’t get the proper ‘treatment/rehab’ after his surgery because he couldn’t come to the team’s HQ??

    Something doesn’t smell right.

    And it’s not my upper lip.

  6. The fact that Irsay got Brett Favre’s first name wrong seems to confirm that it was all a joke.


    Could it have been that he was joking about talking to Brad Childress and getting directions to Brett’s house?

  7. I could see Favre pouncing on this if it ends up happening just so he can prevent Peyton from surpassing his consecutive starts streak.

  8. He didn’t spell Brett wrong. He meant to spell Brad, as in Childress, who you should know made the trip to Mississippi himself to recruit Favre.

    Asking Brad for directions would and does make sense, even though it’s a joke.

  9. Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.

    A few weeks ago there were several veteran free agent QB’s available. The Colts did not try to sign any of them as insurance in case Manning could not start the season.

    Who in the Colts organization is going to take the responsibility for that?

  10. I like how Manning kept blaming the lockout for not being able rehab.
    Did I miss the part where all the doctors and Physical Therapists in the world were locked out too?
    More likely Manning didn’t want to spend one cent of his own money so he sat at home and did nothing instead.

  11. The potential of Peyton Manning not being ready for the opener is no surprise. I still question his long and short term viability with this neck issue.

    However, with Colts owner Jim Irsay making these foolish comments on Twitter for the everybody to see, I seriously question whether he’s been into the medicine cabinet again.

  12. phreud69 says:
    Aug 21, 2011 7:50 PM
    He probably meant Brad, as in Childress


    Wow you should be a CSI…I coulda sworn he meant kezlowski

  13. I’ll sum Irsay’s tweets up for you…

    “Brad,I’m in Hattiesburg…is it right or left at the Firechief?”

    Asking Brad Childress how to get to Favre’s house…

    “I’m in Mississippi,down at the crossroads….looking 4 that deal Mr. Johnson cut so many years ago….”

    Looking for a deal that Woody Johnson (Jets owner) got when he acquired Favre.

  14. I told you guys he was screwing with people’s minds. This is a complete smokescreen – PM will be there week one under center.

  15. I’ll bet Irsay’s getting a huge kick out of the big deal everyone’s making over his tweets. He probably just wanted to see himself trend.

  16. The richist player in the NFL (contract plus endorsments) was short changed in his rehab by the lock-out??

    How can he even say that with a straight face?

    He can afford, to fly in on a weekly basis if he wished, the best medical specialists in the world and he is ACTING like a poor factory worker who did not have health care while the owners locked him out.

    Sorry the NFL players union is not the same as the unions for coal miners, police, or truckers, no matter how you try to relate.

    Thank you Manning for remaining the highest profile whiner in the league

  17. He may be a goofball when it comes to most of his tweets, but he’s serious when it comes to football. Last year he tweeted that Bob Sanders was going to IR before the Colts released a statement on it. It has to drive Polian nuts…but he is the owner. He’s not on drugs (now…went through rehab years ago), just eccentric. Also, he does a LOT for charity here in Indianapolis, including donating to help the victims of the recent State Fair stage collapse. He’s NOT his father, and lets Bill Polian run the show football wise (unlike his Dad who constantly meddled). As for Manning, it could all be a smoke screen but I am doubting it. They don’t gain anything by playing games regarding his injury, as Houston would prepare for Manning anyway.

  18. Manning delayed the surgery until May to get work in with his WRs/RBs during the lockout. He works with some good training staff the Colts have but unable to due to the lockout. Personally I think there’s been a setback or something, b/c the original recovery time was 6-8 weeks according the Colts. But he was throwing at camp a few weeks back with “decent velocity” so who really knows?

  19. C’mon ya’ll it’s a sham…Irsay and Manning r just pulling ur collective legs…#18 will b behind center against Texans…

  20. I’m seriously glad that so many of you came to the same obvious conclusion that I did.

    Brad isn’t a misspelling of Brett which is an epic reach from a site known for epic reaches in drawing its own conclusions on subject but is a reference to BRAD CHILDRESS. The guy who went down and recruited Farve or sent people to recruit Farve the last two years with the football media cataloging every moment of it.

    How anyone could miss that is beyond me.

  21. skol247 says:Aug 21, 2011 7:54 PM

    I think he was referring to brad childress in the tweet, not favre’s first name. chilly did go down and get favre after all…

    yes he did go down and beg him to come back…in 2009. In 2010 it was Jared Allen and Hutch ‘n the rest of the boys that went down and spent the weekend talking him out of retirement…all in all where did Favre get Brad Childress? Into a higher tax bracket after a 2009 contract extension and fired as coach of the Minnesota Vikings in 2010…just like he got Mangini fired as the Jets coach.
    Be afraid Indy…be very afraid!

  22. You shouldn’t have given 90 million to a guy who is starting to break down. The Colts are going back to the land of 4-12 just as soon as Manning is gone.

  23. *******************************************
    And in a closely related story:

    Peter King was last reported to be in the fetal position spanking his monkey over the mere mention of Brett Farve’s name in an NFL story not written by King…


  24. With this guy’s wacky comments I think he’s either a complete boozer or has keys to the team’s pharmacy. I’m not kidding. This guy is on something and it ain’t Mountain Dew or Red Bull.

    Like father/like son. Daddy was one hell of a lush

  25. Just taking this at face value. Brett Favre looked good much of the time he was in Minnesota because of the talent around him. Also, the Vikings’ defense was pretty good 2-3 years ago. I just don’t think Favre can make the people around him better anymore.

    With Favre at 90%, Colts are 6-10.

    With Manning at 70%, Colts are 9-7.

  26. He’s not a drunk, you morons. He went through rehab for painkiller addiction in the 90s, and by all accounts is clean. He’s out there, yes, but not a drunk like his father. He’s only run one of the best NFL franchises of this generation (Pats and Steelers in that group), 10 straight playoff appearances, 7 12+ win seasons, two SBs in the past 5 years winning one, and he’s HANDS OFF, unlike his father, who used to come into the locker room and yell at players. Eccentric, yes, a drunk, no. Stop smearing a man you know nothing about

  27. There’s not an Irsay alive thats worth being pi$$ed on if they were on fire.

    Drunken fool of an old man sent his son to Indy in a stupor, then called him the next day and asked what the hell he was doing in Indy, that he told him to go to Phoenix.

    “No you didn’t Daddy — you told me to go to Indy.”

    “Oh,” said Daddy.

    And the NFL allowed it. Shame on them all. Indy couldn’t even sell out playoff games. It took one of the greatest QBs to ever play (Peyton) to save the franchise from having to move out of Indy.

    Imagine the thunderous silent vacancy at Lucas Oil stadium when Peyton retires and Indy starts putting up 2-14 records like Irsay teams normally do.

  28. But it was enough to get the Associated Press to notice the tweet — and to contact Favre’s agent.

    Really!?!? That’s all it took?!?

    Buss Cook must hate picking up the phone. Because he knows SOMEBODY’s gonna ask about Favre.

  29. Irsay’s FIRST rehab was in the ’90’s. His second rehab is 2003ish. Does not matter if it is alcohol or drugs or both, same rehab. He has 2 brothers who ‘work’ for him to keep in out of trouble. They also get to work for the Colts (helps the front), for fun.

    Polian is flipping: Bill you gotta get a new blackmail thing on him to keep your owner quiet.

    No other owner ‘acts’ this way. He is just a spoiled rich kid.

    Love to see Casey and her sisters to own the Colts, and for her to be the Polians’ boss. Bill does not believe in girls/woman in the NFL.

  30. Why do people keep posting ” I think he was referring about brad childress not Brett favre” YEAH WE GET IT,now let it die..geez.

  31. Hey Peyton – Get your surgery sooner after the season ended instead of trying to time it so you could duck training camp, and this is a non-issue.

  32. I assumed the 5 letter word was ‘fired’ – he finally got rid of Caldwell cos he knows he might need a coach this year who can win games without Manning.

  33. illiniftw says:Aug 21, 2011 9:31 PM

    Peyton could still be hurt and come back. The refs will make sure nobody even looks at him with a mean expression…


    It still begs the question as to how Peyton hurt his neck? I mean the refs wouldn’t let anyone touch him last year either.

  34. I hate the Colts with a passion but anyone who thinks Irsay isn’t just tweaking people needs to think again. He has to be loving all the furor he created with just a couple tweets.
    He’s toying with the media, something I bet most people in the public eye would like to do at one time or the other.

  35. @ sophiethegreatdane

    what are you talking about? How did Indy “not sell out playoff games” before Peyton…they didnt even have any!!!!! Get a freakin clue before you post. Every game is sold out now and has been for quite some time

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