Vikings greet Tarvaris Jackson with a pick six


It’s a good thing that the Seahawks already have installed newcomer Tarvaris Jackson as the team’s starting quarterback.  Otherwise, Jackson may not have won the job.

In his second preseason start, Jackson completed 11 of 21 passes for 75 yards and a first-quarter interception, which was returned by Marcus Sherels for a 64-yard touchdown.  The ball bounced off the hands of receiver Golden Tate, but the pass looked to be thrown behind Tate, forcing him to stop and reach back for it.  (Tate still should have caught it.)

Charlie Whitehurst completed 14 of 19 passes for 97 yards and the only touchdown scored by the Seahawks in a 20-7 loss to the Vikings.

The gap in the performances likely wasn’t enough to cause the Seahawks to jerk Jackson around.


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  1. Also, can we stop pretending Marshawn Lynch is good? Outside of that one magnificent run against the Saints, he’s been brutal. I’m much more impressed by Leon Washington and Forsett. Hell, even Tommy Guns looks better out there.

  2. You make it sound like the pick was jackson’s fault. Tate is the one who let the ball bounce off his HANDS!

  3. I hope everyone realizes why Vikings fans are excited about the Viking’s current state; they just unloaded Darrell Bevell, TJack and Sidney on Seattle and what you’re seeing now is why the Vikings went for Favre. Maybe Favre will be a Seahawk by game 2.

  4. Yeah these journalists, all they do is look at a stat sheets and say a guy is terrible. TJ had a good performance today, even though his stats don’t reflect it. He impressed. That INT was not his fault, Tate had it in both of his hands and dropped it and then it was intercepted. In fact Tate dropped both passes that were thrown to him. This guy can’t catch a ball, he was doing this last year too. He’s really looking like a bust.

  5. I cant even tell you how good it felt to be on the other side of Jump Pass Jacksons’ poor performance. He is one frustrating player to watch. Get ready for a long season Seattle…

  6. Our 2nd and 3rd String lines have just not been able to keep anyone off of either Ponder or Webb. It is going to be hard for the Vikings to judge either of them if the pressure is on them every play with the line not holding up.

  7. That pick should go against Tate. The qb rankings and stats need to be restructured so that catchable balls that are botched by the receiver don’t count against the qb. Considering TJack didn’t have any time whatsoever behind that line, it’s hard to be too critical on him.

    Charlie did look good though. I’d like to see Charlie play with the starters and go against a starting defense and see if he can do any better than TJack.

  8. Hasn’t Pete Caroll’s mantra always been compete, compete, compete? And now all of a sudden he just hands the job over to Jackson w/out having him earn it? Makes no sense!

  9. I’d like to wish him well on his next venture but if doesn’t take responsibility for his sub par play, and that being the reason he didn’t play in MN, then I won’t feel bad about his demise.

  10. Looked like the Jackson we’ve seen for so many years. He even did his infamous jump pass. Just wait until the regular season and he gets a little pressure on him.

    Anyone know if the Vikings will get a compensatory pick for Rice from the Seahawks?

  11. The fact that they just handed the job to Tarvaris Jackson right away is mystifying. Maybe they thought the added confidence of job security would improve his play. Obviously that’s not the case. He’s still Tarvaris Jackson.

  12. Tavaris Jackson left Seattle fans unimpressed. It was nice to hear them cheer for Charlie though. I’m not convinced Marshawn Lynch is the issue here, I think it’s more the fact of the inexperienced line. Forsett tried to run the ball into the end zone and was stopped all 4 attempts. I think it is safe to say Forsett is not a goal line option. I would have liked to see what Lynch could have done in that situation or Mike Robinson for that matter. The little guy just isn’t going to power through a goal line defense. All and all though I saw enough flashes of brilliance in our young players that it gave me some hope for the future and the season. Coaches just need to get the kinks worked out and if that means eating humble pie on Tavaris Jackson as the starter…well dig in!

  13. I guess the Vikes weren’t done jerking TJoke around. Did you like the jump passes, Seahawks? That’s not gonna stop any time soon. I just love that his first completion to Sydney Rice was a perfect example of why he’s barely even a backup QB in this league. The vikes had a defender trying to get off the field very late. Instead of recognizing this, getting the snap quick, and taking a deep shot on a free play…he lets the guy get off the field and completes a little 9 yd completion. Followed shortly by 0 points. This is why the Vikes were so DESPERATE for Favre or anyone else (Gus Frerotte) to be their saviour. Like I said 2 weeks ago, if Whitehurst can’t win the job, Whitehurst sucks.

  14. Ball behind receiver, sounds familiar. Bet Viking corner had had plenty of practice on that one

  15. Tavaris Jackson has been reborn in Seattle. Throwing touchdowns to Viking players is a new gig for him.

  16. yeah if Tarvaris Jackson keeps throwing the ball right into his receiver’s hands, that team is in some big trouble.

    And good job not mentioning all the pressure on Jackson. Keep reporting on games you didn’t watch and just check the stats.


  17. This is comical, you award tavaris the starting job because he knows the offense? If he KNOWS the offense why couldn’t he keep the job in MN? He also knows the Vikings defense and could only complete 11 of 21 passes for 75 yards in a half!! Can’t wait until Seattle starts jerking him around…

  18. I was a little taken back when they signed him like he was the second coming. He’s awful and anyone with a pulse knows it.

    Whatever Hasselbeck wanted, they should have paid it…..

  19. “Jackson finished the first half 11-for-21 for 75 yards with a horrible 40.8 passer rating. Sidney Rice, another former Viking who left in free agency after the lockout, caught two passes from Jackson for 11 yards”………………isn’t that one of TJoke’s higher passer ratings for a game? LOL The Seahawks franchise is in dire straights, worse than any other team I can remember in history. It is a team of rejects, castoffs and no-talent players…..what puzzles me is how mgmt. and seahawk fans keep drinking Carroll’s kool-aid……….I wouldn’t even be happy with C. Whitehurst as my starting QB and he’s considerably better than TJoke…….go figure.

  20. No way Seattle gets close to Luck, they are by far in worst division in football & will pick up some wins just for that! Heck maybe they can win the division with 4 wins this year.

  21. I’m looking for a serious answers??? What made Pete think this was the guy he needed. Was it a system he was trying to create??? I just don’t understand some of these moves in the NFL. I guarantee nearly 75% of the people that saw this move, saw a train wreck! Why couldn’t he? Why wouldn’t you go get a Marc Bulger? I would have rather had Pat White and he’s never played in more than a preseason game a few times. I just think there’s a lot of guys out there that haven’t been given a proper shot in the NFL, and other guys get chance after chance??

  22. I’m so glad tjack doesn’t play for us anymore and sidney looks stupid in a seahawks jersey. In a year we’re gonna hear from seahawks fans saying sidney is overpaid and they need to trade him and blah blah blah. Good game tjack and sidney!!!

  23. TJ = poison-pill, Charlie Whitehurst + Sidney Rice > TJ + Sidney Rice; either way, Seattle thought are getting revenge for Hutch, but the TJoke is on them. Skol!

  24. Being a Viking fan…I wish all you Seahawk fans good luck. There has never been a more frustrating QB than T-Jack. He cannot complete a pass over 7 yards. GEt used to it. Pete will have to change him out soon if the Seahawks hope to have a winning season (of course as last year proved, you don’t need to have a winning record to make the playoffs if you are out west).

  25. Now everyone realizes that Vikings management planned the ultimate “poison pill” for Seattle. They just infiltrated Darrell Bevell, TJack and Sidney into Pete’s offense.

    What a diabolical plan!

    Next, Chilly will start coaching at Green Bay, will overthrow Mccarthy and get Favre back, with the promise of another Super Bowl. Stay tuned!

  26. Seattle fans should not be made at the Vikings at all this time around….we didn’t trade one person to your team…you picked them all up on your own free will.
    Bevel, while a nice guy, has a very vanilla offense, and unless you have a 19 year veteran running it and understanding defenses, will never be an elite offense.

    TJ….I we can say is “what the hell were you thinking”? There is a reason Vikings dumped him. Nice guy, but his knock has been he folds under pressure…..nothing as changed.

    Rice: all I can say is “suckers”….lol….He had one good year her out of 4. Who guarantees a guy 18Mil for that? He’s a great receiver when healthy and has an elite QB throwing to him, but you don’t, so now you have a very expensive average receiver on your team.

    To answer the question on a compensatory pick to Vikings for losing Rice, the answer is yes, the vikings will get a compensatory pick for Rice because he’s a starter for Seattle….probably 3rd rounder.

  27. i said it before, i’ll say it again:

    Chris Cook is the absolute worst cornerback I have ever seen. Cut him now. Or surrender 6 TD’s a game by Greg Jennings this year.

    He is SO BAD!

  28. The goober that thinks Lynch is a bad runner must be stoned. He breaks more tackles than any runner I’ve ever seen.

  29. bobnelsonjr ,

    you must have fallen asleep before Tristan Davis of the Vikings ran 35 yards for a TD….on offense.
    Before you try talking smack, get your facts right or you’ll wind up looking like …well to be honest, a moron.

  30. As much as I would like to lay all the blame on Tarvaris, the throw wasn’t that bad. It was maybe 30% his fault.

  31. Why can’t you Minny fans realize we signed TJ for one reason, we needed a mobile QB while our young OL gels. None of the guys who will start have played a down in the NFL together. Going into the season we do not have high hopes, there is too much to rebuild. We will not be bad enough to get Luck unless we trade for him, which I hope we do. This is a year for the team to learn together, and any wins we get is a bonus. By the way, you really think you got much of an upgrade at QB. LOL

  32. Most of you don’t know Travis and his history in viking land. Did you fail to notice him throwing the ball in traffic often and that three other balls would have been interceptions if the vikes didn’t flub them.
    Travaris absolutely cannot read defenses and never could. Its his downfall. The more the defenders move around the more confused he gets.

  33. bigguy54 says: “we signed TJ for one reason, we needed a mobile QB while our young OL gels.” For $8 million?

  34. kevinwi says: Aug 21, 2011 12:21 PM

    bobnelsonjr ,

    you must have fallen asleep before Tristan Davis of the Vikings ran 35 yards for a TD….on offense.
    Before you try talking smack, get your facts right or you’ll wind up looking like …well to be honest, a moron.


    The only moron here is the one using a preseason touchdown by a practice squad player to make a point. Great run against a terrible defense made up of 2nd and 3rd string talent. Walk tall.

  35. All True!

    Living in Seattle as a Viking fan was a pure delight! The only thing that would have made it better was if Childress was on the sidelines with Bevell. Anyhoo…Pete Carroll is close enough. (Any discerning fan can see that Carroll’s personel decisions demand that he be fired. Lookit: even if Whitehurst turns out to play well–big “if” with that line–he will be at the end of his contract! Now the team will be on the hook for more $$$. Please explain the rationale of the two-year deal for any player!! And that is on Carroll, too.)

    No more T-jack in purple!!! Schadenfreude in Seattle!!! (sp?) HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Desperation reigns in Seagull ville!

  36. idk, from what I saw. it looked like a catchable pass, tate just didnt make the grab. funny how all these commenters seem to know more about fb decisions than the fo, hc, gm.. youd make millions in vegas off of your vast knowledge and assumptions, especially off of one preseason play.

    obviously the author of this article didnt watch the game. more times than not the pocket collapsed on tjax immediately and he was forced to create plays. if anyone should be getting articles like this wrote about them it should be the o line play. most qbs would have struggled ,had to run 4 their lives , and check down with that much lack of protection. even the rbs were fighting for inches. im not saying tjax is a all pro but give him a break on this one.

    from what I read, (and while it may not be a popular decision) pc isnt planning on shutting the door on the qb competiton, and the only reason tjax and cw arent at head to head comp is tjax knowlwdge of the offense. if it wasnt for the lockout, the qb situation would he way different. I have a feeling as a fan that pete was planning on trading for carson palmer, but with the fallout in cinci he made a conservative move, and deciced to build other areas and get the qb of the future when the right 1 comes along. i wouldnt be surprised to see cw starting at some point this year. tjax is the starter cause he knows the system, and is mobile. the oline needs time to gel. idk if some of you noticed, but this is a rebuilding team.

  37. alldayvikings says:Aug 21, 2011 10:05 AM
    “I’m so glad tjack doesn’t play for us anymore and sidney looks stupid in a seahawks jersey. In a year we’re gonna hear from seahawks fans saying sidney is overpaid and they need to trade him and blah blah blah. Good game tjack and sidney!!!”
    Funny, “You packer fans always turn on guys when they leave your team, first james jones is a guy that drops wide open catches and now you like him again!?!?!?”

    ….I got a better idea for how you viking fans can spend your time, go to a zoo and point at the chimps and laugh at them cause “They’re primates”.

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