Beck or Grossman? Shanahan will say “right before” opener


John Beck appears to be ahead of Rex Grossman in the Redskins’ quarterback derby, but coach Mike Shanahan says he’ll take his time making an announcement.

In fact, Shanahan said Monday he won’t say who his starter is until “right before” kickoff of the Redskins’ Week 1 game against the Giants.

Shanahan added that Beck and Grossman are “very close right now,” and Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan says both of them will play with the first-string offense in Thursday’s preseason game against the Ravens.

So for now, the Shanahans want everyone to believe this is an even competition that could end up going either way. But soon enough one quarterback will start getting the vast majority of the practice reps with the starting offense, and whether Shanahan announces it publicly or not, it’s safe to say we’ll all hear which quarterback that is well before the Redskins take the field against the Giants.

The smart money is on that quarterback being Beck.

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  1. Oh, come on… Eric Mangini tried this crap once with Derek Anderson & Brady Quinn. And it was colossal failure then. Get it together, Shanahan.

  2. The smart money is on that quarterback being Beck.

    No, the smart money is on Shanahan splitting 1st team reps just so his hand isn’t tipped.

  3. Oh Shanny you tricky, sly dog you!! Haha, this team is in shambles. Washington has gone “Full Retard”!! By the way, both QB’s suck so it doesn’t matter who you start.

  4. My guess is Shananan will stand on his gas pedal and peel out of the parking lot at 12:50 p.m. PM EDT on September 11.

  5. In the NFL, when you say you have two QB’s, you have none. This is a time tested, proven failure. Exceptions are almost as rare as a blue moon – and like all exceptions – they only serve to prove the general rule – nothing more.

  6. Shanahan’s latest attempt at “jedi-mind tricks”. Like we don’t know Beck is gonna be the starter. Like we even care… Grossman or Beck.. the Giants are still gonna stomp the sh*t outta the pigs…every game..every year. Shanahan=overrated

  7. I`m not psychic but I just know that its only a matter of time before Eagles & Cowboy fans say something stooopid like….”It wont matter who starts” or “The Redskins suck”…..If your going to say something please try and be more original this time!

  8. Really Michael? Smart money is on Beck? Let’s swap paypal info and get a friendly wager going.

    The Shannys have more confidence in Rex right now. Rex is running 100% of the entire offense and Beck is only running about two thirds. Rex performed better against a better and more intensive Pittsburgh D than Beck did against the Colts D, where Beck threw mostly checkdowns and only 1 or 2 throws more than 10 yards in the air.

    Rex is making more headway on progressions; Beck had 3 or more plays where he held on to the ball too long and took sacks where he should have got rid of the ball.

    So, if you’d care to rethink it, I can tell you that Rex is ahead. If you’d like to wager, I’d be willing to put some “dumb money” on it.

  9. Time for Beck to get his opportunity. Grossman had his chance throughout his career, and we know what he can do, but Beck has never had the backing of a coaching staff (see Parcell’s, and the Miami Dolphins..). Mike Shanahan has a history of reviving QB’s in this league.

  10. xxspartanx109xx says:Aug 22, 2011 5:31 PM

    Either way they’re 2012 starter is going to be Andrew Luck.

    I’ll bet you too, idiot. You really think theyll be worse than the Cards, Broncos, Panthers, Bills, etc. etc.? In case you haven’t looked, the Skins are 1st in offense and defense so far this preseason, and they did it against 2 good starting defenses.

    Be sure to show up later on this year.

  11. By my last quick count there were 9 teams who are angling for Andrew “Anointed” Luck according to their fans.

  12. cowboyhater says: Mike Shanahan has a history of reviving QB’s in this league.
    Such as? Elway? Not really. He didn’t get better, the running game did. Plummer? Umm, no. McNabb? That worked out well, huh?

  13. eaglesfootballfan says:Aug 22, 2011 5:42 PM

    The Redskins QB competition is a complete Joke and so are the Shanarats, Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen. Your QB’s are Rex Grossman and John Beck? Child Please

    Be sure to show up later this year when you DON’T win another Super Bowl, “Dream Team”.

    3 Time super bowl champions

  14. Am I the only person that remembers when QB’s used to sit for 3-4 years before seeing the field? Ask Aaron Rodgers how it worked out for him.
    Not that I’m comparing Beck to Rodgers, but Beck has had the opportunity to watch and learn the last few years. Maybe he’s actually improved since being surrounded by a 1-15 team, shocking I know.

  15. 14 out of 17, 140 yards, 0 TD’s, 0 INT’s

    2 scores against Indy’s first string defense

    I know it’s preseason, but that is good any day of the week. Just sayin’!


  16. Its a miracle this guy won 2 superbowls…

    Both Shanahan’s are delusional. I truly believe any idiot commenter here is more capable of running a team than these clowns.

  17. Shannahan will break the bad news to Redskins fans at the beginning of the season, who’s getting picked we dont know, but we do know it’ll be bad news

  18. Somebody ought to do a Bears QB mashup of the pic of Grossman and the shot of Cutler when he was slumping on the bench during last year’s NFC Championship game.

  19. Hilarious! They’ll win enough games this year to not have an opportunity to draft the best QB to come along in a decade and stay mired in mediocrity for another 10 years. I’d hate to be a Skins fan.

  20. Oldest adage in the book:

    If you have two #1 QBs, you have NO #1 QBs.

    This never works. Neither of these guys is good enough to succeed with other guy breathing down his neck.

    Prediction: whichever one of these guys is named the week 1 starter will be replaced by the one who isn’t no later than week 5, a carousel that will continue throughout another disappointing skins season.

  21. Deadskins fans want to brag about there 3 superbowls. Well the NFL is not about what you have done in the past. It is what you do NOW and who cares about the Skins superbowls. Let me know when the Deadskins Have a winning season, get to the playoffs and get out of the cellar of the NFC East first. All you haters can stop. The Eagles did put up 59 points on them last year.

  22. Skins23:

    And that’s precisely why intelligent football followers don’t count preseason stats, especially for qbs. And as other posers stated, in the NFL if you have two starting qbs, you really have none. I hope you guys are better than the past, I don’t know decade? But it doesn’t appear to be trending in that direction so far this year.

  23. smuckteamz80,

    Yeah, sexy Rexy did in fact go to a superbowl with Chicago. Most in Chicago would say that we went to a superbowl IN SPITE OF Rex instead of “with him.” Certainly not “because of him.”

  24. phillycheez and eaglesfootballfan –

    thanks for bringing me up to speed. How many Super Bowls do the Eagles have THIS century, then?

    Oh and the Eagles and Skins have split the last 6 seasons 6 games apiece.


    valman – Both QBs shredded both the Pitt and Colts starting Ds. I’m not saying expect a super bowl trophy this year, but anybody who thinks the Skins are gonna be the worst team in the league and aren’t headed in the right direction with Shanny and Allen are complete idiots.

    Shanny and Allen have a plan and its already well in motion. If Beck or Rex don’t work out this year, they’ll be drafting a QB next year. And outside of the Mcnabb deal, they’ve been absolutely killing the rest of the league in trades.

    Carriker for virtually nothing.
    4th rounder for JC, 5th for AH, 2 6ths for Mcnabb (getting picks for all guys they didn’t want).
    Beck (starting QB?) for Doug Dutch (guy who wouldn’t have made roster)
    Turning 10th pick in draft into Ryan Kerrigan, Jarvis Jenkins, Hankerson, Helu, and others.
    Jabar Gaffney (70 catch WR) for Jeremy Jarmon (3rd string who prob wouldnt have made team).
    Hightower (probably a 1000 yard rusher this year) for Vonnie Holliday (35 year old DL who probably wouldn’t have made team this year).

    Yeah, I think were in good hands.

  25. tformation says:
    Aug 22, 2011 6:38 PM

    Yeah, sexy Rexy did in fact go to a superbowl with Chicago. Most in Chicago would say that we went to a superbowl IN SPITE OF Rex instead of “with him.” Certainly not “because of him.”


    yes, I believe you had a young backup named Kyle Orton that year. I remember thinking Da’ Bears wouldve had a better shot in the game with Orton under center.
    Lovie chose to dance with the date he brought to the prom. Difficult not to I guess…

  26. And Rex did his part in leading the bears to a super bowl. Any body who knows football a team can’t get through the playoffs “in spite” of their qb. You can’t hide your qb. It’s funny how people don’t remember the Seahawks and saints playoff games against the bears in which Rex was a huge factor. Focus on the bad it’s easier. Rex is a statistical flip flopper. For as bad as he has been he has been equally good yet the turnovers are all people focus on.

  27. @skins23

    How could you possibly defend the McNabb and Hanesworth trades? Getting a 5th and 6th round in return for what was given up for those two clowns? Getting Carriker for virtually nothing? He did nothing last year in return. Hightower cost a pick, he wasn’t free.

    Your passion as a fan is admiral, but your logic as one is idiotic.

  28. phillycheez says: Aug 22, 2011 6:02 PM


    Thanks for the history lesson. Now if you’ll kindly join us in the present century…
    History lesson, maybe. But at least our history lesson in the history book. At the end of the day, people won’t remember you hanging 59 on us last year. But people will remember that your trophy case is as empty as a bag of Doritos near Andy Reid

  29. The Truth=Rex Grossman is not a great QB,However he knows this offense better than most nfl experts think(This includes you!) Contrary to popular belief,Beck has looked great in his pre season debut and the only thing he has over Rex is mobility!……The Redskins defense will be much better than last years group!….. Why,They have a real nose guard in Barry Co field and Orakpo has some help with rookie Ryan Kerrigan!….Tim Hightower and the running game is being overlooked just like the offensive line improvent…..

    The Lies=Tim Hightower cant play anymore,You better take another look!!!!…Opposing fans just glancing at the Redskins and not noticing the great draft they had and just assuming they will be just like they were last year…..Shannahan`s coaching is horrible….Really???? after just 1 season…Puleeez…..

    The surprises=The Redskins defense will be a force to be reckoned with!!! Rookie RB Roy Helu will turn some heads…..I`m not saying this is a superbowl team but i am saying this team will surprise in the NFC east

    The meal=Crow served for Eagles and Cowboy fans!!!!

  30. Washington will be the worst team in the NFL this season, followed closely by Seattle, S.F. and Oakland. Then they’ll draft Luck and he’ll quit football to become an architect.

  31. eaglesfootballfan says: Aug 22, 2011 6:25 PM

    Deadskins fans want to brag about there 3 superbowls. Well the NFL is not about what you have done in the past. It is what you do NOW and who cares about the Skins superbowls. Let me know when the Deadskins Have a winning season, get to the playoffs and get out of the cellar of the NFC East first. All you haters can stop. The Eagles did put up 59 points on them last year.

    “Deadskins fans want to brag about there 3 superbowls.”

    Eagles fans want to brag about regular season games.

    “Well the NFL is not about what you have done in the past.”

    See next line.

    The Eagles did put up 59 points on them last year.”

    Your fellow Eagle fans are embarrassed by your logic. Quit posting.


  32. I think I speak for every Skins, Boys, and Giants fan in the NFC East.

    Win at least ONE Lombardi, Philly…you’re embarrassing us.


    Just one is all we ask.

    Let all the s@$% talking be warranted.

    If s@%$ talkin’ equaled hardware, the city of Philly would be trippin’ over trophies.


  33. When Baltimore stuffs the run in the next preseason game and the Giants in the season opener,and they will. When the game comes down to quick correct decisions and a strong accurate arm, and it will, then we will all see that the QB of the future is not here yet and they probably are 2 years away.

    If you think holding the QB announcement will worry the Ravens or the Giants or effect their game plan, you better think again. Projected game plan for either opponent, stop the run and let your WR’s create havoc with the D-backs.

    Having been a skin fan for over 40 years, through the good and the bad, I have learned one indisputable truth, when you think everything is going to come up roses, you usually wake up and find yourself in a Pig pen. Hopefully, optimistically, it is a Hog pen and the O-Line keeps that run game going!

  34. The best strategy is the “life, box of chocolate strategy” which apparently the Shanny’s employ! If you never know what you are going to get, than, Run-Run-Run, so it doesn’t matter who your QB is!

  35. I personally believe it will be Beck, but it is hard to figure out Shanny. I will say this, I have seen some much improved direction on this team instead of the circus that was in town last year. We will see.

    By the way eaglesfootballfan before you go on a tirade about us talking about the “past”, maybe you shouldn’t end it with what you did last year. Not a sermon, just a thought.

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