Joe Thomas does long-term deal with Browns

And Chris Johnson continues to smile.

Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, the third overall pick in the 2007 draft, has started all 64 career games in Cleveland.

The streak could be getting a lot longer.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Thomas has agreed to terms on a seven-year, $84 million extension, with $44 million guaranteed.

That’s a $12 million average on a deal that replaces the final season of Thomas’ five-year, $42.5 million contract.

57 responses to “Joe Thomas does long-term deal with Browns

  1. I remember people saying that Brady Quinn should have been picked instead of him… they got him eventually but it would have been wayyyyyy worse if they got him 3rd overall.

  2. Hey, good for him. He’s a centerpiece of the Browns and will still be a great player for years to come.

  3. Well deserved!! And thats how u get a contract extention…NOT CRYING ABOUT IT and stomping ur feet like a little 2 year old who cant get their way….congrats Joe

  4. 1) LT isn’t exactly a playmaker, so CJ doesn’t have anything to smile about this.

    2) CJ needs to swallow his pride, report to the team and let his agent deal with the contract. IMO, the Titans should trade him and let someone else deal with that knucklehead.

    3) Congrats Joe. Deserves every single penny of that contract.

  5. Congrats to Joe. He is an underrated, under-appreciated left tackle. He has been a consistently great player since day one.

  6. Once again, apples and oranges. Tackles have a WAY longer shelf life than do RBs. WAY longer. Can’t compare the two as most tackles only get better after 30 while RB hit a wall. Can’t deny history.

  7. Well, he is consistently called one of the top tackles in the league and has been to the pro bowl every year. I don’t know if that qualifies him as underrated. And Browns fans have known his value as the cornerstone since he was drafted – don’t think he is under-appreciated either

  8. The Titans are looking cheaper and cheaper by the day. First Fitz and now Thomas. Those guys definitely deserve the money they got, but they gotta give CJ his cash now. He earned it just like those guys.

  9. Honestly this is the first BIG contract I’ve seen the Browns hand out in a longgggg time or am I just forgetting about a couple?

  10. Notice how all the players getting extensions are actually in camp, showing their team why they deserve to be taken care of? I think CJ needs to realize that he’s getting nowhere, and that he actually doesn’t really have much leverage. I think CJ should get a new deal, but not until he reports to camp.

  11. One of the best guys on the team…his “Outdoors with Darcy Eagen” shows are fun to watch…watching this huge guy trying to bait hooks to fish for crappie…funny stuff!

    Now…make Joe Haden and Peyton Hillis Browns for life and all Browns fans will be happy. These guys aren’t just great players, but they are giving back to Cleveland more than anyone else.

  12. McCoy and Thomas. Lockem up with all those Atlanta draft picks, Haden, Hillis….this team is on the rise.

    Like a 100 year old man’s pecker who forgot his Viagra.

  13. Here’s a perfect example of how things are supposed to work in the NFL and how cap money should be spent. Get a guy who is a super talented, core player for your team and lock him up long term as he’s coming to the end of his rookie contract. Certain players in New York, Tennessee, and other “big” markets could learn a lot from this (if they had enough brains to do so). Good for you Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert. You’re becoming a class organization with every such professional move you make!

  14. I am a huge fan of Joe Thomas, easily my favorite linemen in the NFL.

    He tore his ACL playing DL in a bowl game talk about someone putting the team first.

  15. timpiker says:
    Aug 22, 2011 8:39 PM

    Great news for the Browns…. notice Joe Thomas did not whine about a new contract. Since day one Joe Thomas has been a pro’s pro.
    I guess that’s a subliminal shot to guys like CJ and D-Jax…..

    You do know Joe Thomas was selected 3rd overall and seen off around about $40 million dollars already, same with Fitz, he was getting paid a ton before his new deal.

    It’s easy to keep quiet about a new deal when you’ve been paid in excess of $40 mill already.

    So cut all this, ”that’s how you get paid, you keep quiet”. You better believe, that if Joe Thomas and Fitz were making half a mill this year and not really had a decent payday since their tenure in the league (like CJ and D-Jax), they’d be pretty unhappy too.

  16. The most prolific holder in the league. I could pass protect if they let me hold like this guy does.

    You’re a tool. I’m not a Browns fan, but JT is the real deal. You’re just being a little crybaby because your team doesn’t have him.

  17. why should chris johnson be smiling? he was drafted in ’08. joe thomas has a full year of experience on him. there literally is no correlation here.

  18. drunkmonkey918 says:Aug 22, 2011 9:14 PM

    Notice how all the players getting extensions are actually in camp, showing their team why they deserve to be taken care of? I think CJ needs to realize that he’s getting nowhere, and that he actually doesn’t really have much leverage. I think CJ should get a new deal, but not until he reports to camp.
    What are you talking about? The players getting extensions are comming off contracts that pays them like super stars. You notice Thomas was in the last year of a contract that paid him $6 million per year. Larry Fitzgerald was comming off a contract that paid him about $10 million per year. CJ is scheduled to make $800,000 this year.

    Now if you’re Larry or Joe why would you hold out of contracts that pay $10 million and $6 million annually???? CJ’s situation is so much different than the other two. Larry was drafted as the 3rd overall pick in 2004. Joe Thomas was drafted as the 3rd overall pick in 2007. They both came in the league making more money than even All pro players that played their same position. Johnson was the 24th pick of the 2008 draft. His rookie total contract doesn’t even equal the bonuses Thomas and Fitzgerald received on their rookie contracts.

    Please stop comparing apples to oranges.

  19. thereisalwaysnextyear says:Aug 22, 2011 8:31 PM

    Once again, apples and oranges. Tackles have a WAY longer shelf life than do RBs. WAY longer. Can’t compare the two as most tackles only get better after 30 while RB hit a wall. Can’t deny history.
    Exactly! That’s why CJ at 26 and in the prime of his career should hold out for a monster deal to the tune of 5 years $60million with about $25 – $35 million guaranteed. Because each year he plays and puts wear and tear on his body while approaching that dreaded 30 year age for a running means the less likely he’ll ever receive his one big contract. Thanks for illustrating exactly why CJ should stick to his guns.

  20. great news for Browns fans! good front office move. put the money at key positions when you find a keeper. not much more solid cornerstone then RT position! and this guy fits the bill! that’s exactly what you want to see as a Cleveland fan after not digging deep for vets in the off season, extend your young talent. add them vets once you have a core like hopefully the eagles 🙂 looking forward to the match up Thursday, browns O has looked good and our D need’s to look better then it did vrs Steelers. Heckett doing well on the lake, Sheldon still playing solid! still preseason but looking forward to this matchup, good test for both teams!

  21. really. want to state the obvious. no doubt a great extension. smart move. i hated to see Heckert go. \
    I think Tom’s a great GM and with Holgrem of course , there building. got to lock up some stud lineman and if you can trade back and get extra picks especially the low ones like they did. SMART.

    now they just need to coach up some young qbs , make them look good and rip some teams for picks 🙂 kidding… ah sort of, kolb might work out ? aj has a nice wife! anyway, I degress.

    one more thing hopefully we can finish that blue print with a SB trohpy. and then you guys can go get one. would love to see Cleveland get one, town deserves it!

  22. Joe Thomas is the best LT in the league. Little by little, the Browns are building a solid foundation for the future. Next year a RT with the first pick in the 1st round; and with the second 1st round pick, a brilliant LB or CB, or vice-versa.

  23. Great move Browns! Joe is the best LT in the NFl. Good for Joe he will get to see the browns win at least 3 titles during that 7 year extension. Colt has to be happy, knowing he won’t end up on the on the ground 80% off the time like that bloated Pig Ben character in Pissburgh. Go Browns!!

  24. Holmgren has this team heading in the right direction. He learned from Ron and I’m happy to see a small market team head in the right direction . I think you’re in good hands browns fans. Also happy to see a deserving player get this reward. Best of luck to you guys this year

  25. Best player on the browns…… hey mike, so tired of hearing about chris johnson even mentioned with beig contracts expecially joe thomas… joe thomas is going to achor a line(hopefully in cleveland) for the next 15 years if he wants. He’s a future lock for the hof if he keeps it up. Chris johnson should get paid but not like a star LT the 2nd most important poaition in football. Chris has 2 more years in his prime then hell become a dime a dozen rb. Players like thomas or even larry fitz deserve the money for their potential to excell at their position for years and years… so cj can suck on a left nut because he’s not even on the same planet as joe thomas

  26. Glad the guy that doesn’t play a “Glamour” posistion is gettin’ paid…

    It’s the hard working dudes in the trenches that deserve a ton of these Big Money contracts, them dudes wind up with busted knees/hips/elbows.

  27. I believe H&H will FINALLY bring the Lombardi tropy home to us long-suffering Browns fans and Joe Thomas will be one of the main reasons that will happen. I predict that when Joe Thomas retires he will be wearing at least 2 superbowl rings. It is so refreshing to see good people being nicely rewarded. Godspeed Joe!

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