Castillo quote causes a stir


On Sunday night, our friends at forwarded an item regarding quotes from Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, in which Castillo said that his team’s “linebackers will be ready to win the Super Bowl.”  On Monday morning, MDS posted a blurb regarding the latest verbal faux pas from the would-be Dream Team.

While making my way from New York back home, I noticed that some of you were complaining about our handling of the quote, claiming that Castillo clearly intended a period to be placed between “ready” and “to”.  In other words, the contention is that Castillo said, “The linebackers will be ready.  To win the Super Bowl, remember, it takes 16 weeks, and then really whoever is playing their best during the playoffs.”

But here’s the thing.  The Eagles’ P.R. staff typed up Castillo’s quotes based on the things he said at the press conference, and the Eagles’ P.R. staff sent it out like this:  “The linebackers will be ready to win the Super Bowl.  Remember, it takes 16 weeks, and then really whoever is playing their best during the playoffs.”  (We have the e-mail, and that’s definitely how the P.R. staff prepared the quotes.)

Some of you claim that the video of Castillo’s press conference reveals an obvious split between “linebackers will be ready” and “to win the Super Bowl.”  I’ve watched it, and it’s inconclusive, at best.

In the end, the fact that the Eagles P.R. staff, who routinely interact with Castillo, attached “to win the Super Bowl” to the notion that the “linebackers will be ready” — and given that the P.R. staff has yet to send out a corrected transcript — tells us that the quote is what it is, and that the various Eagles fans who are blaming us for using the words as they were transcribed should be blaming the team.

UPDATE:  Not long after posting the story, I received an e-mail from Eagles spokesman Derek Boyko.  “I just saw your post,” Boyko wrote.  “I verbalized this to a couple of inquiring local reporters yesterday. There should have been a period between ‘ready’ and ‘To’.  I should have sent this to you yesterday. Sorry for the confusion with you and your readers.”  That’s a stand-up move by Boyko, and we appreciate it.  That said, I still think the video is inconclusive.

77 responses to “Castillo quote causes a stir

  1. as Mike Vick said “your a coach, so coach, don’t talk”

    good god the Eagles are the most annoying team in the NFL right now, all they do is talk talk talk

  2. after that last performance…ahh we better work on chemistry as a unit….Eagles first teamers got whooped….slow down dream team…you have the talent…just hush your mouths and play…

  3. I’m pretty sure most players and coaches mention wanting to play in, or being ready, for the Superbowl. Why is it a big deal for someone from the Eagle’s organization to do the same thing?

  4. Maybe you guys could post less articles about NFC/AFC East teams, and this wouldn’t be an issue?

  5. I guess I’m not understanding what is supposed to be so wrong about either the original comment or the grammatical alteration.

  6. I don’t get it. The Eagles want to win the Super Bowl. No secret there.

    Their linebackers are not quite ready for prime time. No secret there.

    The coaching staff believes that by the end of the season they will be ready for prime time. Every coaching staff thinks that.

    Where is the controversy?

  7. Why worry about grammar when the content doesn’t support their revision? The Super Bowl bit fits only the first part contextually, as 16 weeks is too short a time span to win the Super Bowl, but long enough to be playing your best for the playoffs.

  8. Seriously, who cares where the ” . ” is?

    Who are you? thephantomstranger?

    If somebody asks Matt Patricia that question, he better darn well say heck yeah, my linebackers are ready to win the Super Bowl, and if they aren’t they should all be cut and the coach fired.

  9. Don’t you the rules of being from Philly?

    1) Brag continuously throughout the offseason and into the regular season how a Super Bowl is “guaranteed”. Disappear for weeks when team is eliminated from playoffs
    2) Celebrate and laugh when opposing players get hurt. The more severe the injury, the more you celebrate
    3) Never start a fight unless you outnumber the victim by at least 10 to 1
    4) Whenever anything negative appears in the press that relates to Philly, the Eagles, or even football in general, whine and cry about how Philly is “victimized”
    5) Brag continuously about regular season wins in order to distract others from the 40 plus years of Super Bowl futility. If the Super Bowl is brought up, claim “it doesn’t matter”.
    6) Repeat the above steps every year for over four decades.

    Congrats! Now get drunk, eat grilled mystery meat covered in fake cheese sauce – better known as a “cheesesteak”, and go commit some misdemeanors or, better yet, some felonies. Just make sure you’re inside before the curfew hits.

  10. @tbpdogg

    all the eagles do is talk and that makes them the most annoying team in the nfl??

    no, pretty sure that’d be the media talking constantly about the eagles because they made a bunch of huge signings. the media, being the black hole of idiocy it is, is finding everything the eagles are saying and leaving it for you even bigger idiots to misinterpret and get upset about.

    stop whining about the eagles and start focusing on why your team actually sucks

  11. Turns out, this quote was not really reported as it was said, punctuation matters:

    “The linebackers will be ready. To win the Super Bowl, remember, it takes 16 weeks, and then really whoever is playing their best during the playoffs. So when you look at it there’s time to develop.

  12. “Castillo quote causes a stir”

    You state that the Eagles P.R. staff wrote it up like that. You’ve heard Castillo’s quote and admitted that he wasn’t talking s***, and that may not have been properly quoted with that line.

    So if there is some issue, you’re saying it was caused by the P.R. Staff, yet still put “Castillo quote causes stir” in the headline. That’s what the link says.

    Face it, following Vince Young’s offhand remark (the guy seemed excited to have a fresh start, IMO, and wasn’t claiming some kind of inherent dominance over the league) fans and the press will manufacture some kind of controversy over anything they can do create either Philly-hate or site traffic.

  13. “Eagles fans not as convinced as Eagles brass that they’ll make, let alone win, the Super Bowl.”


    That wasn’t the case a week ago. The price of gold on the stock market almost doubles as the fans in Philly started pre-ordering their SB replica rings.

    What happened to all of the guarantees from the fans that they were going to win the SB? Oh yeah…the Steelers kicking their teeth in brought everybody back to reality.

  14. 1) There is nothing inconclusive about the video. He makes a significant pause between “ready.” and “To win…”.

    2) The eagles PR staff bungled that transcription.

    3) The media jumps on and overreacts to everything these days (no team or player is excluded) so the little things (i.e. grammar) do matter (especially when the team is putting it out), as does every word coming out of the players’ mouths (I’m looking at you MV and VY,just shut up and play).

  15. Who gives a crap? What matters is what happens on the field between sept 11 and the lombardi trophy hoisting, whoever is doing it. If you don;t think you are ready for the challenge, don’t play. This quote is a non-sense issue.

    Bottom line is, we need LB help in the middle. BAD. You can run a wide 9 d-line alignment with a 230lb rookie mlb, folks. That’s just silly. Replace stewart bradley, since you didn’t want to keep him, with a comparable size/strength/tackling ability athlete. Must do this, or we are in trouble. Forget superbowl, we’ll be in trouble for making the playoffs. Just ask TB Blount, NYG Braddy/jacobs, Minn AP, and any other teams that’s just gonna pound our middle all day and keep our O ffense off the field.

  16. Is this the NFL or english class?? Nothing against proper grammar but seems blown out of proportion….


  17. if anybody thinks Casey Matthews will be ready for anything they better admit themselves to a mental hospital. He was destroyed last game. Far to small, far to slow and far to ineffective.

  18. The Eagles team have different goals from the PR staff. The team wants to avoid provocative statements that put a bullseye on Vick, etc.’s jersey. The PR staff wants to jack up expectations so Eagles fans/viewers will be worked up to watch their team.

  19. mightymightylafootball says:
    Aug 23, 2011 9:15 AM
    What the hell is he wearing around his neck – a pair of broken bifocals?


    A guy I used to work with wore those. They are magnetic in the middle so they actually are not broken.

  20. @ east96st

    Somebody sounds scared of philly. Keep hiding behind your keyboard. Computer tough guy. Every fan is poised before and during the season to win a superbowl. That is the ultimate goal… Do you want fans to sit there and say that there team has no chance to succeed. Herbal life and stop being scared.

  21. The Eagles foundation is built with straw and they keep piling on the question marks. With Desean Jackson being as brittle as he is and the potential to be a disturbance in the locker room, Vick in general being Vick, and Juan Castillo promoted to D-coordinator- it is only a matter of time before this team implodes. That is without going into Maclin’s health concerns and their weak LB corps in general.

    This team will not win a Superbowl during the Andy Reid/ Michael Vick era.

  22. tbpdog says: Aug 23, 2011 9:03 AM

    as Mike Vick said “your a coach, so coach, don’t talk”

    good god the Eagles are the most annoying team in the NFL right now, all they do is talk talk talk

    Hey moron, watch the video that they posted. Anybody can say words, but you obviously didn’t watch the video. I don’t even think you read the article, because the eagles press obviously typed this up wrong.

  23. also, the question was about the superbowl, and castillo just talked about the superbowl after saying the linebackers will be ready, anybody who has a problem with this needs to watch the video and keep their mouth shut

  24. Whatever he meant to have said or said or didn’t say, what Eagles genius decided that having been an unsuccessful O-line coach makes for excellence in a D coordinator?

  25. VY will hold a press conference today to state for the record “Juan Castillo’s quote was taken out of context.”

  26. ‘You can get a good look at a butcher by sticking your head up a bull’s arse’

    no wait…

    what if it’s your bull?

    Sounds like nobody really has a clue on this one, but really, given the quote, why the stir? Who cares?

  27. east96st says:
    Aug 23, 2011 9:21 AM
    Don’t you the rules of being from Philly?

    1) Try running your mouth like this in the stands in Philly….. Disappear for weeks until you are found somewhere.
    2) Celebrate and laugh when you are found somewhere.
    3) Never get into a fight 1-on-1 much less 10 on 1.
    4) Whenever anything negative appears defend your team, dummy – wouldnt you?
    5) fairly consistent in that Philly has been in the playoffs and where has your team been ..”front runner”
    6) Repeat any of this nonsense at the Frank, and by the time your out of your coma, you’ll have the same welcoming committee waiting.

    “Fly in first class, leave in coach…thats how we roll in Philly”
    -Vai Sikahema


  29. Fans who comment on here are almost as bad as people on My favorite are people who take shots at philly and their fans when they clearly didn’t even read the article, so yóu just cam here to talk trash by saying “all philly does is talk trash”. Pot calling the kettle black huh?

  30. Okay, so I posted a couple of posts stating I didn’t understand it… and then it clicked. People are upset because he didn’t say “Heck yeah our linebackers are awesome.”

    See… I have a different point of view on this because I’m a Colts fan.

    As some of you may remember the year the Colts won the Super Bowl their defense was the weakest run defense I have ever seen on a winning team. I’m not joking when I say they were allowing 5 yards a carry and 100 yards against scrubs.

    Come playoff time, as we all remember, the defense turned into the 85 Bears and the Colts won the Super Bowl.

    I heard Castillo and thought “yeah that is right.” because I saw that process he was talking about working.

    The question Castillo was answering was “why didn’t the Eagles address the linebackers” and his answer was “they did, they drafted a bunch of young guys and they are coming along as expected” (paraphrased, obviously)

    Again, if you got something controversial out of what Castillo said then you are a hater or a blogger trying to create a buzz on a slow news day.

  31. “Super Bowl? Super Bowl? Hell, we’d be happy if we just won our division”

    The problem with Castillo’s comment is that regardless where the period is placed, it still highlights how the the organization is even presumptuously mentioning the Super Bowl while in pre-season week 2, as tho it’s inevitable.

  32. Inconclusive? If that is how you want to see it sure. Is there a pause or isn’t there a pause? If there is a pause, it’s because someone is separating two ideas while they speak.

    The comment itself isn’t a big deal, but more the spin cycle of the “dream team” failing that the media can’t wait to massage into a story as soon as this team sees any hardship is pretty funny.

  33. It’s official. The Dream Team (of which few if any players has a ring) is ready to win the Super Bowl. Like it or not, you’re stuck with this all season. It will only grow and become more twisted and complex, it not go away. Talk about the jinx from hell. If those comments came from an organization that at least had a Lombardi or two it may not be quite so laughable.

  34. Let me get this straight.

    The Eagles linebackers will be ready to win the Super Bowl, but their quarterback won’t be.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  35. tbpdog says: Aug 23, 2011 9:03 AM

    as Mike Vick said “your a coach, so coach, don’t talk”

    good god the Eagles are the most annoying team in the NFL right now, all they do is talk talk talk
    Really? I’d argue that, with all the media that’s swarming them looking for soundbites, it’s amazing that we haven’t heard a lot more and a lot worse from them. Once a team or player gets a lot of buzz, the media is all over them. If they refuse to talk to them, then the media attacks them for that. If they do talk to them and say anything that could be PERCEIVED a certain way, then that’s how the media discusses it and they jump all over it as if their interpretation was the only possible meaning.

  36. Shut up and play football! we already have a target on our backs, anything that is said to the press will get twisted for entertainment purposes
    so just shut up and let your play do the talking one way or the other. GO EAGLES!!

  37. Never before has a comment made by a rental back-up QB ever been so blown out of proportion. Give me a break. Please just start the season. The ridiculous “drama” of this off-season is coming to a boiling point. It’s not football anymore.

  38. cant wait till the season gets started. All you haters can go back to watching your bum teams and wishing they were the eagles. Then when they playoffs come around, half of the nonsense on this page will drop

  39. I use to think this site had knowledgeable football fans…..then I see all the comments about how the Eagles won’t win anything because of one PRESEASON game and I have decided that no, this site just has a bunch of morons.

    Get your hate and trash talking in now — once the regular season begins, you won’t be saying much.

  40. If you don’t like the Eagles, don’t pay attention to them. We don’t need your 2 cents about your misguided interpertations about Philadelphia or our team, just worry about where ever your from and whatever teams you root for.


    Philadelphia Fans

  41. birdobeamen says:
    Aug 23, 2011 11:11 AM

    Get your hate and trash talking in now — once the regular season begins, you won’t be saying much.

    Right back at ya, buddy.

  42. east96st says: Aug 23, 2011 9:21 AM

    5) Brag continuously about regular season wins in order to distract others from the 40 plus years of Super Bowl futility. If the Super Bowl is brought up, claim “it doesn’t matter”.


    It’s funny when a troll writes a long post on PFT, and buried in the trash there’s the real nugget of truth behind their pathetic hatred.

    Are you still upset because the Eagles laid down the most epic regular-season destruction on your team in the history of football? Regular season games don’t mean much – unless, of course, that regular season game ends with a 4 minute comeback for the ages over a team’s hated rival and capped off with the first walk-off punt return victory in NFL history. Then, yeah, it’s kind of put in the annals of football history.

    The only people who think that game shouldn’t be bragged about are greasy Jersey-Shore rejects like yourself.

  43. as Mike Vick said “your a coach, so coach, don’t talk”

    thats probably the dumbest quote ive ever read. arent players supposed to shut up and LISTEN to the coaches, you know, coach?

  44. I detest the current Eagles as much as anyone, but this seems like a non-story to me. There’s nothing wrong with a coach showing some ambition to motivate a team. It’s true that he’s a newbie at his job, and the linebackers are widely regarded as one of the team’s weaknesses, but that doesn’t matter. He can say what he likes. He’s not boasting, he’s showing confidence.

    And if he didn’t intend the quote as it was originally quoted, which seems likely, then there’s no story whatsoever.

    Hard for me to wish the Eagles well, but I hope Castillo does well and his “weak link” part of the squad does well too. Well enough to earn respect, but not well enough to beat the Cowboys or win the division. 🙂

  45. @zeussuperman, with respect to your storytelling ability, the fact that last year’s Eagles needed that miracle win to even make the playoffs, then fell immediately flat in said playoffs, means that ‘miracle’ game won’t be regarded as anything special in the annals of history.

    Now, the Giants’ run to their 2007 Super Bowl win – that will always be seen as the stuff of legend. Heck, their week 16 loss to the Pats that season is much further up the “greatest game” scale than last year’s game.

    One regular-season win for the Eagles on the way to a nothing result is, well, nothing special.


  47. “I still think the video is inconclusive.”

    You know what, this is complete garbage.

    There couldn’t BE a longer pause between “…bowl.” and “…To.”

    Also, he was answering a question: “Everyone is talking about this team winning a Super Bowl. But will the LB’s be ready?”

    Juan’s answer: “The LB’s will be ready. (thinking…pausing…more thinking…) To win a Super Bowl , remember, it takes 16….”.

    This confusion should have never started in the first place.

  48. There should have been a period between ‘ready’ and ‘To’. 

    ….so was there the removal of the period and an insertion of a comma after “Bowl”, along with making “Remember” lower case? Because otherwise the new period doesn’t really help much.

    (Yes, I’m aware of how stupid that sounds. This whole discussion is stupid. He was still talking about getting linebackers ready and what it takes to win a Super Bowl, right? So own it. End of story, except for people who hate hearing their team’s personnel bring up the ‘s’ and ‘b’ words before the regular season even starts, lest they jinx things.)

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  50. How obsessed is everyone with the Eagles. It’s kinda of hilarious. Number 1 comments of the day yet again. We welcome all fans to be Eagles fans with open arms. You guys comment on us enough to be Eagles fans.

  51. All you haters are a bunch of hypocrites.
    what the hell are the coaches and players supposed to say?
    “i know we’re young, but maybe in 3-4yrs we can make it to the Superbowl”
    “Vick still has a lot to learn, he’s no where near ready to run a first team offense.”

    if the coaches said that, they’d be run out of town… and all you haters would be calling for their heads for throwing the team under the bus.

    So a team believes in itself. Wow. such a travesty. i believe Mohammad Ali said he was Great, and everybody loved him. Babe Ruth does one of the most egotistical and disrespectful things of all time, by pointing to where he’s going to hit his home-run. and you all love him for it. Yet, a TEAM says they want are ready and good enough to win. and they’re whiners, clowns, a**holes, cheaters, storytellers, etc.

    Get a life. Support your own damn team. Stop wasting our time.

    oh, and @east96st,
    point to one american made shees that doesn’t have some preservatives or chemicals in the in them…

  52. Sorry Zeus, but I beg to differ. Just as the Eagles have every right to brag about the Miracle in the Meadowlands 2, the Giants have the right to brag about the miracle playoff run and win in SB 42. Nobody can ever take those games away from those teams. They are all games that will go down in the lore of their respective teams.

    I think what “east96st” was commenting on was the fact that every time a Giants/Eagles debate comes up, Eagles fans throw up the 6 game win streak and the “MM2”. If the Giants fan brings up SB 42, we are shot down with “That is SO old, ancient history”

    Both games are history at this point. Neither game has any bearing on what will happen this yea,r or for years to come. Just good memories for the respective fans.

    Zeus, you are one of the few Eagle fans I can honestly say I respect on this site.

  53. Yeah, kevpft and gcsuk,

    I wasn’t trying to say you guys shouldn’t be able to brag about SB 42 just because the Eagles had that crazy win last year. I just think that, since the walk-off punt return was the last game in our rivalry, it’s still pretty relevant.

    But… are you kidding me? You want to talk about “for the ages” games, your SB victory takes the cake. Any Eagles fan who disagrees is hating. Our game got us the playoffs, yours got you the ring (and, to my shame, I was actually rooting for the G-men to derail the 19-0 express).

    I think we all need these games to start meaning something. I for one am looking forward to the next Eagles-Giants game!

  54. To anyone who understands spoken english in context, the video is very conclusive regarding the meaning of Castillo’s words. Castillo’s whole manner was not baggadocio – he was defensive about the weaknesses of his inexperienced LB corps. Only the truly stubborn would insist that he was bragging that his LB will be ready for the Superbowl.

  55. As a victim(haha) of the vikings 4 SB and 5 nfc championship game loses I say 1 thing at a time. Good lord is their cart before horse. ha

  56. @ east96st

    You certainly have a lot of unhealthy hatred towards the Eagles and their fans. Do you ever post anything of value or just hatred towards the Eagles? Let me guess, someone from Philly once gave you a wedgy as a kid and you never got over it. Being the loser that you are, I’ll bet you never personally won anything in your life, so you cling to the Giants’ superbowl wins as if they were your own.

    Get a life. Relax. Enjoy the sport.

    @ kevpft

    You are absolutely right. Whether it’s 4th and 26 or the epic comeback (collapse?) at the new Meadowlands, if it doesn’t lead to a superbowl win it doesn’t truly go down in NFL lore. It’s just a great moment frozen in time.

    Unfortunately, until the Ealges win a SB, great moments are all we have. So we will have to enjoy them just the same.

  57. kinglos says: Aug 23, 2011 9:58 AM


    I didn’t like the couch either. That’s why I opted for the recliner. Remember Tim Couch?

  58. Can we put the dream team thing to rest yet? It was said by one player who is a backup and has been with the team and organization for two weeks. Vince Young never was and never will be anything more than a mental midget.

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