Terrell Thomas injury highlights the risk of “contract years”

For those of you who choose not to watch PFT Live, we’ll drop some of the highlights from each show in the Rumor Mill.  It’s an easier way to get info about a topic in which you may be interested, without having to watch the whole show.

So, even though we prefer that you watch the whole show, enjoy the snippets.

Like this one, regarding the unique challenge that teams face when deciding whether to extend the contract of a guy who is in the final year of his deal, as illustrated by the torn ACL suffered on Monday night by Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas.

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7 responses to “Terrell Thomas injury highlights the risk of “contract years”

  1. hopefully TT takes the kiwi approach and not the steve smith approach next year…..because unfortunately, like both of those guys this season, next season will be all about TT re-establishing his value. his big pay day has definately been put on hold thanks to the injury.

  2. You really gotta feel for the guy. What a tough situation. He was in line for a VERY nice payday. Not a Giants fan but hope he can come back strong.

  3. jdandcoke, glad someone else listened to what Jerry was saying all offseason. Steve did this to himself. He wasn’t going to get more than the $35M we offered before he got hurt. Jerry was gonna take care of him and allow him to “re-establish his value” HERE. Now, in Philly, where he may not even play at all (Jackson, Maclin, Avant, Cooper, where does he fit in???) he won’t even be able to do that and STILL won’t get paid.

    Kudos to Kiwanuka and hopefully Jerry will think long term and offer the same to TT, while Prince waits in the wings.

  4. Some long time loyal pft planet members now read on their smart phone where u can’t watch the videos. If not on a work computer where u can’t listen to volume. It blows. Post the info

  5. If Dicktaitor roger really cared about player safety. He would use unaccountable power 2 get rid of the preseason. Then atleast when a guy gets hurt. It would b n a game that means something.

  6. This is one of the reasons fans are stupid when they get angry at a star player for holding out for more money. In the NFL, the contract is something the player is obliged to but the team is not bound to.

    For example, if I sign for five years and $30 million but suffer a big injury in year 3 the team can just cut me and I don’t get the money for the last two years of my contract. But if I’m on a rookie deal and immediately become one of the dominant players in the game, the team can say “he has to honor his rookie deal, even though he is dramatically outperforming his contract.”

    In most sports it’s the opposite. I don’t support basketball and baseball players who hold out (which you almost never see anymore). But the NFL is different. My career can end on the next play. If I’m playing like a top player in the game, pay me like it.

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