Heath Evans retires, joins NFL Network

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Fullback Heath Evans has retired from the NFL after 10 seasons and a lot of victories.

Evans started his career in Seattle, before moving on to the Patriots in 2005.

He spent four years in New England before spending the last two with the Saints, picking up a Super Bowl ring along the way.

He announced the decision on Twitter Wedesday; he will move to Los Angeles to join NFL Network’s ever-growing stable of analysts.

18 responses to “Heath Evans retires, joins NFL Network

  1. dude could probably get some film roles tbh…
    not saying he should play Jason Voorheez or something, but the dude is a pretty big dude…
    Fast 6 or some Road Warrior type thing…

  2. Heath Evans gets a lot of attention for a moderately successful FB.

    I guess it goes to show that if you can be somewhat articulate and likable, it’s not a bad thing for your career.

  3. I lost all respect for him with his nonsensical talk during the lockout.

    NFL Network is going down hill fast.

    Yet another former player who has no ability to speak, communicate and analyze intelligently and objectively.

    Poor Rich Eisen.

  4. I lost all respect for him with his nonsensical talk during the lockout.


    Yep, he pissed off a lot of people.

    Don’t see many Saints fan who were sad to see him go. Which is telling, because he really was a good player.

  5. Eisen is good as a glib facilitator and interviewer but I ❤ Charles Davis, and Mayock even more. They impart a lot of actual football knowledge. I like Baldy too.

  6. We get it he played for the dolphins before the pats read the comments before you post one im sure if you ask him he probably wouldnt even mention playing for the dolphins, and how are you going to act like this is breaking news when I seen him on nfl network yesterday interviewing jonathon vilma

  7. He can speak. That is a rarity among commentators. Jerry Rice, Warren Sapp, Michael Irvin, Cris Carter, Emmit Smith, etc. You’d thinking talking on television would require at least a basic grasp of the language.

  8. He didn’t have to retire, he still had a good year or two in him.
    He didn’t help his cause saying that the only two teams he’d want to play for were the Patriots and the Saints.
    Sean Payton didn’t like his loudmouth tendencies and they wanted to go in a younger direction and Bill, well he’s Bill.

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