Rex Grossman starts tonight for Redskins

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For tonight at least, Rex Grossman is the Washington Redskins’ starting quarterback.

Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen said on ESPN 980 that Grossman will get the start for tonight’s preseason game against the Ravens.

The plan is for Grossman to play the first two series with the first-string offense, and then John Beck to play the next two series, still with the first-string offense on the field.

Beck is generally recognized as the favorite to win the starting job, but Redskins coach Mike Shanahan says he won’t announce who his starter is until “right before” the September 11 opener against the Giants.

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  1. Not really understanding that. We know what Rex can do. Give Beck the shot to see what he can do against a stout defense. Shanahan is thinking too hard.

  2. ” and then John Beck to play the next to series, still with the first-string offense on the field.”

    You mean the next TWO series, not to series. Typos are just an epidemic at PFT. Is it the official policy to not proofread? I’m just sayin’…

  3. Skins will be better than most people think this year. I expect them somewhere near 8-8. I actually think they finish ahead of the Giants and close to the Cowboys this year…

  4. As “awful” as some people think the Redskins QB position/competition is, I am not so sure that teams being settled at QB necessarily means those teams aren’t just as “awful” at the position. That is, I think that as far as QB play goes in the NFL, with the exception of the top 10-12 QBs everyone is pretty much at the same level of talent. It comes down to poise, knowing and running the system effectively, not turning it over, and capitalizing on breakdowns in the defense and other opportunities.

    Beck OR Grossman are just as good as, say, Cassell, Garrard, Hasselbeck, or McNabb. Just because these guys are clear starters, doesn’t mean they are somehow necessarily better than Beck or Grossman.

    In the end, the Redskins will need to run the ball effectively, make the proverbial “leap” in their second year in a new defensive scheme, and create more turnovers. In other words, they are in the middle of a re-building process and people need to understand it as such. The Bradys and Rogers don’t just fall out of trees–they are made in systems and with good people around them. Remember those two were doubted when they were drafted, too. Remember, Brees was traded away. Steve Young didn’t get good until his early 30s.

  5. I’m tired of all the “skins are playing for Andrew Luck this year” comments. This team is NOWHERE near as bad as the Bengals. Beck has been in the league a few years now, learning. Remember way back when, when QB’s used to sit and learn for a few years? THEN they got to play, and no one knew how good or bad they’d be? The ONLY reason everyone here keeps saying “if Beck was any good he’d have played by now” is because of the “instant gratification” society we’ve become and the influx of young talent at the QB position the past few years.

    And just so you don’t think I’m an old guy yelling at whipper-snappers to get off my lawn, I’m only 30 but I understand the history of this great sport.

    None of this mean Beck will be any good, but my point is: WE DON’T KNOW HE’LL SUCK. Let the man play and prove or disprove himself before passing judgement.

  6. hey raiders fan.
    dont post on other teams topics. you and the browns and bengals can all get in the same boat and sail off into suck land. you have no premise to talk any kind of trash. go stab somebody. ive been to your butthole of a stadium. as clean as al davis’s colon

  7. Really… People actually think Beck’s going to start come week one?! That’s kind of funny…. In no way shape or form has Shanahan EVER said he will be the starter… Rex played solid at the end of the year, and played a lot better in the preseason than Beck EVER did…. Rex will start week one… Anything else is blasphemy…

  8. bobbinski1229 says:
    Aug 25, 2011 5:54 PM
    Really… People actually think Beck’s going to start come week one?! That’s kind of funny…. In no way shape or form has Shanahan EVER said he will be the starter… Rex played solid at the end of the year, and played a lot better in the preseason than Beck EVER did…. Rex will start week one… Anything else is blasphemy…

    Blasphemy is the Redskins organization! That wasnt an earthquake earlier this week in VA it was the Redskins season rumbling to a hault before the season began!

  9. @EAGLESFOOTBALLFAN your a typical idiot from Philadelphia talking out of your ass…Win a Super bowl and talk..Tell Vick stop throwing picks…You guys havent even smelled a lombardi trophy..BTW DUST OFF THAT OLD ASS 1960 NFL TROPHY..MAYBE YOU GUYS WILL HAVE SOME LUCK!!

  10. “skinsfandcdan83 says: ”

    Oh look, a Redskins fan came at an Eagles fan by telling him to “win a superbowl” first!! WHOAAAAAA! You really got him good there buddy! Never heard that one before! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA phew…man that was a good one!!

    How do you guys continue to come up with these fresh comebacks all the time?! HA HA HA HA


    Enjoy the basement Washington…….again.

  11. Say what you want about Mike Shanahan, but please stop suggesting that he’s the type of coach to tank a season in order to win the “Andrew Luck Sweepstakes”. That’s just flat out retarded.

  12. ok birdobewoman,
    ill do it.
    win something before you talk.
    no credibility without at least one trophy. your not a dynasty or a great franchise. your a team that every decade or so makes the playoffs a few times then flames out. very media driven overrated house pet slaughtering qb who cant take a hit. a pansy wr core who again, cant take a hit.
    tell me how far youre going this year?
    the highlight of your franchise was that stupid marky mark movie

  13. I’m clearly in the minority here but I’m a die hard skins fan and I want Luck. I’ll cheer against them for a year if it means our long-term future looks brighter. These QBs have looked much better than expected this preseason bit we aren’t going to win super bowls with these guys. With Luck, we have no idea if he’s the real deal but I’m willing to put my money on him if you compare him to what we’ve got now.

    Besides, I wouldn’t mind having the first pick in each round. Great way to rebuild a team that desperately needs depth.

  14. Birdobeamen is right, Skins fans cant keep throwing out those super bowl victories. Recently, the Eagles have been the superior team…so superior, in fact, that in the 6 seasons since their last super bowl appearance the Eagles are a whooping 6-6 against the Skins…talk about dominating the competition………………..

  15. @skinsfandcdan83… Stop talking like Wash is a successful franchise , the skins haven’t won a division title since 1999 . Theres only 4 teams in the east and you have 0 division titles this MILLENIUM ! Last year you finished in last place, so what drastic moves have you made too get better ? 0. Relish those super bowls from the 80’s cause your teams a mess . When was the last time you even had back to back winning seasons ? At least you guys are used to last place , get cozy its going to be another pathetic 4th place in the east .

  16. supashug says:
    Aug 25, 2011 6:59 PM
    Ed Reed now gets his first Int of the season, thanks Skins


    Ed Reed will get his last Int of the season on the third wkend in January, right before either the Colts or Steelers bounce the Ravens from the playoffs yet again

  17. Some of the eagles fans are pretty pissed on here. Not sure why. I mean the eagles are winning the superbowl this year right? Why all the heartache over us skins fans. U guys should be happy right? Unless uve realized the eagles ALWAYS choke and I would be willing to bet this wont be ur year either.

  18. thetooloftools says:Aug 25, 2011 6:05 PM

    The more i see of the Skins… the more i can now understand why denver had to cut Shanahan loose.

    Youre not actually watching then. Youre just hating. Dominated steelers first teams. dominated colts first teams. up 7-0 on ravens.

    what are you watching, jagoff?

  19. If the QB battle is even and neither separates themselves by an exceptional performance, the question becomes, which QB gives the Redskins the best chance of beating the division rivals? In the passing game, especially in the 2 minute drill, if that is where it is needed, Grossman has the edge because he gets very little run support when he is in and can handle the blitzes better which is his biggest asset which is probably due to his experience in the offensive scheme. If on the other hand, if the running game is needed to set up the pass, Beck seems to have the edge because for some unexplainable reason, the backs run better with him (just an observation). The o-line seems to block better for Beck and Hightower seems to be able to break those big runs when he is in. As weird as it may seem, Beck seems to have better chemistry. That chemistry in combination with his movement should at least give him the opportunity in the opener against the Giants, but, that being said, My gut instinct tells me that Grossman can beat our division rivals this season, and Beck can’t. I am glad that it is Mike Shanahan’s decision and not mine.

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