Vince Young may not have backup job locked up

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Despite a big contract for a backup quarterback, it’s unclear right now if Vince Young is truly ahead of Mike Kafka in the eyes of Eagles coach Andy Reid.

Young takes more snaps with the No. 2 offense and he enters preseason games second, but the folks watching Eagles practice every day aren’t sure whether he’s picking up the offense fast enough.

“We’ll see how quickly Vince is coming, and that’s a hard thing in this system without an offseason,” offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. “So, he’s doing everything possible to get himself ready to play at a high level. [QB coach] Doug [Pederson] is working hard, hard, hard on that with him.”

That’s a lot of use of the word “hard.” Meanwhile, Kafka has mostly looked good in camp.  He has a weak arm, but the coaching staff seems to trust him.

Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News believes that if Michael Vick got hurt early in the year, Kafka would replace him.

“Whether that changes in October or November, we’ll see,” Domowitch writes.

Perhaps Young could change it in August if he sparkles in tonight’s preseason game and next week’s preseason finale.

61 responses to “Vince Young may not have backup job locked up

  1. Vince young will tell you, “If Vince Young wants the backup job, then the backup job belongs to Vince Young.”

    The next day he will say his words were taken out of context, that “Vince Young really thinks Mike Kafka is best for the job, not Vince Young”.

  2. How ironic would it be for Vince “Dream Team” young to be cut and have his “stank” live on with the Eagles?

  3. I miss seeing him listed as Uncle Rico. ” I bet ya I could throw the ball right over that mountain….back in ’82”

  4. He might be having a hard time picking it up because he is stupid. Perhaps if they took all of those pesky words out and replaced them with pictures, he might learn the playbook a little quicker.

  5. First and foremost Vince is too immature and has an unbelievable inflated ego. He started this stupid negative mantra ‘dream team’ b.s. his mechanics aren’t sound for throwing. Skippy Bayless can eat one, how dare u say he should start over or is better than Vick! He only has his legs because his pocket passing his spotty and inconsistent. He is soft and definitely not capable of dealing with Philly Pressure’ as a QB either. He should be the 3rd String QB for absolute emergency for this year. His camp was mediocre and Preseason performance as well.

  6. Not really all that surprising, given the limited offseason. Most any other qb would have the same issue to some degree. Eagles still have a better qb situation, top to bottom, than just about every other team. But what’s really great about this article is that we get to read all the lame “Dream Team” posts from the mindless sheep who struggle to form a unique or original thought.

  7. enough with the dream team talk! Really getting old there the 5th fav to win the super bowl! Idiots!

  8. Who cares what a newswriter says. It’s the coach that has to assess Vince, not the newswriter. Until we hear something from Reid, Domowich’s opinion doesn’t mean anything.

  9. bigjb123 says: Aug 25, 2011 11:05 AM

    enough with the dream team talk! Really getting old there the 5th fav to win the super bowl! Idiots!



  10. Where’s the WR coming to Kafka’s defense. I mean VY can’t just come in a be the dog! They ain’t no vanilla offense!


  11. The Eagles thought that a slow witted, flaky guy who puts out 150 yards of offense a game would be a good choice to back up a slightly less slow witted guy who’s going to get hurt. No wonder they had to raid the FA market.

  12. Dear PFT,

    Tim Tebow and Vince Young get so many headlines for third string quarterbacks. We were kinda wondering when we were going to get some stories about us. We would greatly appreciate it.


    Jordan Palmer and the other 29 third-string quarterbacks of the NFL

  13. This is news if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 seasons. No Eagles QB job has been safe since than. And that includes Mike Vick potential injuries.

  14. Young will enver be ready to execute the offense. He does not have what it takes to be a good NFL QB. That means undertanding the offense, understanding the defense, and turning that into split second decisions on where the ball goes. He can’t even learn the playbook let alone execute it when all the aprts are moving.

  15. “Vince young will tell you, “If Vince Young wants the backup job, then the backup job belongs to Vince Young.”

    The next day he will say his words were taken out of context, that “Vince Young really thinks Mike Kafka is best for the job, not Vince Young”.”

    This is Vince we’re talking about. He’s more likely to come back the next day and say his words were taken out of context and what he really meant was “if Vince Young wants the backup job then the back up job belongs to Vince Young”

  16. This is just like ’09 when Vick didn’t sign until mid-August and it took him time to ramp up.

    Except for the part where he had been out of the league for a couple of years and didn’t cost $5M while he was getting up to speed.

  17. So Vince might not even get to be the Christian Laettner of his self-proclaimed Dream Team. Priceless.

  18. you can make fun of him, and it’s not always pretty but he has won 17 out of 30 NFL starts. How many NFL games has your backup QB won?

    It’s a good problem to have 3 good QBs.

  19. I look at Vince Young and I see a guy who just cannot play in Philadelphia, New York, or Philadelphia.

    He comes off as an entitled guy who doesn’t appear to be all that motivated.

    He’d be best moving on to some town with a weak sports media and Stepford Fans. I see it ending badly for him here.

  20. if the play book was a pop up book, VY would have an easier time.

    Kafka is a smart kid, but he has very little experience as a starter, even in college. I would really like to see what he can do with the 2’s . From what i have seen, he doesnt make stupid errors. he does try to force plays every once in while but every QB should.

    vince young is just eating up DeSean’s raise.. If we had signed him to a longer deal & had the ability to trade him after the season, i’d be on board with keeping him, but we didnt and he has again shown his inability to grasp . . .multi syllable words.

  21. Good. I rather have Kafta as the backup than Young (who BTW should have a muzzle on his mouth the rest of the season after that “Dream Team” comment).

  22. Young will enver be ready to execute the offense.

    LIES! Vince Young has EXECUTED every NFL offense he has been in. Just call him “The Lethal Injection”.

  23. As much as it’s so easy to make fun of Vince Young for his lack of maturity or very low IQ, the reality is that he’s only been with the team a few months coming from a completely different system. Of course he’s going to struggle with a new playbook and new receivers.

    Guys with low Wonderlic scores struggle in a high IQ position, but with his athletic ability he can eventually make plays. Perhaps he’ll solidy the #2 position midseason or so.

  24. Not even seeing any push back from the Eagles Homers about him being borderline retarded. They must all agree.

  25. Vince Young is a terrible QB. I would take Kafka over him any day. I’m an Eagles fan and never understood that pickup.

    From an “acquire, rebuild, retool, and resell” perspective, it makes good sense. I think Vince Young is the Eagles being smart about an “investment for the future”. Perhaps get a few draft picks out of him next year and/or cover themselves for the odd game or four that Vick might be out while still utilizing Kafka in “different formations”.

    Other than that, worthless.

  26. Is anyone really surprised that this immature brain doner isnt picking something up? no they’re not, vince young is a loser whos dreams came true in college and now everyone else in this league is just as fast or faster bigger and or stronger, nfl is a mental game, and vince young just dosent have the intelligence or the work ethic to be what everyone thought he would be.

  27. Maybe he gets in a couple of games, late in the season, when they won’t matter, and plays well.
    Then the Eagles pawn him off on some QB desperate team for another second rounder…

  28. Philly,

    He could not cut with the Titans.
    Keep the younger quarterback. Give the clip Board and let him learn from mike vick.

    Young is done

    Dream Team!

  29. And to everyone questioning Vince Young?

    Back off! He’s a 2013 2nd round pick in the making!

    Don’t believe me? Ask Donovan, Kevin and AJ.

  30. ballinmore says: Aug 25, 2011 12:52 PM

    Not even seeing any push back from the Eagles Homers about him being borderline retarded. They must all agree.


    Don’t know enough about him to say. I doubt you would be able to pick up Andy Reid’s playbook and know it cover-to-cover in four or five weeks, so him not mastering the offense isn’t surprising.

    However, we know his exploits in TN, and we’re wary. If he were the starter and this was the regular season, I think you’d hear a lot more Eagles fans bashing him.

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