Quarterbacks take center stage in Seahawks-Broncos game

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When a pair of former AFC West rivals get together tonight in Denver for their third preseason game, the most important position in the game becomes even more important.

For the Seahawks, Tarvaris Jackson continues to hold that which was handed to him promptly after he signed with the team last month.  He’s the starter.  Charlie Whitehurst is the backup.

But Charlie Whitehurt has outplayed Jackson, prompting speculation that Jackson will get some of the same treatment in Seattle that Seahawks officials claim he received in Minnesota.  If Tarvaris sputters tonight and Whitehurst shines, things could get interesting between now and September 11, when the Seahawks commence the defense of their NFC West crown, against the 49ers.

For the Broncos, the quarterback position has been the focal point of media discussion for a month, and for good reason.  As we understand it, Kyle Orton was so close to being traded to the Dolphins that travel arrangements to Miami had been made.  But the Dolphins got cold feet, due in part to Orton’s demands for a long-term deal.

And so when Orton and Tebow made it to practice for the first time together this year, Orton had a great day, Tebow had a horrible day, and it all went downhill (for Tebow) from there.

Though Tebow widely is regarded as a guy who struggles in practice and gets it together on game day (it’s a reputation he had during his time at Florida), the recent experiences of new Broncos coach John Fox are believed to have helped Orton’s cause.  Fox, who was 2-14 last year in Carolina with rookie Jimmy Clausen taking plenty of lumps (and losing plenty of games), surely has no desire to go 2-14 again with a work-in-progress quarterback.

Of course, this hardly means that Orton will lead the team to a record of 14-2.  Concerns remain regarding his in-game abilities during the fourth quarter and in the red zone, which possibly explains Fox’s decision to give some red-zone reps with the first team to Brady Quinn.

Regardless of what the Broncos do in 2011 — and regardless of what some in the media think of Tebow — the team seems to remain committed to their young quarterback’s long-term development, even if the team hasn’t done more over the past several weeks to throw water on the parade of Tebow critics.  That’s why folks like Woody Paige of the Denver Post have opted not to give up on Tebow, and it’s why we won’t, either.  Unless the rest of the team plays a lot better than it did in 2010, the Broncos eventually will slide out of contention in the AFC West, and the time will come for Tebow to show what he can do.  What he does with that opportunity in 2011 will go a long way toward determined whether he’s the guy who’ll get the job in 2012.

Right now, it’s way too early to say he will.  But it’s also way too early to say he won’t.

21 responses to “Quarterbacks take center stage in Seahawks-Broncos game

  1. That picture is the epitome of why Tebow will never succeed in the NFL unless he’s given a few years of good coaching to weed out his bad habits. He needs to get the ball up higher and that wind-up release takes way too long.

  2. Seems like Tarvaris is getting worse every week, but Carroll is too stubborn to realize that even with 6 years of West-Coast Offence experience, he still cannot play. Whitehurst may not be good, but everyone at this point is better than Jackson.

  3. i’m curious to see if they tank enough to get a top five, then want to trade into the first for….Andrew Luck – thats about the only way they satisfy the fan base.

    Or else by winning the west.

  4. freedomispopular is correct. As a former QB, I was taught very early to keep the ball at least ear high. Tebow is the most famous 4th string QB in the history of football.

  5. I’m not sure why all of a sudden Kyle Orton is being talked about like he’s a great QB or something. Orton is good for putting up a good QB rating, but not winning games, the same as Jason Campbell. Maybe this is an indication of just how desperate teams are to find a QB. Even muddy water looks good to a man dying of thirst.

  6. is it just me or is the coverage on NFLN really annoying? Switching from game to game, with the game announcers AND NFLN hosts talking at the exact same time……….. *eyeroll*

  7. u cant knock a guy until he is given a chance to prove himself. tebow was allowed to start 3 games last year. orton is better right now. yes. but tebow has qualities that cannot be taught. qualities like being a leader and a winner

  8. hahahahahahahaha….way to hedge your bets pft! are you kidding me? what is the point your trying to make? soooooooo, if the broncos drop out of playoff contention and orton is playing at a high level, you think they (the broncos) are going to just plug a third string qb (tebow) in the line up? maybe elway and company think orton IS the qb they will win with in the next few coming years. orton is a very solid qb, i don`t wanna hear he is not. from where i am sitting he has played very well thru most of his career given the circumstances he has had to deal with.

  9. Sapp rambles and babbles and giggles like a self-centered, spoiled only child.

    I’d rather listen to the screaming of dying baby bunnies as they slowly burn to death over hot coals.

    No- really.

  10. It took TJack three years to become Mr. August for the Vikings and then revert to form in the regular season.

    It’s hard to judge with Seattle’s line right now, but he does look bad. No credit to Bevell for making adjustments, either.

    Don’t they have two solid TEs for quick dumpoffs to subvert the pass rush?

    Wake up, Bevell…

  11. get off of tebow’s nuts please. has a back up ever garnered this much media attention? there are 10 other guys on offense, not to mention two quarterbacks playing better than he is. it’s sickening the amount of attention that kid gets. don’t try to pretend this ENTIRE post isn’t about 15 with an ambiguous headline then write half the story about him.

  12. As a former QB, I was taught very early to keep the ball at least ear high


    what years were you in the NFL, brah?


  13. “Tom Cable needs to get Seattle’s O-line up to speed because they sure look like sh*t!”


    Tom Cable’s specialty is crafting a line that consistently performs below expectations.

    It’s just a misunderstanding. He thought an offensive line coach was supposed to develop a line thats offensive to watch or play behind.

    But, he does a mean “Curley shuffle”.

  14. It was sure nice of Pete to go out and sign Tavaris Jackson to take the pounding Charlie would otherwise be getting…I am glad the better QB gets to wait until our O-line either gels or is fixed one way or another. As soon as that line gels game on! You can count on Pete to declare Charlie “up to speed” on the offense and opening a QB competition farce so he can then say Charlie won the job. Sound thinking.

  15. OK, so basically, all the “Hard work” Tebow alledgedly put in to correct his throwing motion before last year’s draft was all B.S. Tebow never corrected anything and he conned Denver into making him a first-round pick…

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