“Stupid questions” make Gregg Williams tense


Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams lashed out at his players at practice this week, making them do “up-downs” for their shoddy play against the Texans. Now Williams has found a new target: reporters.

When Williams addressed the media, one reporter told him he seemed tense. That got Williams riled up.

I’m tense because you’re asking stupid questions, OK? That’s why I’m tense,” Williams said.

Williams was particularly annoyed that he had been asked how much he should play his starting defense in the preseason. Williams says he doesn’t even have what he views as a starting defense, he just has different packages to get the right 11 guys on the field in the right situations.

“That’s one of the things that gets on my nerves about the press about, ‘starters,'” Williams said. “Everybody on our team is a starter.”

And having to explain that makes Williams tense.

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  1. Can’t say I blame him. He’s right.

    Don’t media types know any other questions to ask players after a game other than “How does it feel…?”

    I’m waiting for the day when an idiot reporter asks a player “What do you think you need to do to win?”, while the player just gives them an “are you retarded look” and replies :”Score more points, dumb***”

  2. Mr. Williams, a little information about this game we call football: the first 11 players to go into the game on defense are called the starting defense. You aren’t allowed to make up your own definition and then blame the reporters for not knowing what the new definition is.

  3. Or…..is he tense because he’s worried someone in the media will remind him of what a lousy HC he was???

    What a jagoff

  4. Is it me or did Gregg Williams unknowingly just guarantee he’ll never be an NFL head coach again ?

  5. “I’m tense because the doctor put me on a thriple dose of Lipitor. No more deep fried Po Boys, he tells me. Eff him and eff you.”

  6. Anyone familiar with Gregg Williams is acutely aware that he is highly strung, tightly wound and a bit arrogant.

    Here, Williams is angrily attempting to play the victim card – blaming his actions on others.

    Most folks can see through that, and his lashing out likely does little to further his ends. All he did was call attention to his irritable state, antagonized fans, plus he likely stirred up those he tried to call out – much like Ryan Leaf’s meltdown(s) with reporters put him even more front and center (until his play was so atrocious that he became a virtual irrelevancy).

    In general, Williams basically worsened the issues that have made him even more ornery than normal.

    Epic fail.

  7. Williams is dead on, even if he was a bit testy in his message.

    There are no defensive “starters” anymore. Every 4-3 team rotates defensive lineman. Every 4-3 team plays 4-2-5 nickle packages almost 50% of the time. When you combine the two, you are basically talking about maybe 4-5 guys on the defense that play every snap (LB with the dot, two safeties, two cornerbacks).

    That’s it. There are 9-10 more very important pieces to a defense. In today’s NFL, defenses go 15 players deep and all get considerable playing time.

    The media are dopes when it comes to questions.

  8. The concept that someone will start at a position and play the entire game has long since passed. Especially for a D.

    He is correct that the general media knows so little that they don’t even know that. If an O comes out with 3 wides he will “start” in a dime package. If they come out with 2 TEs, he will “start” an entirely different group. So who are the “starters”. All of them are.

  9. I think he’s tense because he showed the entire league 30 different blitz packages on tape to prepare for after week one of preseason. Houston picked up every blitz they came with, (because hey they saw it in week one’s tape of course) maybe Gregg Williams should be doing up downs for exposing his defense to the league in the first week of preseason trying to beat up on the 49ers, I guess due to the bitterness no one wanted his head coaching abilities or that his defense got squashed by a 7-9 Seahawks team in the playoffs. Boy, I can’t wait to see what Rodgers and GB do in week one with all those packages to study from, maybe Gregg should prepare for more up downs…

  10. He’s tense because he couldn’t hurt Schaub like he tried to hurt Favre, Manning, Alex Smith, Kaepernick, and every other QB they face. Dirty DC for the dirty ‘Aints in the dirtiest city on the face of the Earth.

  11. Greg Williams should thank Darren Sharper, for making him look like a Great Defensive Coordinator.

  12. He’s still mad he got screwed out of the Washington job. They’d be in a lot better shape right now. Zorn really destroyed the little bit of momentum Gibbs left there.

  13. “There are no defensive “starters” anymore”
    Yes there are. The defensive starters are the first 11 defenders to play in the game. This is a fact. No point in getting worked up about it and blaming the media for a bad performance. Why not just explain why he thinks it’s not relavent instead of coming off like rex ryan mini-me.

  14. Why don’t the players have Williams do up downs? It just doesn’t sound right when a fat man makes you do conditioning.

  15. He’s right.

    Ever listen to these dumbass questions? I think they should insist on letting us see the reporters asking the questions, as well as the coach or players answering.

    That would embarass these guys into doing a little homework.

  16. “He’s tense because he couldn’t hurt Schaub like he tried to hurt Favre, Manning, Alex Smith, Kaepernick, and every other QB they face. Dirty DC for the dirty ‘Aints in the dirtiest city on the face of the Earth.”

    Awww, someones upset. Your right, calling a blitz is a dirty call. Keep crying.

  17. I dunno. I sorta sympathize with Williams. Tom Benson pays him to build the Saints’ defense, but he has to put up with endless questions from people looking for sound bytes to write about…obviously, he gave them one, here…when answering those questions could hurt his relationship with the people he’s trying to teach.

    As far as I’m concerned, the Lebron James thing, the endless Brett Favre commentary and the preoccupation that sports writers have with professional sports figures and crime has made me seriously cynical about anything printed or taped by the reporting community.

    Men who play professional sports are human beings…much like the rest of us except they run faster, jump higher and stay in a lot better shape. They have arguments with their wives, occasionally drink too much, and sometimes want to see how fast their new car will go…JUST LIKE WE DO. Holding them to some higher standard due to the concept that they represent some sort of ‘role model’ or ‘representative’ of their city is not just unfair, it’s a standard created solely for the purpose of generating news where, in truth, no real news exists.

    I’d never make it as an NFL coach, because the first time…or maybe the twentieth time…someone asked me if I was unhappy with Player A, or if I was thinking of talking to Brett Favre about signing with my team, or if I was gonna suspend my prize rookie linebacker because he and his wife yelled at each other, and their neighbors called the cops…I’d probably flip them the bird, and suggest they do something unnatural with their mother.

    More coaches need to slap the reporting dweebs down when they ask stupid questions. The dweebs might learn something, and the coaches would certainly be…well, less tense.

    Hurray for Gregg Williams.

  18. Gregg Williams is a beast. Great guy. I have met him personally. Right before his second interview with douche Snyder actually. Definitely should have given this football mind a chance over Jim Zorn. Good job there Danny boy.

  19. To you fans of losing team yahoos: GW is a brilliant DC. Saints fans love him. The city loves him. The players love him. And by the way, our local media loves him too! He makes EVERYONE better…except you idiots who don’t get his process.

    Some of you know-nothings are still referring to our team as the Ain’ts. Are you kidding me? Our team is the rightful heir to the America’s Team title. They worked themselves up from a perennial loser to contenders. In case you don’t know that’s the DEFINITION of America’s Team. We’re proud to be Saints fans and WE LOVE OUR DC!!!!

    Go GW!!!! GO SAINTS!!!!!!!

  20. Is it me or is this getting more and more ornery as he gets older? I never remember him having this type of personality when he was a HC. But as DC, he seems to have a nasty streak to him..which is kind of cool.

    I like his philosophy of letting players go out and make plays…taking the reigns off and say, “Go get ’em”. His defenses live and die by that…

  21. Jeff Duncan of the Times Picayune clarified that it was a joke:

    Clarification on @jvarneytp-Gregg Williams exchange, pretty sure GW was kidding & JV was most definitely NOT asking “stupid questions.”

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