Browns claim Cousins

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The Ravens waived tackle Oniel Cousins on Saturday, giving up on the 2008 third-round pick.

The Browns gladly gave Cousins a new home.

We’ve confirmed that the Browns have secured Cousins’ rights via the league’s waivers system.  No other team submitted a claim for Cousins, who appeared in every game last season for Baltimore.

The move was first reported by Aaron Wilson of

Cousins, who couldn’t survive the cuts from 90 to 80 in Baltimore, now must quickly persuade the Browns that he should survive the cuts from 80 to 53.

26 responses to “Browns claim Cousins

  1. camdenyard – I guess having one of the top, if not best, offensive lines in the NFL is lost on you

  2. Browns are always picking up Ravens refuse! Garbage time. Guess they still love Ozzie up north. They think even his castoffs are better than what they got. Strange.

  3. camdenyard…..

    nobody said they were bringing him in to start…

    He also brings something called ‘information’ about the Ravens playbook, get a clue.

  4. At this point in the preseason and with the rash of injuries the Browns have been having, it can’t hurt to bring in a young guy to see whether he’s worth a roster spot.

  5. Whew…I was afraid the Browns had picked up Terry Cousin again.

    Btw, I’d trade Holmgren for Ozzie in a heartbeat not that I have anything against Holmgren. But, Ozzie(greatest TE that ever played IMO) is a fantastic talent evaluator. How many times has he whiffed on a 1st round pick? I can count about 8 that the Browns have whiffed on since 1999. Thankfully, Heckert seems to be reversing this trend though.

  6. You should give Ratfan some slack. He probably still thinks Stabbin’KillaMan is some sort of hero.

    That said, this claim could also mean they’re nervous about the Steinbach injury. Cousins sure isn’t going to start fir the Browns …

  7. He was clue-less, which is part of the reason why he didn’t make the top 80. in fact, his Madden rating when it came to awareness on a scale from 1 to 100 was a 2. When informed of this, Cousins remarked “Really? I was unaware!” 🙂

  8. Hey Sguy…

    The Ravens could hand the browns their playbook.. They would still lose. Cousins ain’t gonna help a game 13 weeks away.

    Are u serious?! Get a clue.

  9. Cousin’s never quite stood out. My bet he ends up run out of town like phil savage! Browns stealing ravens leftovers has really not worked out but the clowns are too dumb to remember.
    Baltimore stealing from Cleveland has worked out quite well. IN OZZIE WE TRUST! Go Ravens!

  10. Cousins is an athlete but IS NOT cut out to be a starting tackle. He’s barely someone you want as your backup. Dude is just not good. Yes, I’m a Ravens fan–which means I’ve watched him play. A lot. And all he does is make an o-line look like crap.

    Browns, for their sake, are only using him to mine the Ravens playbook. Putting him on their line would just be a god-awful idea.

  11. I dont know why the Ravens fans are laughing, they just picked up 400 lb slacker Bryant McKinnie from the vikings.
    As a Vikings fan, I say good luck with that, lol

  12. If the Clowns had a QB worth protecting maybe their o-line would matter. Clowns fans are like Redskins fans. They get all worked up every offseason, only to see their season die a slow death when the games count. Maybe one day that town will learn that spaghetti armed QBs don’t make it in cold weather…I doubt it though…

  13. You have got to love this “playbook” reasoning. What does Cousin’s know about the playbook, especially skill positions? It comes down to execution regardless. The Jets-Patriots know that by now.

    What the signing says is that the Browns backups on the O-Line stink. And that says even more since the Ravens line is not exactly the 92 Cowboys.

  14. This move makes sense for the Browns who attempting to build the Philadelphia Eagles old system in Cleveland…DRAFT BIG, Sign BIG on the offensive line.

  15. Sure hope the Browns didn’t sign him to try and get information about our offense, the loss would be on Cleveland. We cut the guy because he couldn’t understand the plays, so good luck trying to get him to explain them.

  16. Yeah i’m sure Cousins is privy to every receivers route for every offensive play that the Ravens have. Rushing is different for sure, this guy knows the blocking schemes and that’s probably about it. The Pats or Sh tsburgh could do something with that info but the Browns don’t have a chance in the world.

  17. The Browns need O-Line depth after learning that they have to deal with Steinbach’s possible back surgery. Pinkston was supposed to be a swing tackle/guard, but now that he has been forced into starting left guard they need another big body to fill that swing tackle spot. I doubt Cousins will start, but he will be one of the first reserve O-Linemen off the bench when the starter gets tired.

    Good pick up.

  18. As a Ravens fan, I think Cousins will be better as a guard than a tackle which is what the Ravens finally switched him to before getting cut. I never understood taking a project on the o-line in the 3rd round since he was playing defensive line most of his early career at UTEP. If the Ravens had stopped sticking him at tackle when it was obvious after Woodley schooled him in back to back plays for sacks back in ’09 that he wasn’t cut out for offensive tackle, maybe he would have had more success with the team, and maybe not, who knows. The Browns still got a project in regards to him learning the nuances of guard but by next year, there’s a chance he may be a starter for them, he has a real mean streak when it comes to run blocking but has been a pretty bad pass blocker his career, we’ll see I guess. Good luck with him Browns, maybe you can get more out of the guy.

  19. Cousins has the talent, size, and strength, but he remains a project 3 years later and gets flagged for jumping early more than any player I have ever seen. Maybe the light bulb turns on for you guys, it could happen, dude is still young.

  20. As a starting right tackle Cousins did the best job he could here but it just didn’t work out. In fact he was merely a turnstile for the steeler DE’s.

    Maybe the Ravens were just asking for too much out of him.

    Perhaps as a back up guard he may find a home in Cleveland.

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