Falcons promote Rich McKay


Rich McKay served as G.M. of the Falcons through 2007, one of the worst seasons any professional sports franchise has endured.  From the Mike Vick prosecution to the sudden resignation of Bobby Petrino, it was a forgettable year for everyone involved.

And while the move resulted in McKay losing his position as G.M. but remaining as team president, McKay has been part of a stunning resurgence of the franchise, under G.M. Thomas Dimitroff and coach Mike Smith.

Owner Arthur Blank has rewarded McKay for his efforts by expanding his position to include the title and duties of CEO.

“Since joining the Falcons in 2003, there is no doubt that Rich has been a valuable leader of our club,” Blank said in a team-issued release.  “Beyond his day-to-day duties as president of the Falcons, Rich has led a good number of key initiatives for us.  In addition, he is increasingly enlisted by the league as someone who can be counted on to lend his experience, expertise and dedication to solve problems or generate new ideas.

“This promotion is in recognition of Rich’s many contributions to the Falcons and the NFL, as well as recognition of his professional accomplishments along the way.”

Boosting McKay’s standing within the Falcons and around the league was his role in the CBA negotiations.  He currently serves as chairman of the Competition Committee.

22 responses to “Falcons promote Rich McKay

  1. Just as long as he stays the hell out of Dimitroff’s way.

    He’s screwing up the League enough as the chair of the rules committee.

  2. LMAO. FALCANTS have no SB RING and he gets rewarded….still the joke of the NFL….what a pathetic franchise….hey, Richie, at least a dirty tub has a RING…..

  3. Maybe as CEO he should focus on how to sellout the Georgia Dome for a change among the tepid fair weather fans of the dirty birds. What a joke.

    Even in a down economy, in a smaller market, with a greater percentage of under- or un-employed people, New Orleans has been able to sell out every game in the Superdome over five years now. Of course that has something to do with the product on the field and real Saints fanatics in the stands.

  4. @rajuncajun28: You’re obviously a “Saint’s” fan. I respect the hell out of your organization. From top to bottom it’s ran efficiently. But what you need to know is–in 2011 Atlanta is ran just as efficiently! Our 3 consecutive winning seasons proves that. There is not a team in the league that we don’t have a chance against. So see ya soon..As for McKay–congrats bro, but chill out with that stupid outdoor stadium idea. Us Atliens are fickle. We need indoor football so we can avoid the weather and look “Hollywood” going to and coming from the games. No Joke.

  5. Franco, it’s funny that you mention that because it’s totally false. The Falcons had filled the seats to 96% of capacity in past 3 seasons and actually were only a full thousand short of your teams number. You know, the team you says sells out every game. But they don’t…

  6. Failcants are terrible and won’t ever win anything.. Not even hating yall are just mediocre at best. Did nothing to improve that sorry defense that got torched AT HOME WITH THE #1 SEED LMAO.

  7. Aints fans amuse me. The idiotic babble they spew speaks volumes about their entire organization.
    Without Breesus, the Aints are an 8-8 team at best. Even your head coach acknowledged that fact and said he will stay only as long as Drew is at QB.

  8. Well kayotiic, I’d prefer to get blown out by the eventual Super Bowl Champions than to lose to the first team to win a division with a losing record.

    I mean, does that make your team last year better than ours? Because your Saints gave up 41 points to the Seahawks? Really? You’re bragging about that? Wow.

  9. @Jamaicanjasta

    We were the lower seed and had tons of injuries that game and had one runningback from the practice squad. We also won the super bowl the year before that. We had tons of injuries and just couldn’t bounce back from that, we also played in one of the hardest if not the hardest places to play at. Win a championship then you can talk, until then RING CHECK!

  10. Franco, it’s funny that you mention that because it’s totally false. The Falcons had filled the seats to 96% of capacity in past 3 seasons and actually were only a full thousand short of your teams number. You know, the team you says sells out every game. But they don’t…
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++really jamaican,

    I’ve seen nothing but half-empty seats in the georgia dome so far in pre-season. I currently reside (temporarily) in Atlanta, so I hear all the rumblings of fair weather dirty bird fans at work and bars (especially regarding mike mularkey.)

    the fact that I was able to get several tickets this season (in late August) to the Saints-falcons game in the georgia dome is a shaming indictment on the state of Atlanta fans, they can’t even sell out a game against their biggest rival before the season starts.

    Like many years past, the georgia dome will have more Who Dats than dirtybird fans, and I guarantee the Philly game will have more Vick fans then falcan’t fans as well.

  11. jamaican,

    to add further clarification, the Saints have a wait list of 30,000 people to buy season tickets. So yes indeed, they do sell out every game. And this year they were the first team to sell out every game before the season, back in late spring/early summer. Even their preseason games are sold out

    Selling out every game and doing practically years in advance, is far different than your supposed “96%”, which I doubt. However, the only reason it even looks as high as it does is that corporations like Home Depot buyout remaining tix at the last minute so your games won’t be blacked out.

  12. Falcants should sell vintage mike vick jerseys at the philly game to recoup their losses as one of his creditors, they’d be sold out of those jerseys by half-time. hahahahahah

  13. So injuries were the excuse, okay. I’m sure you took that excuse from the Colts fans when you beat them in the Super Bowl eh? That their injuries were the reason they lost.

    And the hardest place to play? In Seattle? Really? They had a home record last year of 5-3 in the regular season, good but not unbeatable.

    I’m still shocked that you’re using injuries as an excuse when the Colts had just as much if not more incentive to say that with 29 players on the injury report in December 2009. It’s like you’re making up excuses as you go along.

  14. Franco, you can look up the attendance numbers on the NFL’s website if you don’t believe me. I’d trust their accounting more than your anecdotal accounts, especially one about a PRESEASON GAME.

    I like the way your argument has pivoted from “No one goes to Falcons games” to “You have more visiting fans than home fans” after I shot down your theory that the Saints sell out every home game and that their attendance is light years ahead of Atlanta’s. Also, complaining about tickets for a November 13th game not being sold out in August sounds a bit asinine to me.

    You’re a Saints homer, I get that. It’s fine to be a fan. What’s not fine (and thus what I will call you out for) is making up fans as you go along.

  15. Again Franco, the 96% is a number from the NFL, which you can look up champ. Type in your address bar (that blank space about the website that looks like a rectangle) NFL.com or ESPN.com to get the attendance numbers.

    Also, it’s funny that you say there was a waiting list, because the attendance percentage (based on those who actually went to the game) your team had the same 96% that we did.

  16. Making up fans?? What?? Kid if you wanna talk fans let’s talk about all those BANDWAGON FAIRWEATHER fans that just ditched that sorry pathetic team in the 3rd quarter of yalls one and done #1 seed run LMAO.. and FYI Alcons are doing package deals with season tickets selling half seasons to try and sell more tickets. Yall are struggling and thats a fact. Not only in the game but selling the game to your fairweathered fans

  17. Struggling? Really? Our attendance is fine and you (like your friend Franco) can see the numbers on NFL.com or ESPN.com to see how fine they are.

    Sigh, instead of actually talking about the article linked, your and your cohorts try to rail on the Falcons. Fine, but don’t get mad when I prove you wrong. Also, I can’t see why you keep bringing up last year’s campaign when your team also lost in first round. Also one and done. LOST TO A DIVISION CHAMP WITH A LOSING RECORD. So your team made history too as the first team to do that.

    Trailblazers those Saints are >.>. You sure are talking a lot of junk before the season has even started, bringing up last year (which had to be a huge disappointment giving up 41 to the Seahawks) and talking about attendance when you’re totally wrong on the numbers.


  18. The Saints have a great organization. They are a great team. With that aside, we split the two games last year. We both lost in the playoffs. Yes, we got beat by more points, a lot more to be honest. But we lost to the Packers and y’all lost to the Seahawks. The Saints still have a very questionable run D. And we still have a questionable secondary. We both have explosive offenses. So with all that said, we both have our ups and downs. So let’s just wait and see what happens on the field. The Saints may win the division, or we might. It will be close. But I’m confident we will both be in the playoffs. Hell, who knows maybe Tampa Bay will win the division. Ok, now I’m done rambling.

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