PFT Live: AFC South preview

In the final segment of Thursday’s PFT Live, Mike Florio calls the AFC South very wide open and predicts the Texans and Colts will finish as the top two teams in the division.

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5 responses to “PFT Live: AFC South preview

  1. Isn’t there a time limit for the Texans being the “up and coming” team. They’ve been that for 4 years now. Regardless, a fair analysis of the AFC South.

  2. I’m one of those fools who predicts the Texans will bust out year after year. I guess I’m still a fool because I think this division is wide open for them (or really Indy/Tenn).
    Indianapolis has had some very lucky wins the past few years. They are getting older and a lot of their newer guys aren’t filling the void. Not to mention how hard they’ve been hit with significant injuries (Manning, Addai, Sanders). If they win this year, it’ll be because their vets still have something left in the tank.
    People are sleeping on Tennessee, and as a Titans fan, that makes me happy. They play a very tough schedule, but could easily be 9-7 at the end of the season. Gone are the increasingly undisciplined, mediocre days of Fisher. We have new leaders and new ideas, and that is really going to pay off on the defensive side of the ball (the jury is still out on offense – especially with CJ missing time wanting more polish for his gold teef).
    Sucks for Jacksonville, but they just don’t have a chance.

  3. Manning starts day one and the Colts run away with the division. The other three teams are all average at best.

    Hasselbeck and Garrard won’t finish the season as the quarterbacks of their respective teams, and the Texans will win some and lose some.

  4. Its kinda foolish to think about why the Colts are doing what they do. Like hire coaches who don’t deserve to be hired, have a medical staff that can’t evaluate or determine when a player is healthy enough to get back into the field of play, pick first round picks who are so far down the list on anyone else’s boards that it simply sets the team back 3 years on that position. I say who knows? Who cares? And why are we even talking about them anymore? I can’t predict what a fool thinks, does and acts. The Colts are fools.

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