Thursday morning one-liners

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The Bills will give rookie Aaron Williams a look as a slot corner in their preseason finale.

The Miami Herald suggests that the Dolphins could trade DE Phillip Merling.

The Monday Night Football crew is high on Patriots rookie OT Nate Solder.

Jets LB Nick Bellore has a real chance to make the team as an undrafted rookie.

Ravens rookie QB Tyrod Taylor continues to turn heads in the preseason.

ESPN’s John Clayton ranks Bengals rookie Andy Dalton as the league’s worst starting QB.

Browns rookies will be looking to lock down roster spots in the preseason finale.

After double offseason back surgery, Steelers LB James Harrison hasn’t been himself.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak is fascinated with tight ends, possibly for good reason. previews the Colts’ 2011 season.

Here’s a play-by-play breakdown of QB Blaine Gabbert in the Jaguars’ third preseason game.

The Titans believe rookie QB Jake Locker is developing ahead of schedule.

Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers is in the last year of his contract.

The Broncos could be active on the waiver wire after final cuts.

The Raiders have claimed LB Jeremy Leman off waivers from the Chargers.

Chargers S Bob Sanders has added physicality to the San Diego defense.

The Cowboys have gotten a lot younger on the offensive line.

Giants QB Eli Manning is struggling on passes over the middle.

The Eagles are likely to start the season slow, claims ESPN’s Ron Jaworski.

Coach Mike Shanahan’s no-nonsense approach is just what the Redskins need.

Rookie Gabe Carimi has come along quickly as the Bears’ starting right tackle.

Lions OT Jason Fox has been injury prone since he was drafted.’s Steve Wyche expects Packers CB Tramon Williams to build on his breakout 2010 season.

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson wants to be “the best to ever play the game.”

Falcons QB Matt Ryan has a lot of upside in fantasy football.

Panthers LB Thomas Davis finally looks healthy.

Third-string QB Sean Canfield will start the Saints’ third preseason game.

The Bucs may keep only two QBs on their final roster, leaving Rudy Carpenter jobless.

The Arizona Republic projects the Cardinals’ final 53-man roster.

49ers RB Frank Gore is still fuming about where he was drafted.

The Seahawks made four more roster moves on Wednesday.

Rams G/T Quinn Ojinnaka hopes versatility earns him a spot on the final roster.

11 responses to “Thursday morning one-liners

  1. One liner replies

    Bills – George Catavolos scouted Williams at the nickel position when he was at Texas, so that move makes sense. Wont beat out Leodis McKelvin, so get some experience covering the slot

    Dolphins – maybe the Redskins or Steelers…Texans..who’s going to trade for a player coming back from an Achilles’ injury?

    Pats – yeah, Nate did a great job on the Lions who smacked Tom Brady around like a pinata.

    Jets – Bellore making the team as a UDFA tells you how garbage and down the depth chart V.Ghoston fell.

    Ravens – Fulfills a wildcat role that Troy Smith did , and Tyrod looks pretty good in limited action.

    Bengals – Dalton would look terrible with no blocking or running game.

    Steelers – of course Harrison isnt himself…he’s short and generates power from thighs up, so a back surgery is going to limit him.

    Broncos – yeah, they’ll be on the look out for DT’s…they are really hurting..surprised Tank Johnson hasnt been contacted.

    “Coach Mike Shanahan’s no-nonsense approach”
    no, a Quarterback is just what the Redskins need. When the system and a coach outweigh the need for a proven QB and leader, its heading near delusion-time. Fortunately, T.Hightower is having a bit of a re-birth, so offense isnt a total loss.

    Peterson; like D.McAllister, G.Rogers, E.Campbell and every other violent runner will peak and decline within 5-6 years, thats why the RB’s arent getting the big money any more.

    49ers ; whenever someone is fuming about where they were drafted and not about a dismal double digit loss record over the period of years, it suggests the priorities are failing in S.F., Harbaugh has an uphill climb in two directions, there.

  2. Three comments:

    1. Of all the qb’s drafted in 2011, Tyrod Taylor will be the best of this class when their careers are done.

    2. Why is Andy Dalton wearing Kenny Anderson’s #14? If any number should be retired by the Bengals it should be that one!

    3. I sure am glad that Adrian Peterson plays for the Vikings!!!

  3. I, giselleisasucubus, rank John Clayton as the funniest looking character I have ever seen. He looks like a science experiment gone wrong.

  4. John Clayton’s Elite Quarterback list should have stopped at #5. They may be good players, but Rivers, Ryan, Vick, Romo, Schaub, Freeman and Eli(te) Manning are NOT elite. None of them have gotten it done in the playoffs, including Eli(te) Manning. A 1-to-1 TD-INT ratio for your career in the playoffs is NOT elite.

  5. I knew John Clayton was missing the point of “elite” when he 1) listed 13 “elite” qb’s and 2) it includes Tony Romo and Eli. Thirteen? Out of 32 starting qb’s, 13 are elite? If my math is correct, that makes 40 percent of the QB’s in the league “elite”. Schaub? Freeman? Ryan?Vick? ELI???? Wow, I would say only in Eli’s mind, but now we know someone else believes it as well. Someone please explain the definition of elite to Clayton before his next list of “elites” is posted.

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