Lions honor Tom Kowalski

At a memorial service for Lions beat writer Tom Kowalski, who died this week at age 51, Lions President Tom Lewand said the team will recognize Kowalski by naming the press lounge in the team’s facility after him, by making donations to his favorite charities, and by starting a journalism scholarship in his name.

If each one of us could be as good at our jobs as Tom was his, this would be a much better world,” Lewand said, “and I can guarantee you we wouldn’t have been 0-16 at some point.”

Lewand said the sports journalism scholarship in Kowalski’s name will allow the team to pick one intern each summer “and send him or her back to journalism school with a little extra money in his or her pocket to make sure that they have the opportunity to try to become the next sheep dog to keep us all in line and bash us over the head.”

There’s no word on the Lions having any plans to wear a patch honoring Kowalski, as some fans have suggested.

Kowalski covered the Lions for virtually his entire adult life with the Oakland Press, Booth Newspapers and

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  1. Glad to see the Lions organization memorializing “Killer” like this considering he wasn’t an employee. Classy moves.

  2. Many great sports stories were conceived at Kowalski’s. Only to lost and forgotten in an alcoholic haze, before the evening was done.

  3. The journalism scholarship fund is what really touches my heart. Using a writer to inspire kids to write … way to go Ford family and Lewand!

    Instead of a patch with the initials TK , I’m starting to like the idea of a patch that says, “Killer.”

    And I still think one of the stadium bars should be named after him.

  4. I got hooked on Twitter because of Killer…that guy was a posting machine and kept me informed about my Lions and even taught my why Verlander’s not an ace (Tom’s favorite twitter joke was laughing at those that took him seriously when he said that)….mLive was the house that Killer built. You can say what you want, anyone can report the news etc, but as a journalist, Tom truly did write to the fans, not down to them! He kept it unabashed, straigh forward and sometimes to honest…like saying the team sucked when they really did suck!

    Since his passing, I’ve been to MLive once. I’m sure I’ll get back into it but it just doesn’t feel the same. As a journalist, you’ll be missed by me and from what I hear, as a person you’ll be missed by a great many people!

    I don’t normally care about those in the public light dying because it’s not personal to me, but this one kind of was (even more so than when Ernie Harwell passed which is saying a lot!)

  5. I do not agree with needing to use the patch, but it is very classy and more than respectable to do what they have decided to do for Killer.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to he and his family
    God Bless

  6. We always lose the good ones…opposed to people like hobartbaker who deems it necessary to go into every topic with Kowalski and try to start crap. People like him are a waste of air and space. We weren’t lucky enough for him to end as nothing more then a stain in his fathers briefs.

  7. “If each one of us could be as good at our jobs as Tom was his, this would be a much better world,” Lewand said, “and I can guarantee you we wouldn’t have been 0-16 at some point.”


    Classy statement from such a horrible organization.

  8. Nice article Michael David, thank you.

    @bearsrule – uselss classless comment. Stay in Chicago and keep your comments there.

  9. @ bearsrule
    Classless statement from such a horrible poster.
    You can throw yourself in with the classless also Hobart.

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