PFT Live: Drew Magary and AFC West preview

The week at PFT Live concludes with one of the funniest football writers around.

Drew Magary of Deadspin, Kissing Suzy Kolber, and among other places will join Florio to look at the upcoming season. He’ll also talk about his new book The Postmortal.

Florio will also give his take on the latest Carson Palmer news and preview the AFC West.

Watch the show live right here at noon.

15 responses to “PFT Live: Drew Magary and AFC West preview

  1. A lawyer turned NFL genius and a blog writer will TELL YOU the happenings of the AFC West. I’ll take their word as scripture.

  2. Ask Drew why he put the story of the San Diego Chargers team doctor being under DEA investigation for rampant prescription fraud on Deadspin.

    Since we never saw it here on PFT I assume you think Drew was off base by posting it. Right?

  3. yzguy431 says:
    Sep 2, 2011 12:29 PM
    i guess anyone who is ‘on the internet’ passes for an analyst these days.


    What you didn’t get the memo? All you have to do is go to godaddy register a name set up a half ass site that starts as a rumor mill where 50% is true and 50% is false get a couple of thousand members and BLAME! you’re on NBC looking like the skinny water boy from high school kissing up to the jocks who don’t even know your name.

  4. The Broncos aren’t a very good team right now, but they will be better this year. I can see them winning 7-8 games. Chargers will choke as usual. Raiders are going to be horrendously bad. Anyone who thinks the Raiders realistically are going to be a good team is fooling themselves. I don’t see them winning more than 4 games. Chiefs….I see a drop off….not terrible, but I think they’ll win 8 games. To be honest, I think the division is more up for grabs than anyone thinks. The Chargers will find a way to under perform the way they ALWAYS do and they will wind up winning only 8-9 games…that team is always going to be this way until they blow it up and get rid of Norv. In the end, I think the Chargers win the division…but probably only by one game. Denver and KC will be very similar to each other if Denver stays healthy. If they don’t, they have no depth so they’ll be in trouble. The Raiders are going to be pitiful. That defense couldn’t stop a toddler and the offensive line is wretched. Of all the football fans out there, Raider fans have it worst….that team is a joke and they will never compete or be a factor until Al is gone. Denver isn’t the best team right now, but they are clearly the class franchise of the division….the Chiefs being a close second. The Chargers are a decent team but they don’t have a rich history which makes their fans terrible….probably among the worst fans in the league. They never sell out and no one really cares about them…because they’ve never won anything. They are just like Titan fans….ho hum….no real die hards like Denver or KC or even Oakland….poor poor Raider fans. This division sucks….so glad three out of the four teams all have a decent shot at winning it. God help us if Andrew Luck ends up in Oakland.

  5. @gweetarman

    obviously that clown stomping the Raiders did to denver twice last year has some how affected the IQ of the denver fans.

  6. Looks like a lot of chargers/raiders fans are reading this post. It’s amazing… you put a little truth out there and delusional fans can’t handle it.

  7. Who said I was a Denver fan? I live in Tennessee. I’m being objective. Everyone knows the raiders are a joke except for raiders fans. and you know them winning those division games last year was a complete and total fluke. they will go back to being awful again this year.

  8. Dear drunkraider,

    SOMEHOW is one word, not two. Nice to know your IQ hasn’t been affected whatsoever.


  9. here, let me write four paragraphs in the comments for a blerb about a blogger. oh, baby, i think they really are gonna notice me now. whoo interwebz!


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